Kelly Brook wearing lingerie

August 28th, 2009 // 149 Comments

Kelly Brook poses for the October issue of Loaded, and I always pictured her as someone too classy for a men’s magazine. But upon closer inspection this is exactly where she belongs. Along with my face as a decorative ski mask. “Sir, you’re supposed to go down the slopes, not lay face first in the snow moaning like a wounded tiger.” “Go ‘way.”

That’s the life.

Photos: Loaded

  1. Free Willy

    Damn. Friday Feel good.

  2. annie


  3. hmm

    what a fine, fine piece of ass.

  4. nastyjay

    now THATS one purrrfect woman… phukkers

  5. havoc


    If I had that, I’d build a fucking altar in the bedroom……


  6. D

    Picture 2 is the greatest thing I’ve seen in a week.

  7. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Ridiculously bodacious. I like it!

  8. Randal

    Kelly Brook is a marketing genius. Her most recent book speaks volumes of her intelligence and her rise to success. No matter where she goes, the spotlight shines bright.


  9. Danklin24

    Fuckin christ this woman is hot! Wow! I want to shake the persons hand that came up with this shoot. Amen!

  10. Danklin24

    she has a book? what the hell is it about? whats she even do?

  11. Wooooow….Great Picture…Thanks for sharing….

  12. 12 year old boy

    Why does she look like a man?

  13. i want those legs!

  14. joe blow

    The only thing missing from her is several inches of me.

  15. Onyx Blackman

    Fucking A. I want to have sexual intercouse with that woman.

  16. sean

    that’s an old set…i’ve had a wallpaper on my desktop from this shoot for a loooooong time…at least a year i think

  17. sean

    in fact, it’s picture 7 on my desktop right now.

  18. PB

    Thank god… hopefully she breaks the current fashion trend of low-rise bikinis — they look so much better pulled up a little emphasizing curves and dipping in the front instead of a straight line across a girl’s gunt.

  19. They did a great job with her make-up, cause she looks amazing. I wonder if/how the photographer managed not to rub one out.
    The Rake

  20. How does a girl manage to tease and please simultaneously in print pictures? Billy is In-zane for breaking up with this girl…

  21. alisa

    she’s seriously perfect…. but she could do much better than a lame men’s magazine

  22. bert

    And on the 8th day…….

  23. Kelley

    I haven’t read the comments, but if this is a boob job? It’s an awfully good one … what’s the scoop ? Are they real ? If so she is the most beautiful thing ever.

  24. Ryan the Canadian

    Thanks Fish.

  25. Christina

    Oh look, its an attractive woman.

  26. G

    Her boobs are real….and she is HOT

  27. G

    Her boobs are real….and she is HOT

  28. bill

    when i see a woman this beautiful strangely i feel a little ill……….i guess it’s called heartsick….. o man

  29. dude_on

    This is journalistic integrity in its purest form and I for one applaud the fish. It makes you wonder why we would ever need another Jon the douchenozzle screws an ugly skank post… ever.

  30. spicy

    as a female… i am just speechless. i wish i could reincarnate myself as kelly brook. DEAR GOD. MM.

  31. jt

    sweet jesus, i can’t breathe.

  32. crawlin

    man. oh man oh man oh man oh man.
    i’m jealous as hell.

  33. UPinYA

    Now I’m all sticky. Super hot!! The cigarette is a real turn off, but, I’ll let it slide this time.

  34. bobx

    I don’t mean to nitpick, but her face is too long and manly for my taste.

  35. Me

    @36………..she has a face ?? :p

  36. shane

    I’m conflicted. Her body is hot yet her face looks like a tranny Raquel Welch impersonator.

  37. M

    I’m disappointed that they photoshopped her so much. Especially her thighs! Compare pic 5 to pic 9, in pic 9 they slimmed her thighs.

  38. nate85

    Why are we talking about her face. She’s clearly not a beauty model. Without her awesome rack the only thing this girl would be modeling is clay.

  39. B

    Yeah, these pics are awesome any all, but they’re from her 2008 calendar shoot, so they’re like two years old.

    That being said, they’re still hotter than half the useless skanks that get posted here. At least if we’re posting pics of some not-quite-famous or famous-but-useless chick, have them be pics that look this damn good.

  40. scooby

    oh hell yeah…

  41. Sport


  42. dfa74

    Don’t go to the Loaded mag site that is linked in this article. Just got some mad spyware from there.

  43. KP

    Wow, they photoshopped the hell out of those pictures, didn’t they…

  44. 45. Yes they did.

    I’d usually offer some observation about Kelly Brook being soft, untoned, even a bit flabby, but the Photoshop took care of most of that, leaving her looking as realistic as a plastic Barbie doll. Great work, Photoshop dude!

  45. Sunny

    The rack looks good, but is def not real. She looks hot, but those implants are HUGE!!!

  46. Sunny

    Pic 6 is the telltale.

  47. lovelyriot

    Why do chicks with huge boobs insist on wearing a bra that is about three cup sizes too small? It looks ridiculous. And can’t possibly be comfortable either.

  48. Good pics and all but WTF is fish on glue? What the hell is all that ski mask nonsense supposed to mean?

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