Kelly Brook takes Billy Zane to Bikini-town

January 2nd, 2008 // 60 Comments

British actress Kelly Brook spent yesterday with her boyfriend Billy Zane in the French West Indies. I have to say I admire Billy Zane. Not because Kelly Brook believes sex is a form of daily aerobics, but because he’s not afraid to show off his baldness. You see Billy used to rock the completely shaved and shined dome. I guess one day Billy Zane decided he didn’t want to look awesome anymore and instead wanted to look like, I dunno, my dad. Wise move, Billy. No one gets action like my old man. And by action I mean DUI’s. I think he’s up to 10.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. put the ugly people in the back

    #18 LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

    Thank you!

  2. mitch

    that bikini makes her look wider than him! He’s going to have to start pumping weights to feel like the man here..really, she works out, does caleners and in young and childless…I see Anna Nicole Smith in her future…trimspa baby yah!

  3. Chris

    WTF Billy Zane? He used to be sooo hot, yikes. Send a team from the Hair Club for Men to his house, now. It’s an emergency.

  4. billy is still hot

    i think he is still hot.
    those aren’t the best pics.
    look at him on imdb website.
    he is still handsome

  5. lisa

    I hate her’s all about the booty now, not about hips you could land a plane on…nice boobs and stomach though…not the best face.

  6. lump516

    How does he rate this? A huge bank account? Photos of this young lady standing over a dismembered corpse with a bloody chain saw? (personally, I favor the second theory . . .)

  7. tg

    He can be bald if he wants.

    There’s no excuse for the gut, though.

  8. Markus Wallett

    Reading all the comments here, I see clichés and stereotypes still rule the day in the good ole USA…;-) Meat bodies decay and hair thins over time, “ewww” twats. Get used to it.

  9. i am guessing his razor got confiscated by the always-on-the-job airport security.

  10. Cat

    I cant believe you guys!
    Shes the most stunning woman in the UK!! And Im proud to be british!
    I think her figure is perfect, just because shes not stick thin and straight down! This is how a woman should look like! Shes femenine and if you people have nothing better to do than take the p*** and go on and on about how ugly she looks and about their relationship together then I pity your pathetic lives! Her father just died and she has a fiance who is older than her…..who gives a f***!!! Get on with your lives!! And Thomas you just made my day LOL!!

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