Kelly Brook quits sunbathing topless

Here’s the saddest news you’ll hear all week: Kelly Brook’s boyfriend doesn’t want her to sunbathe topless anymore – and she’s agreeing to it. Jesus. Whatever happened to independent womanhood? (Excluding sandwich making.) The Daily Mail reports

The former glamour model has revealed that she no longer sunbathes topless – at the request of boyfriend Danny Cipriani.
‘Too many paparazzi and, anyway, Danny doesn’t like it,’ she explains.
But despite baring her breasts in the past, Kelly says she doesn’t feel it has stopped her from being taken seriously.
‘Maybe I have to work a little harder to be taken seriously, but I think that any woman who’s considered aesthetically pleasing struggles with that.’

Okay, I agree with Kelly that us aesthetically pleasing people have to work harder than the “Normies.” However, that doesn’t stop me from taking my shirt off. Fuck no. I’m a survivor. My nipples turn sunlight into raw power which I use to vanquish the day and seize life by the horns and sometimes testicles. (Kelly, you should probably be writing this down.)

Kelly Brook Sunbathing Topless Gallery (NSFW)