Kelly Brook poses nude for Ralph Lauren

September 25th, 2009 // 92 Comments

Here’s Kelly Brook posing for the latest Ralph Lauren campaign and I now officially hate all forms of plant life. Seriously, is this because I never called that tree the next day? It knew what this was.

Photos: Ralph Lauren

  1. Now those are some grade “A” titties!

  2. rah! rah!

    …the fuck’s with her face?

  3. Erica

    Love those shoes…but this girl’s no model.

  4. Melissa

    Whoever photoshopped those pictures must have it out for Kelly, cuz they made her look Jennifer Garner-ish in the face.

  5. Bianca

    i love these photos.. she does look like jennifer garner in these but i love her too

  6. lola

    very unflattering underwear

  7. Delgo

    Her face looks mighty equestrian.

  8. clpierced

    sorry boys, she looks like a man in most of these pics. she has big boobs, which im jealous about, but she is also a little too how do i say this..fleshy? i dont think she is fat, just not toned. running can get rid of your love handles kelly, just a tip :)

  9. PsyKo

    what a nice body…

  10. Doesn’t even look like her.

  11. Doesn’t even look like her.

  12. confusion



    good god, neck up, she looks like a less manly jennifer garner. but thank god, she doesn’t look a thing like her neck down.

    put those flowers over your face, instead of your tits, dear.

    and clpierced – she is NOT fleshy. she is perfect. and running is not the best for toning – resistance training is. and since you don’t know that, i am going to assume you don’t do much of either. JEALOUS fatty.

  13. Al

    i need a towel

  14. Kamakazi Kunt

    WHOA there.

    What happened to her face?

  15. Am I Dreaming?

    Kelly Brook, 20 minutes ago, I saw your pictures and had a boner in a milli-second with streams of my love juice running all over me like a broken fire hydrant and I haven’t stopped, yet!!! She’s the next best thing to my love doll (that’s another story I’d like to tell, later). I was just reading about what’s -her-name Pam. Kelly, with you I’ll never need Viagra. Just show MORE, MORE…

  16. Dan

    Wow, those shots are ancient, is this a current campaign. Sure I saw the flower shots in an issue of GQ UK about 4-5 years back.

  17. PooPants


  18. sam

    I’ve seen these pictures a while ago on its one of those “find the difference” games

  19. The carpet doesn’t match the drapes.

  20. Horny bagornie

    I know the peeps that run this site work their ass of to give us the best poon shots on the net. Unfortunately, these shots of kelly suck. She needs to stop F’n around, and show us the bush. btw- I rate this site 95/100.Thanks for all the hard work.

  21. 21

    You all can call her fat and ugly, but you’re just driving home the fact that you’re gay (or an insecure woman)

  22. grace

    these pics are over 2 years old. nearly 3.
    if its not new news, dont fucking post it!!

  23. Jenson Ames

    Hey mr blogger person.this pics are as old as your momma.

  24. Chris


  25. sugarloving

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  26. Darn It!!!

    I wished to see Kelly with a little bit of bush between her legs–Shoulda been more specific.

  27. clpierced

    confusion-how about u reread my comment before making yourself look like a huge tard. and sorry im no fatty :) but i am positive you are like the hottest guy in the world right?! do it? :)

  28. chopper

    mmmmm,,, soft & warm,, just how daddy likes..

  29. Sport


  30. referee

    clpierced and confusion, just start making out already


    What is this I see, posters calling Fish shiftless, are these really old pics?

  32. dot

    I wanna put my fern in her kreel.

  33. mer

    Why is she so upset?

  34. ew

    Saggy tits and a man face. The flowers are the only good thing about the pictures.

  35. Bored @ work

    #34, you prefer plastic?
    or if they were plastic you’d probably be bitching that they weren’t real?

    you’re just gay probably.
    Its ok, its accepted in society now.

  36. nehhhh

    Horsies love flowers!!!!

  37. I’M A WOMAN and I’m proud to say…this woman is AMAZING looking. Yes, I agree that she could “tone up a little bit”. But seriously? Look at her boobs and that shape. Her shoulder to hip ratio is ridiculous. I would say I’m envious, not jealous. There is no anger when I see her…just in awe LOL. And a manly face? Please. She has a very pretty face. It’s okay to not find her attractive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But…it’s outrageous to call her ugly or a man face. Come on now. She’s totally YUMMY! That so called bra and panties are pretty awful though lol.

  38. USA fake pics fake boobs fake tans fake teeth fake hair

    The pic in the middle has been photoshopped made her legs look thinner and longer…. she actually looks the best in the first pic

  39. That’s not nude…such a tease

  40. bribios

    dammit don’t post that kind of title until you get some NSFW.

  41. k

    She is a pretty girl with a hot body, but I am shocked RL chose her to model.
    Those underwear look more flattering on slender, skinny girls. Kelly looks
    better modelling lingere.

  42. ana

    Haha, agree with 39&40. Still, better than nothing :)

  43. She’s not fat. Her shoes are ugly, though.


  44. leelee22

    Is Tyra Banks going to be the next Oprah? What do you think –>

  45. leelee22

    Is Tyra Banks going to be the next Oprah? What do you think –>

  46. Bored @ Work

    Geez leelee22, I dunno, let me visit your Trojan Horse site…

  47. Esoteric

    Here’s the story from the UK’s Daily Mail stating very clearly these are ‘newly released’ images from an old photo shoot.–clothes.html

    For the record I agree with Alli (#37), Kelly is very pretty and has a fabulous body (actually even better than it was in these shots) and I’m a woman too! LOL No jealousy but definite envy and if I remember correctly she’s supposedly all natural which I think adds to her attraction.

    And why all the Jennifer Garner hate? She’s beautiful and not the least bit manly looking. Frankly some of you people have a skewed sense of beauty. Natural beauty should always be celebrated over plastic. Let’s face it with surgery anyone could be beautiful, so sorry, I’m not impressed with surgically enhanced attractiveness (on men or women).

  48. paul

    Totally disappointed! I thought the headline said Kelly Brock

  49. heezee

    Hey Confusion: you must be new here. Clpierced is a regular troll. She likes to nit pick at hot girls. Just ignore the dumb ho.

  50. Ein

    Good body, horrible face.

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