And now Kelly Brook is topless, too

May 28th, 2010 // 93 Comments

Thanks to the perfect storm of absolutely zero news happening and me trying to get out of town for a wedding, I’m slapping you guys in the face with topless awesome this morning. Here’s Kelly Brook in the July 2010 issue of Loaded, and this is practically art because she’s British. I almost want to take these to Michael’s and have them framed, but what do those Philistines know of class and refinement? Nothing, that’s what. Now where are those doilies I masturbate into? Could’ve sworn I left them on the credenza…

UPDATE: Thanks for the traffic, Captain Understands the Internet.

Photos: Loaded

  1. Hi


  2. dude

    if you look at a girl this hot and your first thought is “firsssst”, then you are excruciatingly, irretrievably gay.

    Do us all a favor and be “firssst” to shoot yourself before one of us do.

  3. Dude

    Damn them sum big as nipples. Like cocktail wieners.

  4. Gorgeous. Lovely tits :)

  5. sborrainboc

    What #2 said.


  6. Jack Mehoff

    She’s a healthy lass…I would like to lick her bung hole.

  7. kingofbeer

    perfect tits! perfect body! perfect!

  8. Ben Dover

    THANK YOU FISH!!!!!!!!!! I just ejaculated!!!!!

  9. sensitive guy

    I’ve never heard of Loaded magazine … but I just got a lifetime subscription …

  10. Kelly

    so lickable. mmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

  11. Mateo

    Great rack!!! Wish more women had nice big REAL tits than bags filled with silicon.

  12. giRL

    must go to gym now, wowwww her stomach

  13. Just Some Guy

    These pictures just reminded me that I like boobs…A LOT! Must find lubrication immediately.

  14. jimbob

    She’s cute, but natural tits are a turn-off.
    Gross. She needs a lift and some implants to be hot.

  15. ZoomBoy

    I don’t see how these are July 2010 images as I’ve seen these before July 2009.

  16. Weren’t these the photos from Arena last year? Whicher, I dont care, she’s got a great body and I’m more than happy to see em again!

  17. Armando

    “Hey Haley Williams, look at some real boobs” Kelly Brook

  18. lol

    hahah natural tits are a turn off? You’ve obviously never felt fake ones…

    lol go back to your porn man…

  19. DogBoy

    wow. that body pretty much qualifies as perfect.

    @14: Dumbest comment ever.

  20. True


  21. Mr. Nice Guy

    This is what I was fighting for when I was in the Army!
    God bless the USA and our Brit friends!

  22. SO RIGHT

    Now SHE is hot! Her body is actually perfect and natural, and her face is beautiful too.

  23. Fakeboobssuck

    #14 is an idiot.

    They made fake boobs in the first place because women wanted to look like this. I’m a girly-girl who likes girls and I HATE fake boobs. They can never beat a perfect set of real ones. (Hell, I’ll even take smaller natural ones to big fake ones any day!)

    I’m officially a Kelly fan!

  24. Joozeppy

    Ya, these are deff older than july 2010, but no matter, Kelly Brook is the epitome of hot natural. SO GORGEOUS!

  25. HOOTERS!

    I loooooove the fact that she’s part of the Real Titty Committee :) Yay Kelly!!!

  26. Champ

    Fire up the motorboat.

  27. Ripper Owens

    The things that I would do to her and those titties.

    Very hot!

  28. bonhomey

    “I rarely watch what I eat, or go to the gym. It’s sex that keeps me fit” (Photo 4). You gotta love these laddie mags. They’re not just about the pictures.

  29. bonhomey

    “I rarely watch what I eat, or go to the gym. It’s sex that keeps me fit” (Photo 4). You gotta love these laddie mags. They’re not just about the pictures.

    Thanks, Fish, for two Kelly Brook postings in one day. Now if you could just drop the Lindsay Lohan fixation, we’d be good.

  30. L E UT

    Good lord, she’s attractive.

    But I love how all of her standing up photos make sure she has her arms lifted above her head, so her tits don’t look saggy. Nice touch, because them boobies look good..

  31. Mike Nike

    She sounds like a right cock whore. I would jizz all over her slut face.

  32. Fake is the Real Deal

    I have to agree that natural titties sag way too much. Why should a woman of means (fuck the poor whore) settle for looking like a cow when they can grow into the new century and be enhanced?

  33. Rick

    Now this is a “woman with curves.” See, ladies, it doesn’t include a pot belly, lumpy fat, and acres of cellulite.

  34. Some Girl

    Great body, BUT… big nipples freak me out!

  35. Jen

    she’s fucking hot. i really cant believe people are saying that fake tits are better. you watch way too much porn.

  36. slut-lover


  37. FrankNfrtr

    Wow…happy Friday everyone!
    I still don’t know what she’s famous for…..maybe just the boobies & being willing to show them?
    Anyway, this is a MUCh better UK import that slags like Jordan.

  38. Brunette lover

    Ok, so we have Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Beckinsale, Kelly Brook. Three hot, hot, hot British brunettes – just enough for me to count with one hand. The Brits are definitely doing it right across the pond!

  39. cg

    What a great way to start the weekend!
    Thank you Superficial!!
    My favorite brit of all time
    All hail Kelly and her wonder jugs!
    And god bless a girl who flat out loves getting plowed

  40. havoc

    Smokin’ Fuckin’ Hot.

    I agree. Ixnay the Lindsay and Kendra shit and post more of THIS.


  41. No Problem

    Best Friday EVER! Thanks!

  42. Gweb

    I want to hurt those tits.

  43. Tek

    These pics have been recycled cuz I’ve seen them before. Either way Kelly is always quality. Tek approves.

  44. Tad Bit Tipsy

    “Its Sex that keeps me in shape” All you ladies that aren’t giving it up, pay attention!!!!

  45. bob

    Dog Gamn, those tits are awesome.

  46. Brittany Murphy

    Saggy talentless manface.

  47. tonto

    Kelly Brook has a:


    Still want her?

  48. Tom

    #47: yes tonto, I do.

    She’s a natural woman, top and bottom half. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Guys who are afraid of some bush are total and utter homos.

  49. Pahlavi

    Uh….They’re not that nice actually. :( Another dream shattered.

  50. gen

    “I rarely watch what I eat, or go the the gym. It’s sex that keeps me fit.”

    I like her and think she’s gorgeous, but that statement is really annoying. She is so obviously trying to sound sexy and cool there. I’ve seen her in a video talking about her gym routine and diet, but now she has to pretend to be a perfect sex kitten. Whatever.

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