Kelly Brook is a gifted saleswoman

October 17th, 2007 // 109 Comments

British model/actress Kelly Brook debuted her new perfume at Superdrug in London yesterday. She possesses two wonderful qualities for being a product salesman: a great smile and a winning personality. Yep, those are the two most notable things about her. I bet if you met her in person those would be the first two things you noticed. Well that, and her intelligence.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Robert

    Why are you people saying Kelly is only Boobs that is a world class ass she has also,

    there is nothing wrong with her legs either

  2. BABY




  3. Methos

    kirsty gallagher makes here look like an old worn out hag..!!

  4. EAC

    55 – so agree with you, just a way to keep people forgetting them and their so called careers.
    67 – you should have married someone else. Even if you get bigger tits, it won’t make you happy. Ask him to get a bigger dick, oops sorry I forgot, he is one already.
    70 – classy bloke. Wish I wasn’t married already. I so would love to be with you…
    95 – what a crock of shit! Open your eyes. Some of us have big boobs, small waists, gorgeous cute butts and nice teeth that haven’t been neon whitened, capped and americanised. What happened to individuality and not succumbing to going under the knife?

  5. WhoCares

    Im not to sure who this is, but i must say she gorgeous.

  6. korina jebediah


  7. whatever

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    Oh, what, no aliens in your little theory? I guess that makes it so much better :-/

    Show me a conspiracy theorist like Blinky…and I’ll show you someone with an IQ below room temperature.

  8. Adolf

    107: you suck

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    bush-senior himself told reporters in front of the wtc-towers a while before 9/11: “wouldn’t it be fun to blow ‘em up?”

  9. Gloria

    gorgeous girl! i saw her profile on a datng site called i think she may delete it.

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