Kelly Brook is a gifted saleswoman

October 17th, 2007 // 109 Comments

British model/actress Kelly Brook debuted her new perfume at Superdrug in London yesterday. She possesses two wonderful qualities for being a product salesman: a great smile and a winning personality. Yep, those are the two most notable things about her. I bet if you met her in person those would be the first two things you noticed. Well that, and her intelligence.

Photos: Splash News

  1. kitty_kat

    @ 31- Iunno…
    How the hell did this happen?

  2. Johnny

    FRIST you’re ugly frustrated little bitch

    Ok now switching back my eyes at my sexy sweetheard in the red dress

  3. IKE

    Remember when “attractive” used to be the flat-chested no ass image.

    22, Thanks for the Link!

  4. yowillie

    Giddy Up! Great rack.

  5. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Why is it that every minor celebrity who comes along has to market their own stinky chemicals? All these people get perfumes and then they get a clothing line of mundane crap they didn’t even design themselves. No wonder everything looks and smells like shit anymore.

  6. kitty_kat

    And if I’m not mistaken, these pics were taken before she was pregnant.
    (Sorry for the multiple posts).

  7. Blinky (not Binky)

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  8. hausfrau

    #57 means: NICE TITS!!!

  9. wtf binky

    too many words TOO MANY

    My poor insignificant brain! It’s about to explode!

    Seriously, too many words, I didn’t read it.

  10. Auntie Kryst

    @57 OK only bothered to read the first and last two paragraphs, but I will grant you, deftly handed CNTRL C and CNTRL V you twat. Stick to the funny.

  11. I may be frustrated, but I’m not ugly!!! Asswipe.

    Anywho… WTC binky!!! ENOUGH!!!

    Here…I have a martini with Binky’s name on it. I don’t have a bong hit, but I know people who might…

  12. I do have a xanax though

  13. My sources (can’t tell you who they are) CIA (you didn’t here that from me) say that Paris Hilton is a distraction for WW3

  14. In other news, someone keeps stealing my mail. I think they want to take over my identity. I don’t know why someone would want a credit rating of 3 but whatever…

  15. scooby

    god in heaven what a great set of tits. and finally a british honey with decent teeth!

  16. tonycatman

    #34 and anyone else who doesn’t know who she is.

    She was no.1 in the UK FHM 100.

    They have properly beautiful women in the UK. No fake tan, no peroxide hair, no fake tits. Just naturally gorgeous.

    She is actually really nice, too.

  17. Maiko Weymiller

    My husband wants me to get breast augmentation. After looking at her I can see why. Nice.

  18. Axeldee

    she is the friken tit’s queen

  19. Big Dumb Oaf


  20. FACE

    This is the kind of white chick I dream of banging until she is wiped out. I would tit bang her into oblivion. I would blow so many loads on her chin that she would look like a rabid dog.

  21. BlinkyIsAFuckingRetard

    #57 – you are fucking retarded. Wrap your head in tin foil and go wait for the aliens to arrive.

  22. Blinky

    @71 You believe in aliens? Now that’s some crazy shit! You need help!

  23. Sam Hain

    #72 nice try but you aren’t fooling anyone with your “aliens don’t exist” smokescreen. now step away from the cow.

  24. You can see this gal real easy here

    2 sec google turned it up — enjoy.

  25. she is talented but I am too busy looking at her chest!

  26. MrSemprini

    I just noticed! She has a HEAD! Wow, wankers! Lookit that!!

  27. Valerie hates talentless hacks

    Big titties (yawn). Big whoop!

  28. Blinky

    I admit, I do love a good probing, but I have to narrow that down to humans. Not too keen on the inter species erotica.

  29. Narcissist

    Pic 2, the headline pic is awkward. The others are nice, though.

  30. I fuck fat women

    Billy Zane is a lucky bitch to be fucking her

  31. ph7

    Her rack belongs in the Titty Museum hall of fame.

  32. sue


  33. That is a pretty dress and she certainly fills out nicely. I would love to see her in a lingerie shoot.

  34. G.C.

    AAaaaah Billy Zane, mmmmmmmmmm.

  35. gerard Vandenberg

    Give those FLASHY TITS a good look please. People, mainly men though, will buy everything from that girl!! Just to give those wonderful TITS another close look!!

  36. britain aint so hot

    uhm, #66… i thought britain’s fav was that tranny meth ho jordan… she is disgusting and completely unatural looking. her tits are too big and she has to wear granny bras, and she has no ass ( jordan NOT this girl). this girl is good though

  37. not my cup of tea

    i like big, but im not gonna lie… i might like her alil better if they were alil smaller. they kinda drop like an older woman who has breast fed a lot. i like them really perky looking. shes pretty tho.

  38. steve

    are those real? Cuz fakers are just plain tacky and SO 1990.

    Fake tits are like segregation: Separate and not equal.

    I.e., that nasty flat stretch of skin between two hard round soccer balls (e.g., Victoria Beckham) is SOOOOOO nasty

  39. theShizaan


    Those are some pretty…

    …straight teeth for an english woman.

  40. yes, she has big intelligence..

  41. @87 These look like the tits of an older woman who has breast fed a lot? Seriously, how old are you?

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  43. Her face in the top pic is so odd – not exactly selling it, imo. Nice body, though – damn her.

  44. not my cup of tea

    91- im 23. why do you ask?

  45. why is it that

    shes looks good, but here is a question.
    why do girls with big boobs naturally a D or higher always seems to have big guts, no waist, and concave square asses.
    im not talking about celebs… cause those type of bodies aren’t attractive enough to make it to being a celebrity.
    im talking about everyday women with really big boobs.
    i really feel this is true.
    i’ve seen women with C cups that have small waists and butts… but usually women with naturally big boobs like D and plus have ugly shaped bodies. and they usually have skinny arms and legs.

  46. why is it that

    thats why is someone made me pic which is better boobs or butt, i might pick butt, cause if you have a GREAT butt ( not too fat or flat) usually you will have a small waiste and shapely legs and overall good body.

  47. Sam Hain

    personally, although not at all opposed to nice breasts, I am about the legs and ass, because they are the frame for what it is that a person is really there for.

    but none-the-less — YAY TITS!

  48. Yeah Kelly is well pretty, she is VERY big in UK and taking part in Strictly Come Dancing, which is the original show for your US version Dancing with the Stars.

    Check out my blog for info about it if you like:)

  49. PunkA

    She is a Brit chick. Great from the waist up, not too impressive from the waist down. It is like the Brits think having shapely legs and a nice butt are against the law. They must really love pears in the UK.

  50. tits aren't number 1 2 me

    maybe i wanna see her in a bikini, and maybe i don’t. legs stomach and butt are most important for bikinis. and i don’t know what is goin on below the big mammis.

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