Kelly Brook is a gifted saleswoman

October 17th, 2007 // 109 Comments

British model/actress Kelly Brook debuted her new perfume at Superdrug in London yesterday. She possesses two wonderful qualities for being a product salesman: a great smile and a winning personality. Yep, those are the two most notable things about her. I bet if you met her in person those would be the first two things you noticed. Well that, and her intelligence.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Jimbo

    FRIST assholes! I love Veggi’s cock too.

  2. antoine

    SWEET JESUS !!!! Those are some nice tits.

  3. …superdrug? not nearly as clever as FCUK

  4. shit i just noticed. nice rack mhmm but she looks really horrified of the perfume. maybe she accidentally poured some on herself… proceeds to strip naked and eat strawberries. bah.

  5. Donkey Ass

    Tig o’ Bitties. But that face…mama ain’t proud.

  6. tylerdurden

    They’re real as well. I love her.

  7. haroof

    Holy melons.

  8. paper or plastic

    Finally, thanks, Fish, for someone worth looking at. Find bikini pictures if you really want to make my day.

  9. chica

    fish, that joke just keeps getting older and older.

  10. Chauncey Gardner

    Who sold her those gifts?

  11. veggi

    I’d let her keep her bra on, completely ignore the boob, and work her ass with a dildo for an hour. You know, just to fuck with her head.

  12. PunkA

    She couldn’t get Steve Sanders Playboy ex to hook up with any Brits on her stupid reality show, so, she ain’t worth much. Unless your ship is going down and need a flotation device.

  13. That hot pink goes perfect with her Brown hair and rose coloring

    she sort of looks like a young Marlo Thomas

  14. I’ll buy 6 or maybe 7, What is she selling?

  15. I love her look in pic number 2, it says:

    “Please don’t ask me to spray any of this stuff on me. Have you smelled it?!”

  16. Bitchy McBitchington, III

    I have the exact same boobs – and they’re real!!!! It’s so nice to see someone other than Salma Hayek has boobs like me and doesn’t weigh a gazillion pounds…

  17. she is sooo good looking! I cant believe she looks so good after celebrity weight loss..

  18. kitty_kat

    #17- I thought Salma’s were implants (before pregnancy anyway).

  19. ssdd

    Looks to me like she forgot to harness up the right nipple… its pointing south… .. like britneys.

  20. @16 Sara – I think she farted and it is a bad one. Some of the eel and pie she had last night for dinner

  21. isitin

    Here are some nice topless pics of her.

  22. Secretariat

    Thanks #22, that hoisted the mainsail!

  23. @22 CRAP!! Work blocked the link. This place blows!!! I guess they want me to work or something like that

  24. haroof

    #22, that made my day.

  25. isitin

    Your all welcome, yes they are nice tits.

  26. jamie

    isn’t she engaged to billy zane, from titanic?

  27. Johnny

    NICE FUCKING TITS & TEETH there honey…

    make my penis solid really good. I CAN HAS SEX WITH YOU please?

  28. baby dumpling

    …baby hungry

  29. jacknasty

    Wow, she is hot….why do photographers follow around Paris and not this chick?

    19- nope Selma’s were the real deal

  30. Big Dumb Oaf

    That’s the first thing I noticed and I’d know what to do with them. I may be an oaf, but step-aunt Audrey didn’t raise no morons, except her half-son- Stew(pid).

  31. Superdrug in London? Wonder if that’s the equivalent of a Walgreens in America

  32. Ript1&0

    Dude, who the hell is this!? C’mon. It just doesn’t matter to you at all, does it? I mean, if you’re going to post pics of people who aren’t even famous just for their giant rack -and they even get to keep their clothes on- I’m sure I can round up a few friends of mine to stand there and pretend to hold stuff too.

    In fact, I hear there are a lot of places you can go to see nonfamous women with their shirts still on. Like outside. Or navigating away from the porn sites for 5 secs. I know it’s hard….

  33. navigating away from the porn sites? what does that mean? can you..can you even DO that? that’s crazy talk.

  34. whatever

    What a great salesperson! I’ll take two!

    PS Her breasts have done more for humanity than Spears, Lohan, and Hilton combined. They should strip that ignorant fuck Al Gore of his Noble Peace Price and give it to her breasts.

  35. whatever

    RELAX FRIST! No one navigates away from porn sites. Ript is just fucking with you. It’s insane to even suggest such a stupid and foolish thing.

    Ript – stop messing with people like that. You could hurt someone by suggestion they navigate away from their porn!

    Oh yeah…”Price” should be “Prize” in my last fucking post. I was distracted by her breasts, wondering how much it would cost to suck them. Or at least one for half price.

  36. Ript1&0

    hahahaha! You guys do know there are places online where girls actually get naked right? Like, 24/7? And then they do stuff… I don’t want to say what, exactly, but I think it’s a little more than standing there in a pretty dress. Well, that’s what I’ve been told anyway. I’ve always been too busy ogling celebrities.

    Ahem. Or attempting to.

  37. Ript1&0

    AWWWW!!!! You guys!!! I was just joshin’ ya! Please, be one with the porn.

    And worship the Fish. I love him. He is my savior. I can honor nothing else in life but the Fish’s wishes. If he was my man, I’d devote my entire life to sucking him off… but then there would be no gossip anymore. Do you think he would mind being that busy?

  38. #37 whatever, OMG THANK YOU!!! I was so frightened for a second there.

    Geh…I knew you couldn’t do that…

  39. Nice boobies. My stuffs better as far as content. Stop by.

  40. That would be like making a 3 olive martini and walking away from it!!!

  41. BringIt


  42. T

    wow, she’s beautiful

  43. Not as beautiful as my porn, er I mean my martini…

  44. Johnny



    sweet little girl this, really.

  45. Johnny? Hmmmmm…. first stop yelling…

    Next, no I’m defiinately more beautiful AND have a better rack.

    Just sayin…

  46. K, that may not be true, but I just love fucking with the idiots on here…

  47. jumpy

    I NEED to impregnate this woman IMMEDIATELY. STAT!

  48. God, where did I learn to spell?

    DEFINITELY not here……………………

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