Kelly Brook in Lingerie

March 30th, 2010 // 123 Comments

Here’s Kelly Brook as the new spokesbreasts for the Ultimo lingerie line which I can only assume is the byproduct of Jesus proving he’s more kickass than the Easter Bunny. “Ooh, wow, candy in a basket full of annoying green shit. How about one of the hottest chicks in the world practically naked? JUMANJI!”*

*How Jesus really talks. I’ve read The Bible.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Harold^Sick

    She’s almost as hot as Eva Mendes!

  2. Gweb

    So when do we find out she’s a skank that hoovers dick and meth in equal quantities?

  3. There goes another box of tissues

  4. pimp

    i’d give her the oral rectal cleansing…

  5. we would like to thank the Superficial for these pictures!

  6. ULTIMO knows how to sell shit. Unline Sun Love hiring the real life Troll Doll.

  7. ULTIMO knows how to sell shit. Unlike Sun Love hiring the real life Troll Doll.

  8. Melissa

    As a chick, I’m proud to say fuck, she’s beautiful.

  9. Delicious Curves. She looks wonderful… though I am sure it went through the photoshop once or twice, she still looks great.

  10. Wowzers

    Finally a woman that is not all skin and bones. Do want.

  11. Tom

    This chic is so fucking hot! I don’t even care that she sports a bit of a 70′s bush between her thighs, I’d eat that muff for days and only stop to floss using her long pubes. MMMMMMMMM

  12. oooaaahhh

    now that, my friend, is perfection.

  13. Sport

    What a beauty.

  14. JesseJimmy

    This, ladies, is what a woman is supposed to look like.

  15. Grace

    Fuck, she is pure hotness. God damn.

  16. TekMoney

    She’s still go it.

  17. Jerry

    Does it bother any of you guys that this chic has such a hairy pussy? Or does the rest of her make up for it?

  18. Buster

    Fellas, they come with hair. Waxed is just an artifice of our porn-star influenced mass culture. I prefer at least some hair, though I won’t turn down a woman who chooses to wax it away. I think the preference comes from having come of age sexually with porn from the late 70′s and early 80s: real breasts and a bit of bush. That’s what women are.

    As for the delightful Ms. Brooks… DAMN! Well done, God. Well done, indeed.

  19. Laura

    She hasn’t got hair on her thighs; its the frilly lace of the underwear!! Just look at the bottom of the bra and you’ll see it has it too

  20. Larry Horse

    got to agree with post#20 (buster)
    I love me a chic with some bush. the whole bald thing is so played and old and i like some variety in my pussy, not ones that all look like barbie dolls smooth plastic vajayjay’s. i didn’t grow up on 70′s/80′s porn, i grew up learning the ropes from actual chics in the early to mid 90′s and they all had bushes back then and it never bothered me then and doesn’t bother me now when you reach down on a girl and find a nice patch of pubes, it’s just not as common nowadays.

  21. scooby


  22. Tom

    Laura – we aren’t talking about these pics in particular, she’s done plenty of other photos that show off her hairy muff or been caught by the paparazzi in some upskirt shots with see through panties and even had that one photo shoot for her bikini calendar where in the outakes you can see her hairy beaver coming out the top of her tiny bikni bottoms

  23. pimp

    who do i bill my lost wages to, because i was jacking off all day?…

  24. JesseJimmy


    My acceptance of a hairy bush is directly related to the size of the breasts. Because Ms. Brook sports a gargantuan pair of Katies, she is allowed some excessive groinal growth. Smaller tits, better be shaved.

  25. bonquiqui

    EVERY woman should STRIVE to look like Brooke.

  26. JohnyT

    she is smoking hot! thanks for the pics

  27. Jenny

    Looks too fake.

  28. asdf

    these pics have nasty lighting. Makes her face look ogrish

  29. TekMoney

    My two cents:

    Wax your shit (not shave, razor bumps and ingrown hairs are not nice). I dont feel the need to be spitting/coughing up pubes. Also, it’s a fact that hair retains odor, so add it up and there’s no way I’m going anywhere near that… besides the fact that it looks NASTY. Brazilian wax FTW!

  30. obgyn

    medical fact: pubic hair keeps a woman’s vagina MUCH cleaner than without it. the purpose of pubic hair is to keep bacteria from entering our vagina and wicks away moisture (urine, sweat, vaginal dishcarges, period related fluids, etc) and bacteria. when you remove all of your pubic hair the things that actually make one smell down there now have full access to your vagina. so despite appearances a smooth hairless vagina is much more likely to be dirty than the hairy ones that scare you.

  31. GQ Guy

    Boring Bras and Shorts.
    She has a great Body, but I don’t do hairy vagina’s twice, never eat them.
    I don’t care what some study says, bald looks and tastes clean, hairy does not.

  32. Rough'ly by nature

    Forget Toyota. With all those curves who needs any breaks….

  33. dude_on

    Calm down people. Let’s act like we’ve seen a hot piece of ass before. Okay, fap ‘em if you got ‘em.

  34. thebitchisback

    she is HOT!!!! see Kendra this is how you wear lingerie…

  35. IAM

    Dude writer: You can slam the Muzzies every once and awhile, why so down on JC? Molested maybe? Lighten up pal!

  36. Derek

    She is an attractive woman.

  37. lol

    dear 34,

    this is why we take showers regularly.

    If you’ve eaten any pussy in your life… you’ll know that pubic hairs up your nose are kind of distracting, as are pubic hairs in your teeth… or down your throat.

    If you enjoy mowing the lawn.. then please, explore all the pubic jungles you can… keep them happy and away from everyone else.

    and for everyone else… take a hot fucking shower with each other before the real stuff begins…

    Thanks for taking one for the team # 34…

  38. What’s with all the hairy bush talk? Holy hell.

    This woman is puh-herrr-fect.

    Refreshing to see versus the pointy malnourished skanks foisted upon us by our lovely hollywood media machine!

  39. Wow she is looking awesome man ! I just love to see the way she is looking …Really nice figure she is having .. Tremendous pictures I must say .

  40. Nero

    Damn! Where.can.i.find.this.girl?

  41. Bleh, meh. Average looking people surpass her.

  42. Some of you guys are commenting like you look like ‘Sawyer’ from TV show LOST. You ain’t no Josh Halloway!.

  43. dm

    hot, but bar refaeli is still hotter.

  44. She looks wonderful… though I am sure it went through the photoshop once or twice, she still looks great.

  45. gen


    Hey, you do have some good taste! Josh Holloway…… mmmmmm…… goddamn…. Post some pics of him, Fish!



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