Kelly Brook in a bikini getting motorboated by Riley Steele in a bikini. (You just read that.)

June 9th, 2009 // 170 Comments

Here’s Kelly Brook and Riley Steele on the set of Piranha 3-D over the weekend. I’ve seen a lot of awesome shit on this site, but this is by far the most pure and amazing thing I’ll ever witness in my entire life. I could watch my own child be born with sparkling blue eyes and seraphim wings which he then uses to fly up to me to say “I love you, Daddy,” and I’d probably ask when the bikini motorboating starts. True story, and sorry, Future Angel Baby. Now go to your room.

NOTE: Pics link to NFSW version that may cause weeping.


  1. kpfm

    i used to work with riley steele, her real first name is britany haha. she’s the blonde. kpfm escondido ca for life

  2. Moses

    What does this have to do with Piranhas?

  3. Gar

    High heels on ?

  4. gerard vandenberg

    THIS IS IT, girls!!

  5. ^_^

    Thanks fish for finally posting about an English girl who doesn’t look like Jodie Marsh, Lauren Pope, Katie Price etc . Kelly has a fantastic, natural body and a pretty face.

  6. Galtacticus


  7. Dubya

    Kelly’s face in second last pic……”oh shit my mom’s gonna see this”! hehe

  8. HappyMan

    If this is not a porno movie, I’m not really writing this.
    Man Riley gave me a steel alright, man she’s the bomb, I’d also love to drop my bombs in her.
    Thanks fish you’ve made my morning, probably will come back at least another three times today to view these pics again.

  9. Kelly looks good in these. I wish she was more consistent about that.

  10. HappyMan

    True Kelly does lack consistency, best I’ve seen her look thus far though.

  11. These chicks look very intelligent.

  12. Érico

    Best post evar.

  13. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Who the fuck ARE these people anyway? I thought this site was about “celebrities”?

  14. Damn you Billy Zane!

  15. Guys Check out the NSFW photos ;)


    Enjoy ;)

  16. Guys Check out the NSFW photos ;)


    Enjoy ;)

  17. alisa

    66….. ummmm is that something you’re proud of???

    these girls are hot but its sad they have to resort to this for their film career. thats all theyre useful for.. and im sure most of you guys would loveeee to have sex with them but would you marry them? all jokes aside….. i doubt it. i’m so glad i learned i can be hot without giving out sex invitations. guys wana fuck me and their mothers love me. girls dont need to act like this. but this is what the world has come to…….. woman power………….ha

  18. Millicent

    Classy. The majority of human population has not progressed beyond pigs- wallowing in their own hormonal filth. Evolve already.

  19. Michelle

    If I could choose to swap figures with anybody it would be Kelly Brooke. She has a beautiful natural body. Its probably why God forgot to put her brain in though, no-one is allowed to be perfect!

  20. lalala

    i’m a 22-year-old girl, and DROOLING. i swear this may be the hottest female body i’ve ever seen and my standards are pretty damn high.

    how did she suddenly get THIS hot?! is it just slight weight loss + a tan + heels? she was attractive before, but this is just unreal.

  21. Marketta

    #69 do u want to know how I know that u r teh ghey?

  22. Suzie

    I guess I am an extreme hetero female because I wasn’t turned on by these pix at all. Only a few of the pictures looked alright. More male pictures please!!

  23. lalaland

    117 I’m sure they wouldn’t even let any of these guys here lick their feet. That question is retarded. Look at all the other tramps who nailed some other rich celebrities. They have money and fame, they couldn’t care less about appealing to mothers and crap. Isn’t Kendra getting married?

  24. tarts n' cream

    alisa @117: These chicks don’t have film careers and never will, hence “Pirhana 3-D.”

    Does anyone else find it funny that it says that “Inappropriate or promotional comments may be removed.” Has anyone actually heard of an actual instance in which a comment was removed from this site for inappropriateness? Thought not.

  25. june

    kelly brook has a super-hot body. but some how it still looks tangible, if that makes sense. i just don’t know how her body can be so feminine, and her face so masculine….

  26. Nero

    for a better judgment i need to see these pics in 3-D! Any sound available?

  27. Darth

    Sadly enough there will be probably in this movie only some bones and hair left from these chicks .The horror!

  28. marissa

    Yeah, she is the same girl…spelled her name Brittni though…sadly guys, this is the best route to disease ever.

  29. that is one hot chick for you right there (and one not so hot chick :D)

  30. Pilatunes

    This is nothing for me.

    Ahahahahahahaha! Shit I crack myself up. Seriously, if you want to know what the cause of priapism is, just check that shit out.

  31. sally

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  33. miranda

    kpfm is right, this girl is from Escondido, CA, real name Brittni (Riley is alias). She is an alcoholic…very sad but that is what you would have to be to do what she does.

  34. kranthi

    awesome why 2 hide riley steele tits you mait have not sencored it both r hot but kelly is superb hottttttttttttttttt

  35. Best Photos EVER!!! –

  36. Okay so you made Gadgets/Movies hyperlinks a fucking popup. I have a fucking popup blocker. Please dont make me change how I get on these sites. I have been coming on here for 3 fucking years, clicking geekologie just took you there, clicking movies would take you to iwatchmyselfmasterbating(u needed to fix that), and that’s how it’s been, for 3 fucking years.

    My eyes are also hurting from this new background color, please change it back to the old color. I calibrated my monitor to the old color. Either my monitor needs to be changed, i’m too high, or you fucked up with hex coding.
    if you dont know what I’m talking about, the color that needs to come back is the borderline gay pink color, and the color that needs to go is the period blood looking color

    Yours truly
    a guy who does not want to type ever..Again…

    P.S. Your bookmark is number 4 out of 50something. dont make me touch something which does not get touched

  37. Kelly Brooke Bikini Riley Steele Motorboat
    sam hain
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow. Other than the titties this site looks SO GAY.
    Thanks God for the boobies.

  38. Kelly Brooke Bikini Riley Steele Motorboat
    sam hain
    Commented on this photo:


  39. Kelly Brooke Bikini Riley Steele Motorboat
    Commented on this photo:

    this is pure awesomeness… love the new look

  40. Kelly Brooke Bikini Riley Steele Motorboat
    Commented on this photo:


  41. Deacon Jones

    FISH, bring back the numbered comments!

    And you links to geek and iwatch aren’t working

  42. Thanks for fixing the site fish dude!!

  43. 00

    no numbers? WTF. this site sucks. youre a perez hilton wannabe. i used to love this site because it was different from the rest. but now ill just lay it to rest. its been fun superfish

  44. Delgo

    bout dublin time (t9)

  45. JustGil

    Not a fan of the new design. Too purple for me and i’m not havin the big “retard writing” for headers. Please don’t redesign Geekologie!!!!!

  46. Kelly Brooke Bikini Riley Steele Motorboat
    Commented on this photo:

    CAN I HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Kelly Brooke Bikini Riley Steele Motorboat
    Buddy the Elf
    Commented on this photo:

    She fills a bikini VERY nicely.

  48. Kelly Brooke Bikini Riley Steele Motorboat
    juaquin ingles
    Commented on this photo:


  49. Kelly Brooke Bikini Riley Steele Motorboat
    Commented on this photo:

    nice pussy!

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