Kelly Brook in a bikini getting motorboated by Riley Steele in a bikini. (You just read that.)

June 9th, 2009 // 170 Comments

Here’s Kelly Brook and Riley Steele on the set of Piranha 3-D over the weekend. I’ve seen a lot of awesome shit on this site, but this is by far the most pure and amazing thing I’ll ever witness in my entire life. I could watch my own child be born with sparkling blue eyes and seraphim wings which he then uses to fly up to me to say “I love you, Daddy,” and I’d probably ask when the bikini motorboating starts. True story, and sorry, Future Angel Baby. Now go to your room.

NOTE: Pics link to NFSW version that may cause weeping.


  1. havoc

    Thank you sweet Jesus…..


  2. Big Dave

    Wow wow wow wow.

  3. I need to buy a boat…

  4. Adam

    I’M ON A BOAT!!!!!!

  5. Moose Nuckle

    Picture 14 made my day. Thank you lord for fat juicy pussys on skinny girls.

  6. Thank you god!!

  7. Adam

    Motorboating girls and a Keg of beer in the same photo……. The chances of me actually seeing this movie just went from 0% to 100%

  8. mattk

    I just fapped at work and i don’t give a F!

  9. chupacabra

    jesus christ, I don’t know who they are, but whenever this comes out on the Sci-Fi channel, I’m gonna tivo that shit.

  10. Czar

    So hot. I wish I worked on that set. I would save them so much money on toilet paper.

  11. Hot damn! Certified stroke-a-bility wonder if those 2 accept large donations….

  12. Zeus

    I will lightning bolt whoever gives this a negative comment.
    I just wish I could turn back into a swan and get mine on this boat party.

  13. dk

    Them bitches are fat and nasty! Come on fish!

  14. Erica

    Funniest superfish post in ages.

  15. Ted

    Great pics, but I’m sure the thong will attract those flies again (the anal sex obsessed “straight” guys).

  16. # 13 you are crazy!! the two of them or hot and…. you know this.


  17. andy7171

    and I …JIZZ IN MY PANTS!

  18. # 13 you are crazy!! the two of them or hot and…. you know this.


  19. lucci

    wish it was on my boat.

  20. the assman approves x2

    hey ma if you could see me now, motorboating on the starboard bow

    the boat engine makes noise motherf*cker

  21. filthyhotness

    the guy in the background of that first shot has to be thinking this is the greatest moment of his existence. the only way this is better is without the bikinis.

  22. Huh?

    I’m a girl and this totally turned me on. WTF???

  23. Funeral Guy

    Piranha 3-D=Straight to DVD. Which will be even better for those who want to masturbate to these two hotties.

  24. @11, it’s been my experience that those who brag about their large penis sizes are, sadly, extremely small. and geigh. you know, like you.

  25. John Sampres

    Fish, you are the man!

  26. Bigo

    Where are the shit hole sex guys??

  27. e-rock

    FISH!!!! There went all of my self esteem out the door!!! HOW THE HELL DOES GOD CREATE A CREATURE LIKE KELLY BROOKE????? WTF???
    NOT FAIR!!!! I wish I looked that hot!! Holy hell, this every man’s fantasy! Im straight, and I would even motor boat that honey!!! KRIKEY!

  28. Sway

    ahhh I hate fake tits. I’d much prefer those on Bar Rafaeli posted earlier.

  29. str8 pimpin'

    I’m on blimp… a mutherfu**in’ blimp!

    … and I wish I was on that boat.

  30. Delgo

    Enough SNL jokes, gang.

  31. biteme

    and copious amounts of semen shall burst forth from my throbbing veiny copulatory organ

  32. Jorge "No Chin" Posada

    That’s what I would do.

  33. Nathan Christopher Summers

    Somewhere, Billy Zane is practicing diligently for a villain role.

  34. God

    You are welcome… my children.

  35. Zanna

    I can feel my heart beating in my vagina now. Thanks.

  36. Christina

    Have you guys seen porn before? Men are quite evidently excitable! You all suck!

  37. Christina

    I mean why does a gossip site cater to men! Show more HOT guys, and by hot guys i don’t mean Robet Pattison or Benji/Joel Madden / Mel Gibson…YOU REALLY SUCK

  38. e-rock

    @ #28 Sway- I hate to break it you asshole, but Bar Rafaeli’s tits are fake. They are just really, really good ones. Like Salma Hayek. Gorgeous nonetheless. Not every pair of implants looks terrible like this Riley chick, sheesh. And not all women are blessed with gorgeous tits like Kelly here… some need help, like Bar and Salma, so GET OVER IT!!! I hope the stigma is a thing of the past, and soon! asshole.

  39. Parker

    I think it’d be more newsworthy if she was motorboating Kelly’s buttcheeks. That’s something you never see in public. Probably for a good reason, yes, but it’d be newsworthy for sure.

  40. Leonado Di Caprio

    Parker with the ass reference again……I knew breaking up with Bar was the right thing to do.

  41. Jenna Jameson

    Christina, honey..let it go. Just lay back, relax and let me motorboat your pussy.

  42. badabing

    no shit hole sex guys, but all the desperate boner dyke girls have come out of the woodwork

  43. Érico

    instant boner

  44. Anon

    wear you miners hat and carry a spare oxygen supply.
    and christina why can’t a gossip site cater to men?

    Jealous no guys talk about you like they do the women on here?

  45. bedbug

    Quite sad. Flesbians.

  46. b

    lOL the guy behind in one of the pics has a hard on!

  47. ahha

    @35 – Can I feel your heart beating in your vagina? There is something really sexy about what you said there.

  48. Alli Watermelon

    Those two look about as classy as their cheap swimsuits.

  49. My clitoris just clapped her hands.

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