Kelly Brook in a bikini

May 21st, 2009 // 93 Comments

Here’s British model/actress Kelly Brook in the Caribbeans, and some of you might be thinking, wow, this chick is definitely thicker than Britney. True. But does Britney have breasts that make a man weep so hard he’s forced to tell co-workers he got bit in the eye by a cobra just so they’ll stop laughing? I don’t think so. *sniff* Fucking cobra….


  1. fahad


  2. nbabomb


  3. fahad


  4. n

    she is fat

  5. She looks really good in that bikini, better than I would have thought.

  6. My pants just got pretty thick too…

  7. Farles Chu

    Well spank my ass and call me a limey, that’s a real woman!

    However, the lack of buttshots is causing a disturbance in the force.

    #4 = tragically unfunny generic superficial commenter. Seriously kids, try to at least pretend like you’re not anorexic, closeted 13 year old half-wits.

  8. timmy the frisky virus

    O. . . M. . . F. . . G. . . !!

    That is absolutely luscious!

  9. Cuntychops

    And you just know she would be a great fuck, unlike Giselle or the other sticks. She’d get right in it, pussy bucking away until…I’m just off for a wank.

  10. annika

    pic. 7 – razor bumps. good to know that it even happens to beautiful women. P.S. maybe she should wax?

  11. daguz

    This is what they are suppose to look like… yummy.

  12. Funeral Guy

    I usually like ‘em on the slimmer side, but this one is nicely proportioned. She looks like she’d be a lot of fun. GREAT BOOBS!!!!!

  13. Newcastle

    Fucking WOW!

  14. trevor

    nice set of natural cans, the body is a bit pasty and doughy but i’d take it

  15. Salty Bob

    Sure, she looks yummy now, but my wife looked like that 25 years ago, but now she looks more like Danny DeVito.

  16. jt

    i can’t breathe.

  17. The ass shot wouldve tell a lot! but she does pass the first test which is a presentable belly! very nice organic melons, id love to be between those juicy thighs! you know? I might be a thigh man!

  18. Jim

    How old is she and her tits are already starting to sag? And she has some sweet saddlebags. Gross

  19. p0nk

    very nice set of …. teeth, for a brit.

  20. jimbo

    oooh I’m thinking “young freshly sliced roast beef” in those bikini bottoms,,,,I’m pitching a circus tent

  21. Dread not

    Woah! Kelly’s lookin’ so damn good, she’s taking pictures of herself! Whoever is gonna be on the receiving end of those pictures is one lucky sumunabitch! But wait, we have pictures of her taking the pictures, right? We’re just as lucky. Yeah, but when she does the “bikini bottom drop”, and snaps a pic of boo-boo kitty, we can’t see those! Hey, I’m givin’ a shout out to whiskers, anyway. “Hey, whiskers!” Boy, I sure hope Kelly is feeding that thing.

  22. wow

    she has a perfect woman’s body..
    real beauty

  23. Flagstaff_Girl

    She has an incredibly sexy body… I could see myself between those thighs…. She looks like my girlfriend.

  24. Racer X


  25. f54bigj

    damnit!!! spank bank material for sure!!!

  26. Sharawnda

    She looks good! Like a real woman who’s proud of her body…not fat, not skinny!

  27. Deacon Jones

    She looks just like a girl I used to fuck in college, I was only allowed to ass fuck her, that’s all she enjoyed, it was awesome. She was Parker’s dream girl.

  28. what a hot body on this girl! the things I’d do to her…dayum!

  29. ph7

    Nice cans – otherwise, a chubby chaser’s dream.

  30. Krassy McKrass

    That’s a healthy girl. Meaty and no chicken bones.

  31. Duke Nukem

    I agree with you #29. Notice how there’s no ass shot…for a reason. The view from the back would not be pleasant.

  32. Fati

    Nothing special.

  33. Lauren

    Hey..Mr Superficial – any new pics of her ex Jason Statham? Preferably in a similar state of undress…..c’mon something for the girls…..

  34. bosendorfer

    that is an excellent specimen of a young, healthy, sexy woman.

  35. Ted

    Poor chicks. Enlarge the second to last picture and check out the skin irritation from razor burn. Is it really worth it? Just put the razor down and show a few pubes, it’s how God made you.

  36. Kol

    Pretty face. As for her body, fat chicks like this are a dime a dozen.

  37. Sam

    Her beauty decreases dramatically below the bottom of her breasts.

    Big gut. hiding her wide ass, saddlebags forming, no shape above the hips. She’s a future Kristie Alley.

  38. me

    she looks great, I love that body type curves, a little soft but not fat….perfect!!!!

  39. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere


  40. DeviousJinx

    Her body is hot, but I’m not so sure those are razor bumps because it looks like she has quite a bit of fur there as well…

  41. Uhhhh

    Scarlett who?

    I’ve just seen the mountains, and they are good…

  42. Better Than You

    nice tatas

  43. joey

    She’s pear shaped.

    Bottom heavy weeble.

    Nice sugar tits, though.

  44. moe

    #18 – welcome to the world of real-life boobies. and fyi, these are not saggy, real tits sit lower cause theyre heavier than fake ones, but oooooooo so much softer and bouncy. one day … maybe … youll realize this wisdom and find yourself a real broad

  45. fghfg

    women come in all shapes… they dont need huge tits to look like a “real woman.” thats so naive. everyone is shaped differently. some women have to be really skinny in order to have a flat stomach. shes just lucky case her fat goes to her boobs. its pure luck. she obviously does not workout. so i dont get how shes HEALTHY. shes pure fat. im not saying she is fat. but theres no muscle whatsoever. she just looks “healthy” cause her fat isnt in her belly.

  46. mike

    Milky Duggs

  47. VandaL

    All these people saying she’s “fat” etc.

    Like you’d fuckin turn it down. She’s as fit as.

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