Kelly Brook in a bikini

August 19th, 2008 // 56 Comments

British model/actress Kelly Brook decided to celebrate her recent split from Billy Zane by hitting up Saint-Tropez and posing in a bikini. I guarantee I could probably roll up on Kelly and woo her by simply saying “Did you notice all my hair? It’s on my head.” She’d be like putty in my hands – which I would then mold into giant breasts because, dammit, I love romance.


  1. eyepopper

    A nice piece of arse that’s real — and not photoshopped to death like all these plastic people that inundates western culture.

    ………………….”picture” this girl naked!!

  3. UK_Matt

    One of my mates saw her in London a couple of years back. His opinion was that she was fucking hot outside of the photoshop lab.

    I just don’t get why she left Jason for the Zane. He’s made far more watchable films than Zane has.

  4. william

    is this kelly brook

  5. william

    hi kelly brook my name is william i think you should just move on and for get about your ex becuse thars all ways some one out thare for you it could evern be me if you like

  6. matt

    i think kelly has the perfect body i wouldn’t change a single thing about her

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