Kelly Brook has my attention

September 9th, 2009 // 74 Comments

Kelly Brook attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards last night in London, and wouldn’t it be awesome if the winners were given one free motorboating of her ample lady mountains? Instead they probably got something lame like a BMW. Or a duffel bag full of diamonds. God, award shows are weak.


  1. jojo

    Love them

  2. jojo

    boobies, that is.

  3. Fsycho Looser

    Sewn on dresses are the new thing.

  4. killerabbit


  5. a sanderson

    OK face, great body

  6. hojo

    I would give her dick burn between them tits!

  7. mommamia

    More than makes up for Henry IIX’s chopping off his wive’s heads…

  8. soup

    In the 9th shot you can tell she’s wearing a corset underneath. Just sayin.

  9. Viv

    I hate her

  10. Richport's Ghost

    She looks like a Jew.

  11. Hefe

    #7, that would be Henry VIII.

    That body is ridiculous. Too bad about the face though.

  12. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Udderly amazing.

  13. ROUGH daddy

    -I might be the only person in the wold silently grieving, the hip holocaust in Hollywood.

    -Kelly gets me all krunked in the crotch with those curves…

  14. pizzelamaganook

    did she forget to bleach all but her two front teeth?

  15. EuroNeckPain

    Some women look better with clothes on (Kate Mosss, …)
    Kelly Brook looks better when undressed

  16. Nisc

    Okay, but I don’t want to here you guys complaining when the ugly-side-boob or non-corseted-or-taped photos come out.

  17. Ahhh that reminds me!

    I have some tender white meat chicken bundled in tight saran wrap in the freezer.

    … that I will now take out and do horrible things to as I put these photos in slide mode.

    [closes eyes]
    Haverhill, please forgive me….

  18. Full Wood

    She is a titty fuckin dream

  19. Erica

    How can she BREATHE in that dress?

  20. god

    shes fuckin perfect

  21. Moses

    God is great!

  22. confused

    how, i ask, can any woman have such a beautiful, feminine body, and such a horrible, manly face? i don’t know what to think.

  23. jack

    sex goddess

  24. Kelly Brook Hogan’s Heroes (on NBC)

  25. greggo

    I’m in love. Amazing body AND face.

  26. Randal

    The smile of Venus and the body of Kim Kardashian, a perfect creation.


  27. PtC


    There isn’t a corset underneath, it’s on the outside and part of the dresses design. You can clearly see that in the first three pics.

  28. chupacabra

    dude, is that a LATEX Dress? If so, where the hell can I get one?

  29. Bob

    Forget the corset and don’t worry about her breasts looking less than perfect witout the help of a corset, bra, tape or makeup. There are plenty of pictures around of her breasts bare and unadorned with clothes or makeup and they’re still awesome.

  30. Tom

    And don’t forget – they’re 100% real.

  31. wtf

    “”body of Kim Kardashian”"

    kellys body is nice, not 140lbs of cottage cheese in a garbage bag

  32. PsyKo

    Her figure is unreal! wow.

  33. wow

    She must have used a shoehorn to get that freaking dress on. Are we sure it isn’t just paint?

  34. wow

    She must have used a shoehorn to get that freaking dress on. Are we sure it isn’t just paint?

  35. Sport

    Hawt. Totally.

  36. Hank The Angry Dwarf

    Perfect Curves . WOW

  37. Minnie



    Kelly’s body is not only SMALLER than Kim’s, SHE HAS WAY MORE DELICIOUS CURVES and doesn’t look like she’s fucking trying to hide something- LIKE HER ASS FOR EXAMPLE??!!??!!
    Kelly’s face doesn’t look like MR ED’S AND she has better hair and has AMAZING porcelain skin, she doesn’t coat herself in foul smelling orange fake shit and hide herself like fat fucker Kim K.

    So grab a clue Freak, seriously. And like #31 said….Kelly ain’t a bag of cottage cheese!!!!

  38. alicia

    37 — woooowww… this made me laugh pretty hard out loud. get a GRIP

  39. Mikey

    I would nail Jesus to the cross for a chance to hit that! What? I’m too late you say. Damnit!!!

  40. ha

    Anyone who insulted Kelly Brook’s face is retarded. She’s a perfect-looking woman.

  41. hahhah i read that as “douchebag full of diamonds”. now THAT would be the raddest prize eva

  42. hahhah i read that as “douchebag full of diamonds”. now THAT would be the raddest prize eva

  43. double posts are ggggggggaaaaaaayyyyyy

  44. Female

    She is a really sexy woman. All the plastic hollywood chics are getting really boring.

  45. anon

    I like her nose.

  46. Sean O'Malley

    I would like to see a side by side comparision of who is curvier Kelly or Julia Velotas from Rehab

  47. If I were John Mayer I’d crush this pussy.

  48. JJ

    Who is this woman?

  49. dl;adf;s

    She has a perfect hour glass figure.

  50. She looks stunning, but very different from the pictures found after a simple google image search. why is that? is this a different, younger kelly brook? with massive titays!

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