Kelly Brook gives great, no, the best advice

October 29th, 2007 // 46 Comments

English model/actress Kelly Brook keeps her body in great shape. Want to know her secret? Doing it. A lot. The Daily Mail shares her advice that every attractive woman I meet should know:

The former Big Breakfast keeps her figure trim by “having tons of sex so you look fit and healthy – it’s the best thing in the world.”
Asked for her hot tip on maintaining a good sex life, she replied: “Fantastic lighting! When you redecorate, make sure everything’s on dimmers. Either that or candlelight.”

I’m not going to say Kelly Brook’s boyfriend Billy Zane is the luckiest bastard in the world, but I will say that if I could stab him in the chest and then wear his body like a suit, I would. Wait a minute, why is there a dimmer switch on Billy Zane’s testicles? Jesus, lady, you’ve got a problem. We need to talk about this. But after we work off that half a biscuit, fatty.

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  1. taylor


  2. lisa

    oh snap 1st

  3. lisa

    damnit, second!

  4. funkycrime

    fourth? awesome!

  5. taylor


  6. veggi

    She should explain the dimmer thing to Liz Hurley. Plus the “no bikinis when you’re sagging all over” rule.

  7. funkycrime

    oh yeah..TITTYS!

  8. lentista

    that damn britney again….opps wrong picz…..jk….this dumb site is always talking about brit,…ok there superficial theres more to life then shity ass britney spears…..

  9. Me One

    Good advise. I wish she can help me get in shape!!!!!

  10. J-Sin

    what the hell?

  11. leatherdaddy

    judging by those arms, it looks like she needs to double up on her advise, or get a bit more creative…in bed.

  12. kitty_kat

    She has a reallyreally nice figure… but she’s a bit of a butterface.

  13. There are pictures of a nude toilet (Kim K. in Playboy) and we’re looking at these, again?

  14. Ript1&0

    I’m surprised such a good looking lady needs dim lighting. I like to see what I’m doing, you know. All that sex and she’s still insecure??

    Turn the lights on woman!!

    Oh wait… that was the joke wasn’t it.. Nevermind.

  15. J-Sin

    KittyKat is a fucking buttaface…

  16. She does look as if she really means it.

    But this shows how times have changed.

    Just a few decades ago, a remark like this would have caused an uproar in England. She would have almost kissed her career goodbye.

  17. kitty_kat

    #15- Sigh. How fucking predictable (and oh-so-original). Just STFU okay?

  18. PunkA

    Of course she needs dim lighting. She is British and wants to hide all the cottage cheese on her thighs and ass. Muscle toned legs in Britain are as foreign as a dentists chair.

  19. nipolian

    #16 The times haven’t changed that much – her career would still be secure a few decades ago. Did you not read the post?…………She puts out.

  20. Ript1&0

    What I meant to say was = Bring Britney back, I don’t know who the fuck this is.

    That’s not as funny, but I only speak the truth. Who the hell is thinking about how fat their ass is when they are busy getting constantly boned!?!? Well, not me anyway.

  21. C

    Damn Billy Zane! How does a douf like him get a babe like this?!?

    About the saggy tits #6. I’m betting she’ll get some nice perky new ones in a few years when she (and/or Billy) gets tired of the drawbacks of natural big boobs.

  22. RENEE Z....

    who the hell is this? I don’t recognize her at all. Her dress is way too tight; her boobs are really smooshed in there and look all weird and flattened in certain spots. Otherwise I like the dress and the color too.

  23. J-Sin

    Kitty Kat why don’t you STFU? Dumb ass bimbo, you wish you looked half that good.

  24. G Man

    I still wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers … Off my GGG UNIT

  25. nipolian

    Thats got to be jizz on her lips to make that hair stick to them in pics 5-8.

  26. Matthew

    lucy pender is hotter than her

  27. taterhater

    watch that movie they met each other in or something..Survival Island I think, I don’t remember. either way, I thought she was pretty hot in it.

  28. Emmyem

    Again with the boobs and the not funny comments. SOMEONE has CAPTURED THE REAL MR. SUPERFICIAL! Fake boobs ARE superficial, as is Brtiney, and Lohan, and Hurley, but Nicole Kidman’s “old Australian ass?” I don’t even like her, and her ass looked nice to me. And I am not a lesbian! Her face? Not so much. Hey, I’m just a girl, thinking gives me wrinkles, and math is hard!
    Someone save the real Mr. Superficial! The one with the rock hard pecs and the one who shoots laser beams out of his penis…but only mentions it OCCASSIONALLY. The one who isn’t COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Boobs. I have boobs. They are great, and I can prove it. And they are not “store bought”.
    But give us some funny stuff about GUYS too, Mr. Superficial Impersonator! Or else….why I should, for two cents I would………………….

  29. Hmmm – seems to have worked for Paris Hilton, but not Perez Hilton. What gives? Oh, anal doesn’t count? But….

  30. MindRiot


    I would take a class if she taught it, though with my luck it would be a self-help book instead, and I already get that…

  31. Hey, Kelly’s pretty and all, but if you bored until tomorrow’s new posts, click on my name and take a gander.

  32. Beck

    i agree with #12 she’s a butterface like Jessica Simpson she’s all boobs and nothing else

  33. she looks great after the weight loss..

  34. Mike

    I could’ve sworn Billy Zane was gay.

  35. Roflcer of the Lawl

    Ms. Terry please go play in traffic contrary to popular belief it doesn’t hurt at all, the cars are digital from a computer.

  36. Jo

    Of course she said that.
    That’s what cheap wannabe sex symbol women who crave attention answer to that question. Megan Fox said that recently too didn’t she?
    Who, you ask? Exactly.
    No surprise that she was talking to the Daily Mail LOL. I bet all the (male) readers got hard ons just reading it.
    Her job there is done.

    #16 That’s what women have to do these days to get attention. Either that or play a stripper in a film or music video…orrr get pictured without underwear on.

    Kelly Brook doesn’t get enough attention from photographers to try that. She probably does it, but no one is there to take her picture.

  37. Kate

    I call bullshit. Contrary to popular belief, sex doesn’t actually burn that many calories (about as many as a slice of bread) unless you’re doing some weird as shit. It mush be true because Oprah’s doctor said so. Yep. Probably just wanted people to know she has sex. Should have just leaked a sex tape.

  38. Mr Tom

    # 36

    That’s rubbish and you know it… No Daily Mail reader could EVER get a hard on.

  39. Taada

    I’m suer that’s what Billy Zane tells her. She seems like a dolt

  40. dumb bitch

    big nosed saggy tit ho, that IS what dumb bitches say for attention.
    saying that made her less attractive.
    i wonder if after a kid and forty those matronly breasts will hold up as well as liz’s.

  41. Those are real TITS and alot of flash, Rosco. JESUS CHRIST!!

  42. George

    My grandma said that her boyfriend, Billy Zane, is some washed up singer that only dates mixed race girls. Is she a mulatto ?

  43. Dick Richards

    Fuck, I hate Billy Zane now. I always liked the dude, but, now, jesus. Fucking Kelly all the time. I’m so jealous of Zane that I want him to get aids.

    Oh, yeah. Sex makes you “look” healthy. On the inside you’re tormented by this other person that you can’t fucking get away from. Like cigarettes. Yeah, a significant other is like cigarettes. But instead of lung cancer or emphysema, your soul just dies. You get cancer of the soul. Yeah.

  44. Gloria

    she is so beautiful. my friends who are always linger on said that she is ready for her new film, nice news , right? i can see her film soon.

  45. mas

    WTF this is old!!

  46. unknown

    i think she is the perfect woman and if she had a boob job she would look worse. i love all natural girls and she can come round my house with that sweet rack ass and pussy to play some ‘games’ anytime.

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