Et Tu, Penis Button?

Because apparently Paris Hilton is a trendsetter now, here’s Kelly Ripa dressed up as Miley Cyrus which meant some stagehand walked into work this morning and heard the words, “Here, put on this bear costume and bang Kelly in the ass.” It wasn’t even Christmas! Even worse, Michael Strahan dressed up as Robin Thicke which, if the Internet has taught me anything, is as racist as blackface if not more. Looking like Beetlejuice is for us, not you. When you’ve sat through a couple years of being made to feel bad about enslaving an entire race then socially and economically handicapping them for another century under the auspices of freedom, then you get to wear those stripes. I didn’t mean to make this real, Michael Strahan, but you forced me. You forced me.

Photos: Abaca USA/AKM-GSI, Splash News