Kelly Osbourne Models For Madonna

February 23rd, 2011 // 93 Comments

That was fast.

Just a few weeks after Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon kicked Taylor Momsen to the curb for Kelly Osbourne, they’ve already rolled out the new campaign for Material Girl that looks completely realistic and not-at-all a CGI rendering enhanced by sorcery because that would be ridiculous. It’s not like Madonna’s out there sacrificing African children just to sell clothing. She needs that blood to fly.

Photos: Splash News


  1. brit

    She’s too ugly even for a Brit to have as a girlfriend.

  2. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    My first thought was, how did they make her head so much smaller?

  3. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    that angle in her knee is called excess photoshop, also in her face, arms, you name it.

  4. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    She looks exactly like her mother, she’s gorgeous! You go Kelly!

  5. Well done! The photographer and Adobe have done their job well. If I didn’t know it was Ozzy’s daughter I might have locked the door and yanked it out. lol

  6. HaHa. They `chopped out her jowls!

  7. Aussie Mama

    she looks really gorgeous. good on her!

  8. should have saved the job for a model. even though “the original material girl” used K.O,… it hurts my eyes to see this.

  9. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    Bravo Kelly! You look hot. Let this be a lesson to the women out there.. get on a treadmill and lose that weight!!

  10. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    What the hell is she wearing on her head

  11. Tans

    First of all there’s so many attractive persons outside from the showbiz world so don’t assume that everyone that comments is ugly
    2) Why do you say Taylor Momsen has a rockin body, just because she’s thinner than Kelly ? I mean Taylor has no curves and her face it’s just ok I mean she’s not like super pretty or uncommon, Kelly isn’t that pretty either but at least she looks sober now
    3) I think Kelly is Better for the campaign, if Madge knows something is how to make money, maybe Taylor’s image wasn’t really relatable for many girls, I mean what mom is gonna buy street walker clothes to her teenage daughter, let’s not forget teenagers depend on their parents money

  12. Wow, an untalented attention whore modeling for an untalented attention whore. Whodathunkit.

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