Kelly Osbourne Models For Madonna

February 23rd, 2011 // 93 Comments

That was fast.

Just a few weeks after Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon kicked Taylor Momsen to the curb for Kelly Osbourne, they’ve already rolled out the new campaign for Material Girl that looks completely realistic and not-at-all a CGI rendering enhanced by sorcery because that would be ridiculous. It’s not like Madonna’s out there sacrificing African children just to sell clothing. She needs that blood to fly.

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  1. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    come on, she looks pretty awesome.

  2. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    She looks like Sharon Osbourn…

  3. dave

    She looks good.

    • ThisisnotTigerWoods

      They air-brished the $%#^& out of those pics. That said, good job, she looks 1/2 normal.

      • Hurp

        Wow, are you new to fashion photography? Obviously they’re fucking airbrushed, like they do with even the most perfect models, dipshit. It’s like kids now a days think they’re fucking hardcore Photoshop pros for pointing out typical airbrushing. Go back to copying deviantart tutorials.

        Sincerely, a moody graphic designer.

      • You know it is good photoshopping when the pictures look good. =)

  4. Proof positive that pounds of makeup, well selected camera angles, and excessive Photoshopping CAN make a troll look almost human.

  5. Panda Thunder

    Airbrush for moon face? More like airbroom.

  6. James Cameron may have revolutionized CGI effects for Avatar, but state of the art technology still can’t make Kelly Osbourne’s head look normal sized.

  7. Ed

    Looks like someone cut back on the cupcakes.

  8. eeo

    What were they thinking? She’s so unattractive. Even with the weight loss she’s very ugly.

  9. That is a face that was made for oblique camera angles.

  10. Clarence Beeks

    I don’t care how skinny she gets, she will never have a nice body.

  11. Hugh Gentry

    my cock and balls invert when I look at her. fugly.

  12. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    I would so fuck her. Goddamn!!!

  13. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    Those clothes are stupid, but Kelly osbourne does look great.

  14. ElleKay

    I would SO fuck her. GoDDaMN!!

  15. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
    Glenn Beck
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    extremely fuckable

  16. Mandi

    I bet all of you people going on about how “ugly” and “unttractive” Kelly O. is are real lookers yourselves, huh?

  17. Damn, the photoshop wouldn’t even put that head on that body. They had to get the model to hold it on.

  18. Arzach

    Say what you want but Taylor is way hotter than the Ozzy reversed mini me

  19. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    She looks fantastic. The clothes are a little meh, though.

  20. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    I would certainly like to go boom in her box! I can’t believe I just said that about Kelly Osbourne…

  21. ludichrisspeed

    It’s actually Taylor Mumsen’s body with KO’s head. Sharon did it herself on Windows 7 with Cloud.

  22. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
    Commented on this photo:

    ALL ABOARD! AH HA HA HA…Dunnat………….Dunnant..dunaant……Dunnant..I,I, I…..

  23. troll

    taylor momsen is skinnier, and would insist on wearing black lace tights and stripper heels.

  24. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    Her hair looks a bit weird in this one. It looks like the photo editor used the wrong kind of blur on it. Surface blur, maybe? Not something I would use on hair. =(

  25. Deandra

    they photoshop EVRYONE…even those so called “perfect” tall skinny models…

  26. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    She’s turning into a bird, look at her leg

  27. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    that was my first thought, too

  28. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
    Cock Dr
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    She looks super cute. Nice ad campaign.

  29. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
    wtf bruh
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    weight loss does wonders for sex appeal. proud to say i rubbed one out to Kelly for the first time.

  30. Danny Ho

    In the second picture her right hand looks like Hell Boy’s hand. It’s way too big.

  31. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve heard of photoshopping, but placing a slimmed-down head on the body of a girl that is 1/100th her actual size and then slapping on some tattoos is ridiculous.

  32. Vandal

    Fuck me, Ozzy looks a mess.

    You know what gets me about this cunt? When she was fat it was all “I don’t care, I’m emo, fuck skinny girls, I’m gonna wear fuck off eye liner and have shitty hair”. Now it’s turned into a Paris Hilton wannabe. Shallow twat.

    Aaaan relax.

    • Rough, tap dance connoisseur

      Yeah flipping through “The evolution of Kelly Osbourne” made it to forbes top ten roller coaster ride of 2010….

      And I blamed mom for this….

  33. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    An amalgamation of the formerly relevant with the never relevant. End result. no one gives a s***.

  34. Shaft

    She looks good for one of those chubby, slightly fat chicks who lost a ton of weight and were stuck with a head way too big for their body. Yeah, she looks alright

  35. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    Are they selling clothes or graffiti-ed walls? “Our clothes suck, so let’s slap the logo right across them and make everything else distracting!”

  36. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    That’s extreme photoshopping
    Good Job for hiring someone and then just photoshop the hell outta it!
    Why not photoshop a black person into a white person instead

  37. I understand Adobe developed a special filter just to make to make her jaw seem more human.

  38. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    Jeez, those boombox purses are really getting out of hand.

  39. Hellisforsissies

    I see Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police influence over Kelly is growing stronger! Now, Posing for Madonna and daughter’s clothing line….Next, The Osborn version of “What Not To Wear!”, which should include anything from a clothing line owned by Madonna and Lourdes!

  40. aretha

    no doubt: A DOG FOOD COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!!!

  41. Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Madonna
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    am I the only one bothered by the very weird angle her knee is in?

  42. Alex

    Shes obviously stopped eating. Prob realised that after so many guys treated her like crap the only way she was going to get treated well by a man was to get thin. It’s sad but I understand it.

  43. Wayyy better than Taylor Swift. Sick of her crybaby ass.

  44. true dat

    She used to be an unattractive young lady. Now she is still unattractive.

  45. Michelle

    Who knew there was an angle that didn’t make her head look like and orange on a toothpick.

  46. It´s me


  47. kpatra

    i liked her better with meat on her bones.

  48. kpatra

    on another note, those clothes are fking ugly!

  49. Eric

    When did she get hot? I mean, aside from the ridiculous tattoos.

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