Kelly Brook Premieres Piranha 3D

Granted, Kelly Brook naked on the cover of Love is only one post below this, it’d be a crime against the art of cinema if I didn’t post these pics of her at the premiere of Piranha 3D last night immediately. For those of you who don’t know, Piranha 3D is a movie featuring Kelly Brook completely naked – IN 3-GODDAMN-D. So we’re basically talking the version of Citizen Kane Orson Welles would’ve made had he possessed the ingenuity and foresight to realize movies about sleds bore me to tears. To prove my point, 100 years from now, some genius director will release a movie where the British starlet physically fellates you in the theater and people will be calling it the Piranha 3D of their generation. You don’t have to agree with me now, but let’s all plan to meet up at that time and give me high fives at its premiere for being right. I’ll be the guy in the top hat.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News

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