What The Hell Did PETA Do To My Kelly Brook’s Face?

September 15th, 2011 // 58 Comments

Here’s Kelly Brook posing for PETA as some sort of snakewoman to stop.. snake abuse? (Way too late for that. Adding… really? Snakes? We’re protecting snakes now?) And if you’re wondering why they had to Photoshop the ever-living crap out of it, that’s because PETA let resident vegetarian Bryan Adams – Yes, that Bryan Adams. – be the photographer who presumably passed out from meat deprivation, so they just CGI’d the entire thing. “Hey, guys, does Kelly Brook’s face look like a panther? I don’t think anyone’s actually looked at it before, so I’m just gonna say it looks like a panther. It looks like a panther.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. exactly, who stares at her face?

  2. Crabby Old Guy

    So…when did she get a face?

  3. Her tits should be saggier. Props to the photoshop guy.

  4. karen

    Didn’t know snakes eat melons.

  5. rough tools and techniques, basic and advanced

    Whos the lucky bastard crop tooling KB these days?

  6. wb

    seriously, is that even the same woman?

    • Fletch

      I think the photoshop guy took some bits of Susan Lucci and Fran Drescher pics and put them in the photo.

      • God is Black

        Susan Lucci?Is that the Ugly Bitch who tries to sale her skin cream like snake oil?Seriously someone fucked up Photoshop wise as pic+2 is a completely different, sexy women?

      • Fletch

        That’s the chick that was on the ABC soap opera for 500 years before they cancelled it.

  7. hmna

    Fish, Kelly Brook is in a skintight snake suit and you’re looking at her face?

    I thought I knew you better than that. Very disappointing.

  8. it had to be said

    Tits are tits as tits and tits to tit the tit. Amiright?

  9. Fletch

    Photoshop fail!

    With that said, RIGHT ON FISH! A Kelly Brook a day will keep the… uh…. well it’s fucking fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

    • me

      Fish is going to have wet dreams / nightmares of having sex with the lady that had plastic surgery to look like a cat!!!

  10. caroline

    Yeah yeah Kelly Brook, whatever, please fish make a post of Miss Venezuela Universe 2011 who was voted the best bikini body by the public. This woman is insanely gorgeous!!!

  11. Dr. Rey

    It’s a disease spread by plastic surgery, makes faces look like aliens. Just look at Kim Lardassian (tinkle tinkle tinkle), now vs. pre-knife.

  12. Kelly Brook PETA
    Commented on this photo:

    never mind her face (tweeked to look animal like) … what the hell is wrong with her boobs which look disgustingly overinflated.

  13. Kelly Brook PETA
    Commented on this photo:

    Snake Snatch.

  14. Kelly Brook PETA
    Commented on this photo:

    She does not even resemple herself on the mag cover.

  15. Dan

    honestly, I wouldn’t even know that was Kelly Brooke if I saw the ad. WHY?!?

  16. Kelly Brook PETA
    God is Black
    Commented on this photo:

    Even with her Woodland Hunting dress,She is Hot!

  17. Mark

    what the hell did they do to her boob….it looks very long…eww

  18. I also am opposed to whatever PETA is about, where do I sign up for the naked busty chick photo sessions?

    • i’m a member of peta–people who eat tasty animals

    • first you have to be a vegan.
      a well known one.

      then you have to have some sort of nature obessed spirituality like EarthGoddess worship, certain types of neo-wicca (not to be confused with Wicca or Wica which it was accidently formed from).but not limited to these.

      then one of the people in there has to feel if you are right. of course you have to have a non-drerogitory attittude towards sex and homosexuality.(that means not call girls sluts or being a homophobe.).

      also you have to know how to keep a secret.

  19. Kelce

    Protecting snakes is like protecting Al-Qaeda.

  20. g-moonie

    If an animal’s natural instinct is to have me belong in its belly, then fuck yes it can belong in my closet.

    • .............................

      Fucking idiot. An animal and a human-being is programmed different emotionally. A human being has the capability to know what is right and wrong and is expected to fight against his nature when his instincts cause unnecessary harm to others. That’s why we have jails, and they don’t.

  21. See Alice

    Why does Kelly Brook bother with that group? . They are insane moonbats .

  22. Kelly Brook PETA
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:


  23. SSHGuru

    We should keep wearing and eating animals because our reward is to see naked hot chicks.

    Good strategy.

  24. Cardinal Fang

    Face? ???

  25. If by “animals” they mean my penis and by “wild” they mean her vagina, PETA and I can finally agree on something.

  26. worst…photoshop job ever…who the fuck hires these idiots…lol

  27. Seems a bit hypocritical that the greatest dark wizard of all time hates meat.

  28. Kelly Brook PETA
    De Vo
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow!! It’s just not even close to looking anything like her. Why not just put a picture of a blender or a frog add huge boobs and say it’s Kelly Brook.

  29. dotmatrix

    This is appropriate, given the time she gave her son that trouser snake.

  30. forrest gump

    ……..they hired “Caterpillar”?

  31. This picture made me have to decide that if I saw this in my yard, yes, I would still kill it with a rake. Thanks for that.

  32. Kelly Brook PETA
    Commented on this photo:

    Pretty sure thats Natalie Portman

  33. TomFrank

    Couldn’t they have just re-used that Nastassja Kinski photo with the actual snake?

  34. .............................

    “really? Snakes? We’re protecting snakes now?”

    Yes, we’re. What’s wrong with that? A snake being killed and skinned for fashion is cruel and unnecessary. Those animals do not belong to anyone; they are not yours or mine to make profits off of.

  35. AliLohanIsNotWell

    Fish, are you still blaming the snakes for not being able to look at real life naked breasts all day every day just like Adam did in the Garden of Eden?? (that crap is hard to be erased from the subconscious)…

  36. MammaMia

    this might explain the Justin Beiber snake appearence….

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