Kelly Brook Knows How To Verify A Twitter Account

November 14th, 2011 // 30 Comments
Kelly Brook Nude Twitter

Apparently Kelly Brook was having trouble getting people to believe her Twitter account is real, so this morning, she tweeted the above pic of herself to set the record straight, and I’m gonna say it’s her. Then again, you could show me this pic as proof Mel Gibson actually loves Jews, and I’d start inviting him to bar mitzvahs if not suggest we open our own bagel shop. It’s a very convincing argument.

Thanks to Brad82x for alerting me to Twitter’s new verification process. I’ll be shaving if anyone needs me.

Photo: Twitter


  1. niiiiiiice… oh if she could just be the next adrianne curry!!

  2. dur

    Learn to write. That post was pathetic.

  3. Not Sure

    Then again, you could show me prove this as proof Mel Gibson


    • Drew

      Wow, nice catch there Columbo.

      Mistakes are made, get over it kids.

    • The Critical Crassness

      This is “The Superficial” , sarcastic website written by a maggot. If you want literature go to Amazon .com and find a book by Hemingway or Thoreau and buy it!

  4. skunk

    i love her tits

  5. Well crap, guess I need to get a twitter account and start following Kelly.

  6. Venom

    First she looks fucking awesome as usual.

    Second, you might want to put down the alcohol so early in the day and go fix this post.
    You need to insert “people” between getting and to and then you need to address what Not Sure said.


  7. i didn’t see any mistakes, or words for that matter. great tits!

  8. I’ll say this much – that really IS the best collection of Kelly Brook pictures known to man.

  9. Weirdo

    She could sit her pretty tight ass down on my face any time!

  10. Frank Burns

    Twitter’s new verification process is that women have to send in topless nude or semi-nude photos? There may be something to this Twitter thing after all! And is a scrotum!

  11. Booo-booo

    She makes my head swoon and my cock swell. Love her!

  12. I might have to get a Twitter account now.

  13. kimmykimkim

    I’d put my finger in her butt.

  14. “Tits or it’s fake”, replied Twitter.

  15. The Pope

    One of these days, women will learn how to use the timer on their cameras. Not today, but some day…

  16. forrest gump

    psssssssssst: USE YOUR GENITAL PARTS, folks!!
    (americans love it)

  17. CranAppleSnapple


  18. cc

    I love her

  19. OnTheRealThough

    FUCK, i fucking love this woman!!

    My opinion – hottest caucasian woman in the game…yes?

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