Kelly Brook in a Bikini is Making Me Cry

June 28th, 2010 // 27 Comments

Here’s Kelly Brook in Barbados over the weekend, and just for the record, I would without hesitation punch every single tooth out of Rihanna, Chris Brown, Mel Gibson, his infant love-child and Michael Jackson’s corpse for 30 seconds with this. (10 if she says “Call me, Mary Poppins. Practically perfect in every way but specifically right here in the breasts.”)

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  1. FattyFatty2x4

    Tears of Joy?

  2. sunshine
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    That’s a beautiful woman.

  3. There’s something about the summer that always brings out the best in a woman!

    Kelly has taken great care with her skin as it glistens in the high noon sun, touching every dark crevasse and leaving no stone unturned. The jumpsuit outfit certainly adds a playful touch to an already beautiful lady.

    The cameras love you Kelly and so do your fans!


  4. Ego
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  5. Deacon Jones

    Perfect ass for doggy style (with high heels and stockings on, naturally)

  6. Dipstix Crew
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    if only the pictures were clearer.

  7. pimp

    i love jacking off to this woman…

  8. Erica
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    Kelly Brook is my fav. And she isn’t on the family channel which is always a plus.

  9. mimsy

    It’s really easy to spot when it’s the geekologie writer due to his excessive use of linking.

  10. Phil
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  11. One of the masses
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    Ohh my Randal, that’s a sweet and stalker-ish statement. Do Kelly and Mel know your the guy watching from the bushes?

  12. The Matador

    That ass looks yummy.

  13. omnissiah
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    do playboy already, yo

  14. Sweet Jesus
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    Sweet Mary Mother of all that is good and pure.

  15. antediluvian
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    Tremendous work altogether. I would eat here all day and listen to her giggle when she can’t top cumming

  16. monkey_in_yr_anus

    Are these stills from the Patterson – Gimlin film??

  17. parker

    Her ass has that stick-your-weiner-in-my-bum look to it. I bet it feels nice in there.

  18. bar room hero

    Nice ass.

  19. Rex
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    she makes my penis tear something

  20. BGC
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  21. Outspoken
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  22. captain america

    americans are only used to FAT BODDIES, folks!!

  23. tc

    Women of the world note.

    Don’t be too skinny. Don’t be too fat. Be like this. This is what men and lesbians want.

  24. Charles
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    I farted.

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