Kelly Brook’s Tumblr Is Why We Have An Internet

Keeping up the momentum started with Leighton Meester’s butt and continued with Rihanna’s butt, here’s Kelly Brook’s chest-butt which she decided to prominently feature on her new Tumblr because clearly she’s the definition of a true Christian woman who believes with all her heart in spreading the beauty and splendor of God’s wonderful creations. In fact, God should’ve skipped that whole Jesus business and went straight to this. “So, listen, remember how I was all wrathful and really into meting out revenge if you guys broke a bunch of weird rules that I honestly came up with drunk off my ass? Fuck all that, we’re all into giant tits now. When people ask you why you worship me, I want you to say ‘giant tits.’ Also, feel free to go ‘Suck on these, Muhammad!’ Haha! He fucking hates that.”

Photos: Tumblr