Kelly Brook’s Wearing a Bikini

July 14th, 2011 // 71 Comments

If you read this site, you’d just assume I hate full-figured women and only date Victoria’s Secret models, but that last part being 100% fact aside, I’m man enough to enjoy the radiant splendor of Kelly Brook. And, honestly, my main beef isn’t with curvy ladies as much as it’s with America’s alarming obesity rate on account of Tyra Banks saying it’s cool to let yourself go after she found out Ranch dressing is delicious on everything. But in all seriousness, if the term “real woman” was applied to more people like Kelly Brook instead of, I dunno, let’s say Snooki maybe I wouldn’t have such a stick up my ass- No, wait, it’s Candice Swanepoel. Ha! That’s where you went.

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  1. TomFrank

    I started to read that as “my man beef isn’t with curvy ladies”…

  2. Kelly Brook Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I can just imagine those sweet huge tits bouncing as she’s being doggy’d…by ME. Nice image to have this early in the morning!!

  3. Dan

    I agree… it isn’t curvy ladies that are unattractive – it is the obese ones.

    • henny

      ugh i concur. i hate these overweight, out of shape plain FAT girls claiming they are curvy. I have a small waist, great boobs and a curvy ass. THATS curvy. Sorry fatties, we arent counting all the rolls on your stomach as “curves”.

      • Deacon Jones

        You mean the 300 pound white girls with track-stained sweat pants, dyed blond hair in a pony tail, that are waddling in the mall with their black boyfriend, don’t have curves???

      • Frank Burns


      • Dan

        henny –

        They are ruining the word for women like you… I love slightly thick women with a waist like you describe. Hard to find them. Most are obese types and the rest are sticks!

  4. cc

    Weeell, I have to say I prefer the Piranha version of Kelly Brook. Terrible, terrible movie, but you get to see A LOT of Kelly Brook when she was at her peak. I tell you, it’s a sight to see.

  5. Kelly Brook Bikini
    Onyx Blackman
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    I would straight kill people if she asked me to.

  6. Facebook Me

    Kelly is fuckable with meat on her bones. Like Dan said, the obese ones are unattractive.

  7. jacob

    thank you…

  8. SuperficialAdmin

    kelly sit on my dick and have my baby

  9. yeah that’s a real woman’s ass. and boobs. and before any you brits think obesity is an american exclusive, some new study showed 1/5 brits are overindulging on the cola n crisps too

  10. Kelly Brook Bikini
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  11. Shyt

    I seriously doubt Fish is dating Victoria’s Secret models–or anyone at all for that matter.

  12. offhand i perfer someone with a body like this .but if i had a choice with a real skinny girl or one looking like Snooki. i would choose the real skinny girl. I’m looking at the current freaking hot section on the right. currently there are all females there. all are beautiful. hillary duff and Emma Watson would be first picks. and last pick would be the Teen mom Farrah.

    i one time said this awhile ago and boom i got all these obese girls thinking they had a chance. and there was no real nice way of getting out of it.

    the sad thing is the average girl is left out and often has inferiority complexes. then thinks that anyone who wants her is nutter or general rapist. and the only time you have a chance with them is if they become uncaring

  13. Deacon Jones

    Having seen numerous topless pics of this fine specimen, I swear her tits have gotten bigger, and not just in a “oh, it’s just a pushup top” way.

  14. Hardy Har

    Hee hee, the mod that works at this time is gay and really sensitive about it!

  15. Freaky

    Damn. Just. Damn….

  16. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    awesome shot~

  17. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    First! Am I imaging it or have her boobs got bigger??

  18. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    she just gave birth, thats why

  19. Keren

    I’m glad you clarified this. I was getting a complex. It is so confusing being a woman. I am not skinny and I am not obese. 38-29-40 (36d bra)

  20. Jen

    SHE WAS PREGNANT – She was 5 months preggo until she miscarried a month ago. I think given the circumstance, she looks great. Your body is still fucked up on hormones after such an occurance.

  21. Jack Ketch

    Say what you want. NOTHING beats a real rack !!

  22. nessa

    Gotta say her body is the real meaning of curvy.

  23. Kelly Brook Bikini
    Pico Mornay
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    I can only hope, that this become a lesbian scene…

  24. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    Still, she’s the definition of beauty.

  25. Why she’s Juggalicious.

  26. NTT

    Are her boobs real?

  27. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    she is actually for once a beautiful model who isnt stick thin!!! Go Kelly!!!!

  28. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    Yummy. I love girls this shape.

  29. cc

    I’d fall for her like a fan at a Rangers game.

  30. The Train!

    someone tell leann rimes that THESE are what curves look like.

  31. The Everlasting Know-it-all


  32. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    i say “no thank you sir”

  33. C’mon nipples the cameras are on! Where is the ice?

  34. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    I don’t care how old she is, I would tiggidy tap!

  35. Josh

    No image on mobile? :(

  36. OnTheRealThough

    She still got them pregnant titties…damn.

    I love this woman.

  37. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    Billy Zane is tired of fucking her, so…

  38. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    i see you looking at me looking at you looking at my ass.

  39. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    Looove Kelly…

  40. anonym

    miscarried my ass.

    she was into her second trimester. She aborted that shit.
    had cold feet about raising a child.

  41. anonym

    abortion aside, I want to suck on them tittays and drink her nourishing milk.

  42. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    That there is a real woman. Perfection.

  43. Bongo

    Being a thick girl is okay, but you need to have a cute face and she does.

  44. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    When you get a picture of her gorgeous smile together with that magnificent bod= boner!

  45. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    She looks like a real human – a HOT real human. You go girl!

  46. Kelly Brook Bikini
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    Strongest case for summer dresses ever.

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