Kelly Brook as Princess Leia in a Bikini

July 8th, 2010 // 110 Comments

Here’s Kelly Brook posing in the iconic Slave Leia outfit for the latest issue of Total Film because… I… er… uh… UTINNI! *ejaculates into a cloud of dust*

(Thanks to everyone who wrote in on this one.)

Photos: Total Film


  1. Kodos

    Shit, that bitch Leia didn’t have anything on this.

    Thank you, Fish.

  2. d00dster


  3. giz

    Leia > Brook

  4. Ron

    1st to say… DEAR GOD

  5. LD

    I’m in love. Good Gawd that woman is beautiful.

  6. manda

    I don’t know what Star Wars you saw but that is NOT the slave Leia outfit in any way, shape or form.

    • Twilekjedi

      Omg I think you need to slow down and read the title while not starring at her body. He’s not saying it’s her slave outfit it’s “slave leia” eg: hair make up and jewelry and such IN A BIKINI. It’s an imaginative speculation of what slave leia woul look like if she were in a bikini.

      Also, your all morons.

      • Everlost

        I think manda was more talking about the line “Here’s Kelly Brook posing in the iconic Slave Leia outfit”…

      • manda

        I think you need to read the entire paragraph he wrote. He does state “iconic Slave Leia outfit.’ Also, not only is the outfit not the same, neither is the hair or makeup. It would be different if he had sad “here is what Slave Leia would have looked like had she worn a bikini.”
        Before you judge our intelligence learn the proper use of you’re and your.

      • Esoteric

        “Also, your all morons.”

        Much like the person who doesn’t use the proper form of you’re in their attempt at insult.

        (hint .. it’s “you’re all morons”)

        You’re welcome :-)

      • elbruce

        A bikini = 2 piece. This is not even a bikini.

        Your teh moran.

    • Jen

      i dont think anyone really gives a shit what she has on. She’s HAWT

  7. Albert

    Yeah, that doesn’t actually look anything like the slave leia outfit

  8. blabblah

    *insert incredibly nerdy statement about how that isn’t actually the Slave Leia bikini from RotJ, but no one cares because Kelly Brook’s boobs*

  9. LD

    Good Gawd almighty. That is one beautiful woman.

  10. Grand Dragon

    i came

  11. Daryl G.
    Commented on this photo:

    Kinda first, but, also that’s not really even that close to the GOLD bikini she wears. Jesus.

    • Deacon Jones


      And is anyone else getting pegged with a trojan virus looking at the Banner Girl posts this morning? (raises hand)

  12. Hitler Jr.

    I wish I could see this video but sadly I have covered the screen with my baby batter.

  13. Peppy LePew
    Commented on this photo:

    That is a nipple nice outfit. I meant a really nipple outfit. I meant … nipplenipplenipple.

  14. its me fuckers

    *ejaculates into a cloud of dust*

    rofl!! As a woman, I’d hit her as well. Christ! She is amazing.

  15. NLS

    Dude. That is not the slave Leia outift.

    You should have a series of girls in ACTUAL slave Leia outfits. Now that would be cool.

    • fish troll

      As much as I’m pissed off with all of the whining about the outfit – I think you have a very good point.

      We need a series for true comparison.

  16. boner sucessful!!!

  17. mike
    Commented on this photo:


  18. bleh

    Very nice, but sadly not even close to the Princess Leia outfit.

  19. The Man

    This should be the new banner girl! She certainly caused my pole to erupt with hot cum!

  20. Jay-Z

    Kelly, can a brutha get a little camel toe? Please?

  21. Alena
    Commented on this photo:

    How on Earth is that suppose to be Princess Leia? She doesn’t even have the hair, let alone the proper bikini.. :S

  22. faggymagee
    Commented on this photo:

    OMG, look at that outfit. Its not even real star wars. I’m so gay that this picture actually makes my erection go away.

  23. memem

    Yeah, that’s pretty bad.

  24. dd

    (I’ll save you an extra click for publishing this comment, don’t publish, I just didn’t see any email adress I could send whatever I wanted to- it could be naked pictures but if your adress isn’t visible to the dummies like me you won’t get them)
    So, I just wanted to say: dude, write about this jennifer lopez thingie where the greek cypriots are snapping at her for being a politically incorrect ass

  25. testington

    seriously what is that deal with this site and this lame nobody chick? Yes she has great tits, fine, I agree…but why the fuck do you feature her every day? There are tons and tons of hotter chicks and bigger celebrities out her. This girl has an awesome rack, but the rest of her body is just ok and her face is nothing to write home about

  26. Woofus
    Commented on this photo:

    I didn’t watch any of the prequels because they suck-is this a new bikini? I thought the old one had gold wiring or sumfin

  27. Woofus
    Commented on this photo:

    I got it! She’s a young counsellor Troi

  28. Nice body, nice outfit…. no idea who she is though.

    • Minty

      agreed. i have no clue if she is a model, actress, heiress, porn star…..

      she is hot though. all the people involved in making her appear this way did a good job.

  29. Bunny

    Yes I am soooo lonely please someone anyone any specie take me please!

  30. CW

    Holy crap.. this is every nerds fantasy. Reminds me of that friends episode where rachel dressed up for ross.

    Kelly Brook’s Photos and Tweets

    • Carpet

      No, this is not every nerds fantasy, cause every self respecting nerd knows the difference between a Princess Leia slave outfit and some nobody knock off.

      • CW

        Well if she walked in my door wearing this, I sure as hell wouldn’t say, “You’re not in an authentic Princess Leia Slave Outfit so no thanks!” But yeah… I know nerds are freaking picky logical bastards.

  31. Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    she kind of looks like Robin Meade here…mmmmmmm……

  32. fish troll
    Commented on this photo:

    WTF is with comments on the bikini – Doesn’t look like Princess Leia? – no, really??? Carrie Fisher was OK, but she was never this hot.

    BTW – I cast my vote for Kelly Brook as “Banner Girl” – enough of the wannabes.

    • Daryl G.

      That’s not the point, you fucking moron. This isn’t being dubbed as “Kelly Brook as Carrie Fisher,” and nobody is saying that she’s not hotter than Fisher, but this outfit does not look very much like what the character Princess Leia was wearing when she notoriously/famously wore a bikini-ish item.

      • fish troll

        geek much?

        looks close enough that any “fucking moron”, you included, should be able to make the simple association – the allusion seems pretty fucking clear to me even if unintended.

        Of course, the movie was so long ago and I don’t spend my life in the basement masturbating to it like yourself – so I’m not an expert.

        the fucking moron.

  33. narf

    just okay…next

  34. Brian

    hot but not the slave liea outfit should have ran this By the GW

  35. alli not lohan

    Nerds! You are bitching because its not authentic? She is an authentic woman. Which obviously you virgins know nothing about. It’s obviously a modern take on it. Besides. Who gives a fuck if its authentic. She’s hotter than your wettest dream.

    • Brian

      its’ not that it’s not authentic it looks nothing remotely like the slave bikini.
      The Headline should read Kelly Brook in a hot Bikini. Its like saying someone is dressed as a stormtrooper when their just wearing a NASA spacesuit

      • LOL. Did you watch the vid? I was like uhh is this second outfit supposed to be sexy ewok?? Then the third wasn’t even related. Unless it was supposed to be her jumpsuit in bikini form.

        Either way, her body is holy-fucking-shit built for sex.

  36. captain america

    yep folks, this appears to be a miracle in the united states:

  37. you're all retarded

    people are being critical because they expect fish to know the difference between a liea outfit and any other brown swimsuit.. could have just as easily titled the post

    “kelly brook (the woman i tug it to every night) in more swimwear.. which, let’s be honest, is pretty much all i post when i’m not talking about that dumb cunt lohan”

    besides, there are hotter chicks working at my local red robin’s..

  38. please, there’s far better talent working at my local starbucks.. not saying she’s not hot, but it’s like she’s some goddess walking among men. anybody who thinks she is, should probably venture out into the real world and have a look around.

    and no, that’s not a leia slave-girl outfit.. it looks nothing like it, other than being brown.. you’re slacking fish. maybe you’ve been riding the lohan express for too long? take a break son

  39. Letha ROBINSON

    ABSOLUTELY “LICKALICIOUS” (everywhere) & “kitty”-what part of SLOPED SHOULDERS don’t you equate when you look at a picture & say her nipples are crooked!
    Take into account the POSTURE also!

  40. JubeJubes

    she doesn’t even have danishes on her head, that’s no princess leia (and WTF is SLAVE Leia, too much creative license there Fish LOL

  41. robotskillfrauds

    seriously, I read this website everyday…have you even seen ROTJ?

    Just from memory; the hair is not in a long ponytail, armbands are three time the size (and on two arms), pretty sure Leia wasn’t in a chain choker, no gold whatsoever, no armband, plus it looks absolutely nothing like the Slave Leia.

    I ask for a retort for being a loyal follower.

  42. Kirok
    Commented on this photo:

    I have no idea who she is but I’d sure like to ejaculate all over her tities!

  43. tc
    Commented on this photo:

    Her crutch looks fucking amazing.

    I’m going to have a bloody good wank.

  44. Doc Schweinstrudel

    WOW she is so pretty! So beautiful!!! WOW!

  45. Rhialto

    Wow! Her champagne cork-like hairdo is most interesting!

  46. Evil Jim

    She used to come into my restaurant all the time in Newcastle while she was filming some shite film.

    She was lovely to all the staff but she’s so short and her ears stick out

    • yuri

      lol, thanks for taking her down a peg man, she isnt that pretty, its just people dont get that professional make up along with professional photography, editing, and publicity makes her “hot”. i see hotter girls than her in manhattan every hour of the day!



  48. Nero

  49. Marcus

    I want to touch her with my wee wee..

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