Kellan Lutz is in those Twilight movies

June 11th, 2009 // 50 Comments

It’s a given that if you even mention the Twilight movies, any woman will instantly moisten herself. Which is why I’m counting on these Kellan Lutz pics to cause a flood of vaginal wetness so I can ride a dolphin to the bar like Aquaman with a drinking problem. Don’t judge me for having big dreams.


  1. First

    FIRST (=

  2. julie


  3. obannion

    I guess thesuperficial just came out of the closet

  4. commenter

    Cool. Now wheres Rob?

  5. Mr. Class


  6. sim

    Ohhhh yeah!

  7. $ledgehammer

    You should do a Twilight post. Like, each actor/actress in their character mode. That would be grand. Then you’ll get an ocean of wetness. Lawl.

  8. Me

    Anyone posting after Me likes to suck on that nobody’s gay penis

  9. Polecat

    that dude is so fat

  10. Me

    Ok, I admit I’d like to suck on that nobody’s gay penis too

  11. Hello

    Im posting cause I would like to suck on this hott guys penis.

    What a sexy body

  12. It's Me Fuckers

    so much nicer to look at then Rob whatizface. Very yummy… but why aren’t there any crotch shots here? Or nip slips? Or some cock and balls??? Fuckers think you can pacify the woman with a bit of nips through a wife beater? PFFFFFT!!

  13. dirrrtyyy

    ooooo fuckin hot. its about time we had some of this.

  14. missguydead

    Who really gives a fuck about Twilight??? (Besides 13-15 year old girls)

  15. ardgelina

    omg he is smoking!!!!!

  16. He has put on a lot of weight since the first twilight movie.

  17. Johnson


  18. Melis

    @ all the people who call this fat= get a life!
    Good god, the guy is ripped!

  19. shokroklove

    oh fuck. wetness ensued.
    he is the perfect body.

  20. Jimmy Jim

    wait…twilight casts guys who look like guys and not pale faced 17 year old twigs? This does not bode well.

  21. Suzie

    Thank you for posting male pix!!

    Yes I definitely have some moisture. ;)

  22. alisa

    you mean 16 year old girls right?? hes ok. better than the pale guy with the crooked nose that you always post ..

  23. wat

    I fucking hate it when people wear those headphones wrong. They’re almost $300 – at least read the damn manual!

  24. Jimmy Jim

    you read manuals? what a vagina.

  25. Kelly

    I prefer the photos of him jogging shirtless, but these will do too!

  26. Lee

    I’ve never seen Twighlight but I would take this guy over Pattinson any day. Look at those bulging muscles. Thanks for posting sexy men every once and a while!

  27. Lee

    I’ve never seen Twighlight but I would take this guy over Pattinson any day. Look at those bulging muscles. Thanks for posting sexy men every once and a while!

  28. Fuck U

    That fatherfucker is gay as Richard Simmons.
    Fuck him, that’s what he wants if you’re a guy anyway.

  29. Juiced

    This guy is gonna get progressively bigger and more ripped. He is definitely on drugs most likely HGH. There are gonna be a lot of motherfuckers gettting sick in Hollywood eventually not that I give a fuck less.

    Everyone is plastic women and now the men!

  30. sara

    I totally dig this guy..

    …But i really prefer Rob

  31. HOT BOD….face not so much… ;(

  32. whomever

    Twilight is fucking awful, but I would let this guy do unforgivable things to me.

  33. RaraAvis

    Oh, my. I think I need a shower now.

  34. Cathy

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  35. netstarman

    The pale skin, crooked nose, bad posture those are the superficial writers no.#22and I’m proud to be pale skin, bald head, no faith in life , carpet bagger. And i am not a superficial writer I just have a smaller penis.

  36. Deb

    you are the funniest fucker/writer ever

  37. Lamy

    OMG this guy is hot!!!!!!

  38. Jenna

    His face is just begging for me to sit on it!! Now that is what a man should look like…..yummy!!!

  39. I don’t get the whole twilight thing the move was terrible there is no way it should be so popular.

  40. Galtacticus

    The deltoid and trapezius muscles looks great.Biceps are allright too.Maybe the anterior forearm just need a little bit more exercise.

  41. Kathleen

    SO HOT.

  42. Kathleen

    P.S. If you’re reading this, feel free to contact me at
    I’ll send you sexy pics of myself (and I do mean sexy, actually sexy) and we can meet up and have hot, steamy sex because you’re gorgeous

  43. Valerie

    3-so Fish is gay because he wants to ride a flood of vaginal juices……(?)

    This guy is pretty hot, but looks dumb as a post. And yes, that DOES matter, because he might try to stick it in your belly button : /

  44. Sherry

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  45. Christina

    Twilight is God-awful and beyond tween girls with no lives no one with half a brain would be obsessed with Twilight. That group called Twilight Moms is probably the most pathetic thing on the Internet.

  46. jenny

    I am not a fan of twilight but I am a fan of whoever this incredible man is, omg he is so so so hot! Finally a post that the girls can appreciate, I am so bored with the 800.000,000 bikini posts. lame

  47. twellve

    yes, it’s true. mentioning Twilight results in instant wet panties.
    can we have more, please??

  48. Mandi

    He’s so fucking hot! I’d let him do anything he wants to me!

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