Ed Westwick wears a kilt and other news

March 31st, 2009 // 41 Comments

- Ed Westwick wears a kilt for charity. I wear one for general elegance, and my deep hatred of undergarments. Ladies? [Best Week Ever]

- Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are back together – in a movie! 1,000,000th blogger to make that joke! I win! [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Kellan Lutz of Twilight poses shirtless for Flaunt Magazine. Surprisingly, the shrieks of a thousand Twi-hards haven’t deafened us all. [Pink is the New Blog]

- Alyson Hannigan has a girl! And, no, it wasn’t holding a flute. But good question. [Just Jared]

- Melissa Rycroft of The Bachelorette is NOT posing for Playboy. She has principles including, but not limited to, being paid to pick a husband on reality TV. [Radar Online]


  1. Kitty

    Kilt? Looks like B. Spears’ home-ec project.

  2. wet rag

    1) Who?
    2) Who cares?
    3) Who?
    4) Who?
    5) Who?

  3. Smarg

    Who the F is this guy???

  4. To think, some douche will pay thousands for this get up.

  5. Urf

    What is it with all the squinty guys?
    this guy, Robert Pattinson, “Vince” the Sham-Wow-Hooker-Puncher, Josh Hartnett…
    I want to put them all in a bright room with no sunglasses and laugh my ass off.

  6. Galtacticus

    I bet he’s wearing a pink string beneath this kilt!

  7. mamamiasweetpeaches

    who the Hell is this guy and why should I care?

  8. Sam

    It’s a good thing he butched up with that tattoo his boyfriend gave him.

  9. Jeezy

    Ed looks gay. Kellan looks gayer.

  10. Rhialto

    Small hands!

  11. Austin

    Smells like cabbage.

  12. Darth

    Where are the bagpipes!?

  13. Gando

    It looks like he’s taping his wrist! Is he going to armwrestle or something!?

  14. Beth

    It’d take about 5 minutes for Brooke to have him crying for the police…and coming.

  15. Pat

    She’s cute, but she needs to shave her legs.

  16. Vince Lombardi

    Talk about your “Clash of the Tartans”

  17. Darth


  18. testing

    Chuck Bass rules! Ed can’t pull that off, but weho would want to? Its for charity I give him a pass

    Congrads to Alyson and Alexis!!! Nerd super-spawn!

  19. Grobpilot

    I think most guys who wear kilts (i.e., Highlands Games) also have the attitude that they will kill whomever tries to insult them. This guy is just fulfilling a cross-dressing fantasy while attempting to look like a bad-ass Scot and it isn’t quite working for him.

  20. Dawn French

    That’s not a kilt, that’s a badly sen girls skirt.

    Since when was “tablecloth” an official Highland tartan?

  21. Ed Westwick

    I lift it in the back for the bum blasts, don’tcha know! Tee-hee!

  22. Still White on the Outside

    I THO love that outfit! He kilt it.


  23. Erica

    @ Kellan Lutz.


  24. WHOA

    Another ugly dude the media is trying to jam down our throats… just like the Twilight guy.

  25. V

    CHUCK !!!!!!! I L O V E U :)

  26. Aja

    Chuck Bass – Gossip girl. He is sexy.

  27. He is still so hotttttt even in a kilt! xo

  28. what’s he doing a zak efron impression?

  29. lola

    The Twilight guy is way better looking than this clown. I wouldn’t give him a second look walking down the street.

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  31. Americans love to wear kilts.
    This bacause not many moves & actions are required to show your ANUS, folks!!

  32. pinkyfiend

    mmm i’d leave my boyfriend for him in a second. so YUMMYYYYYYY
    want to have his babies!!!

  33. gossip jinkie

    I love Ed. btw he’s not american.

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