Keith Urban set free, Nicole Kidman not pregnant


Keith Urban is finally out of rehab after checking into the Betty Ford Center on October 19, though his rep says he’s “still undergoing treatment.” And despite previous reports, Page Six says he and Nicole Kidman are not yet pregnant despite efforts to conceive.

The biggest proof Kidman is trying to conceive is her latest haircut: She just got bangs to hide her forehead. As a Hollywood insider said, “If Nicole is pregnant or trying to get pregnant, she will have to stop all Botox treatments like Courtney Cox Arquette did when she was pregnant. It would show most on her forehead.”

Jesus, if the biggest proof you’ve got is a haircut why even bother? Just move the story into the “to be completed” pile and finish it later when you’ve got an actual source. They might as well have based the story on a fuzzy photo of Bigfoot.

NOTE: I wonder if Nicole Kidman is ever bothered by the fact that she married a leprechaun.

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