Keith Urban set free, Nicole Kidman not pregnant

December 4th, 2006 // 45 Comments

Keith Urban is finally out of rehab after checking into the Betty Ford Center on October 19, though his rep says he’s “still undergoing treatment.” And despite previous reports, Page Six says he and Nicole Kidman are not yet pregnant despite efforts to conceive.

The biggest proof Kidman is trying to conceive is her latest haircut: She just got bangs to hide her forehead. As a Hollywood insider said, “If Nicole is pregnant or trying to get pregnant, she will have to stop all Botox treatments like Courtney Cox Arquette did when she was pregnant. It would show most on her forehead.”

Jesus, if the biggest proof you’ve got is a haircut why even bother? Just move the story into the “to be completed” pile and finish it later when you’ve got an actual source. They might as well have based the story on a fuzzy photo of Bigfoot.

NOTE: I wonder if Nicole Kidman is ever bothered by the fact that she married a leprechaun.


  1. omg she is nearly transparent!

    pop art undies –>

  2. jesseeca

    I think it depends on whether he is bothered by the fact that he married a Fivehead.

    And i’m sure this dude is taller than Tom Cruise by at least a foot!

  3. danielle

    Phew…Thank God. I don’t think ANYONE was prepared to set their sites on whatever the hell could’ve pop out of her cooter.

    The baby would’ve probably came with a self tanning solution…

    Geesh Nicole, you make 17 million a flick.

    Go to a tanning salon!

  4. Haroof

    damn kidman has hit the wall.

    i don’t quite see what urban saw in kidman. the guy can definitely get tons of chicks.

    i don’t see the purpose in marrying a giraffe when you can have every hot young honey in the country music scene.

  5. Charm

    what is going on with her hair?? No seriously, what?

  6. Her hair looks like the hair of one of those weird artsy 75 year old women that wear gypsy scarves and smell like jovan musk.

    What the fuck has she done to it? does botox cause hairloss?

  7. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    What is that deabeat Berkley dropout doing with that giant Australian tranny? Is this a picture from Burning Man?

  8. Binky

    Nothing like a day-pass from the Betty Ford to rekindle a relationship.
    “Do you see my missing contact Nic ?”
    ” No. And I thought this was a date. You were more fun when you were drinking. Where do you steal a drink at this place ?”

  9. biatcho

    I thought women’s hair really only thinned out when:

    a. you’re 80

    b. you give birth to inconsiderate babies

    c. your name is Rock N’ Roll Takeover

    Why is she balding??? It’s creepy… and so is Nicole Kidman’s receding hairline.

  10. BarbadoSlim

    I bet he’s carrying half of Bolivia’s gross national product for the next five years in his pocket in that picture.

  11. NipsyHustle

    he’s only hanging out with this witch in hopes of finding out what she’s done with snow white’s foxy young poontang.

  12. antispace

    Yeah right, she’s probably close to virginal. She was married to TOM CRUISE, you know she wasn’t getting any!


  13. its hard to imagine her with a baby bump.

  14. Are they looking for his pot of gold?

  15. Mumbles

    Her hair is totally scary! It’s gone gray in two spots and looks like a really bad wig. My God, that forehead! Well, all I really have to say is: May your forehead grow like the mighty oak! (10 points to whoever gets that reference)

  16. biatcho

    Myster Science Theater baby!

  17. amelie3007

    #3 why does nicole have to get a fake tan like every other fake person in hollywood? despite the overall creepiness of this picture, i admire nicole for sticking with her beautiful porcelain skin!

  18. Michael Bolton called…he wants his hair from the mid-90′s back

  19. Mumbles

    #18–you win!

  20. mbarkr

    My penis and I are the best of friends, and fucking finally no Paris story… thanks for something new!!!!

    All is right with my world now.

  21. So Robert Downey Jr. is supporting Keith? What’s with like-minded celebs coming out suddenly to support each other? First it was Mel Gibson/Michael Richards and now this? I’m just there’s a celeb sympathizer for everyone?

  22. LilRach

    I don’t have any problems with Nicole. So she’s having a bad hair day – whoopdy shit!

    It is nice to have someone on this site with a bit of talent for once.

  23. hisforalways

    #4: Cancer boxes are bad for you. She has really delicate skin and sun light can cause considerable harm to her. Especially a fucking tanning bed.

    So go lie in one for a few days, get cancer and die so we don’t have to listen to your stupid posts anymore.

  24. hisforalways

    sorry…meant number 3

  25. somechick

    I like Nicole Kidman. But why does she always end up with berserk men?

  26. JungleRed

    You’d think Nicole would know by now that Elves can’t breed with Hobbits.

  27. drowningfool

    I know Tom Cruise is around 5″9, so Keith Urban must be around the same height…if not shorter…which means that Nicole Kidman must really enjoy men who can do things without getting on their knees. For those who don’t know: short is the new gay.

  28. SonJaSpiCe

    What exactly is Keith Urban looking at in the picture? Does anyone else think it looks more like a mummy picking her kid up from school, who is distracted by something shiney on the ground? Maybe it’s just because it looks like he still needs to grow into his pants. My mum always bought things that were way too big for me when I was 8.

    Anyway, Nicole is probably the most beautiful Hollywood starlet. I thought about this for quite sometime now (I wish I was kidding…) and I cannot think of anyone more stunning than her. And Keith? To be honest, I’m not quite sure who Keith is.

  29. lysistrata11

    #29 LOL!

    And her hair looks super-photoshopped.

  30. Nah how could she be, she is a leprechaun with giantism…or elephantitis…it’s one of those.

  31. HollyJ

    That photo:
    He’s a homeless meth addict and she’s an aging pituitary giant from Norway.

  32. Oh dear lord how Botox has ruined the once spectacular kisser of Nicole Kidman.

    What a shame.

  33. AmberDextrose

    She looks like the martian woman in Mars Attacks. I wonder what she’s hiding under that giant wig.

  34. RichPort

    He still looks fucking drunk, and she’s not aging well. And by not well, I mean her skin looks like a fucking alabaster drumskin.

  35. 86

    Marrying an alcoholic is about the dumbest thing you can do. Second only to marrying a Scientologist.

  36. mommiedearest

    Oh – he’s short and she has a high forhead. The nerve of them being famous!

  37. aurealis

    She uses Botox? So this photo must be for a movie role then. A movie in which she is part of an undead lesbian couple. Of whom the “femme” is debatable.

  38. aihyah

    genetic suicide these actresses are commiting. i guess tom was smart after all, dumped her barren ass.

    17 mil a flick, she’s gotta be banging some execs because her movies just aren’t very good.

  39. kufan4life33

    LOL OMG I somewhat agree #31 w/ a mommy picking up her kid. :-P I LOVE KEITH and I always will! He definitely does age well, looks about early 30s. He had my full support through this recovery process. If he needs her to help well so be it but I just hope to be able to meet him at least once. Okay so ya’ll heard from a true Keith fan. Have a nice day! ;)

  40. kufan4life33

    A few changes…

    He HAS my full support through his recovery. And for anyone who doesn’t know who he is go to his website, and listen to his MUSIC because he has talent and is a TRUE MUSICIAN and one of the best guitarists!! ;D

  41. ha ha…guess he’s shooting blanks, eh?

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