Keith Olbermann Suspended From MSNBC

November 5th, 2010 // 125 Comments
Keith Olbermann

It’s shaping up to be an awesome week to be a Republican. MSNBC has suspended Keith Olbermann indefinitely without pay after Politico discovered he made three donations to Democratic candidates in the 2010 midterm elections in violation of NBC policy and most journalistic standards:

“One week ago, on the night of Thursday October 28 2010, after a discussion with a friend about the state of politics in Arizona, I donated $2,400 each to the reelection campaigns of Democratic Representatives Raul Grijalva and Gabrielle Giffords,” Olbermann said. “I also donated the same amount to the campaign of Democratic Senatorial candidate Jack Conway in Kentucky.”
In his statement, Olbermann said he wasn’t using his influence to solicit any donations for the candidates.
“I did not privately or publicly encourage anyone else to donate to these campaigns, nor to any others in this election or any previous ones, nor have I previously donated to any political campaign at any level,” Olbermann said.

Many have been quick to point out, including Olbermann in the past, that FOX News frequently donates to Republican candidates, but expecting MSNBC to lower itself to FOX’s level is a specious argument in my opinion. That said, I know the assumed consensus around here is I spend my free time masturbating to Keith Olbermann. I don’t and not because he’s no Brian Williams. Granted, I agree with the majority of his points whenever I read about them, cable news is nothing but theater and Keith definitely has a flair for the dramatic. So kudos to MSNBC for actually adhering to journalistic integrity even though a.) Keith will be back [Ed. Or not.] because b.) there’s no way this wasn’t a ham-fisted opportunity to appear bipartisan because apparently letting Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan go unchecked hasn’t done the trick. Then again, Pat’s old and probably just thought he was buying boner pills. Ha! The elderly. So adorable.

EDIT: Matt Taibbi provides the best cry of “bullshit” yet. If you’re still following this thing, it looks like NBC management – particularly Phil Griffin – wanted Keith gone and found an excuse. Because those people have a strong history of incredible decisions. Adding, cable news is still Kabuki theater.

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  1. The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

    What a SHOCK!

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      A TOTAL SHOCK TO MY SYSTEM to find out that:

      A.) Fish is a raging queen (Uhhh strike that…) LEFTIST who chokes his chicken to Keith each evening.
      B.) Keith Olbermann – a bombastic leftist douchebag violated everything that is holy when it comes to journalism so that he could fund the leftist agenda in this country.
      C.) That Fish would somehow try to spin this as no big deal because – well according to him – the right is doing likewise. Uhh no Fish they’re not: Bill O’Reilly doesn’t donate money to active political races in this country.

      The even better news though: THAT the LEFTIST BITCH herself Nancy Pelosi STILL doesn’t get it and will run for House Minority Leader. Jesus H Christ: This broad is so stupid and so full of herself she actually makes me think Hillary Clinton is Indira Gandhi.

      Democrats – Please keep it up! 2012 is just aorund the corner and it will be so delightful to kick your asses all the way to France so you and the rest of the Socialists can jack each other off and surrender to the first terrorist org that sticks a IED in your collective panty.

      • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

        If Olbermann would only move to Canada he can spend the rest of his days doing something useful like bottoming under lumberjacks and bragging about his universal healthcare.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        I will be back watching MSNBC when Keith is back on.

      • Only, hahahahahahahaha you crack me up!!! You know the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012. They might be right seeing as America may actually vote a Republican to be President and Sarah Palin is their top candidate. If she wins, the world is ending people!!!

        BTW, Only did you get that venerial infection cleared up you went to the hospital up here for cleared up or did you have to do back to the States and pay your way to the front of the line for that ointment?

      • Far be it from me to break up this cozy little clusterfuck you have going on here with yourself and, no doubt, a blowup doll of Pelosi, but Christ, you’re to reading comprehension what Kanye West is to coherent speech. As the Fish pointed out, it’s Fox News (actually, its parent co. News Corp) that’s guilty of violating what should be an important standard of journalistic integrity by recently giving $2.5M to GOP organizations. They even have a PAC, which means they’ve long ago left behind even a hope of appearing agenda-less, and are basically serving as a political arm and outlet for GOP/Tea Party candidates.
        “Fair and balanced”? Are they fucking serious? Are you?
        And FYI, Bill O’Reilly’s producer donates – I hear Bil’s excuse is that he has a great deal of his assets currently tied up in loofahs. Or falafel. One of those.

        What you fail to grasp is that the public is rapidly losing faith in the media to report the news fairly, and this is a prime example of why. It IS a big deal and I’m glad NBC decided not to swim in Fox New’s pool – so yeah, kudos to Fish for making your drawers wad up in your crack on that point. They should. ABC, CBS, CNN and NPR have always strictly forbidden contributions – previously NBC and MSNBC used to waffle and said they neither encouraged or discouraged it and Joe Scarborough wasn’t canned for contributing during that time. Olberman is so rabidly partisan that he’s lost all objectivity as a journalist. He needs to run for office himself or get his own talk show, but as an objective journalist he’s an embarassment and is compromised beyond redemption .

        Abe Roenthal of The NY TIMES called it when he said “I don’t care if you sleep with elephants as long as you don’t cover the circus.”

      • Foxhunter

        Wow, you really have missed the train.

        BOR may have avoided any campaign contributions (although the falafel incident could be considered a bounty of gold for DEMs), but Rupert Murdoch gave over $1.5 MILLION this cycle alone. Not to mention the constant pimping by everyone on their payroll except Shep. Oh, and who is paid to host Fox shows? We can start with Palinbot, move on over to the Huckster for Ar-kansas, and Karl Rove. Two of those folks are actively discussing future campaigns.

        In conclusion, take your Red Lobster® Calamari and jam it up your @ss since it’s blatantly apparent you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Jennifer

        Sarah Palin is not the top GOP candidate – Mitt Romney is. A recently poll showed that if elections were held today Romney would be Obama by a 5 point margin but Pain would lose by an 8 point margin. Palin is just the loudest and unfortunately the loudest get heard. Doesnt mean they are correct.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find out Olbermann has also contributed to the construction fund for the GROUND ZERO MOSQUE!

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Hey douche keep laughing – Canada is a barnacle on our ass. If we go down so do YOU.


      BTW: venerial IS ACTUALLY SPELLED V-E-N-E-R-E-A-L. Jesus lern to spel will ya?!

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint




      • TLDNR = I’m so abysmally clueless that unless someone can spoon-feed me my answer in a 30 second Fox sound bite I have no way to respond to anything that requires actual thought.

        Your bad indeed.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint



      Teeheehee….*my bad*

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Hey! Justifiable! YOU must be JUSTIFIABLY STUPID!

      It is You’re as in YOU ARE an idiot. I’ll tell you what Justifiable: You and I can discuss politics all day long but I refuse to talk politics with a jackass who CAN NOT SPELL. So please go back to wacking off to your Bill Clinton poster and leave a conversation about politics to the adults.

      • Oh delicious irony, thank you thank you thank you for this.

        No, you pompous towering crapheap of ineptitude, it’s “your” as in POSSESSIVE DETERMINER – as in: “your fault” or “your blithering idiocy” or even “your ridiculous excuses.” See, when you say “my bad” you’re using the possessive form of the pronoun – since it’s really an idiomatic form of “mea culpa,” you’re admitting “my fault.” The only way anyone could correctly respond “you’re bad” would be if you said “I’m bad,” (or, if you’re juvenile enough, which you clearly are, “me bad”) – which certainly isn’t what “my bad” means.

        So, you see, it’s not “you’re” as in “you’re absolutely wrong and you’re now even further embarrassed as it’s clear to everyone you have not the slightest idea what the difference is between GRAMMAR and SPELLING.”
        Most “adults”, FYI, generally have an inkling that there is a difference – soooo sorry to see you missed the boat on that one, too. YOUR BAD.

    • Dante Calamari's Sphincter

      Maybe Our President should have reached out to Olbermann for some spending money while he’s in India pandering to every foreign douchebag with an axe to grind.

      We live in the greatest country in the world Mr President – stay the ^#&#^ home and welcome foreign dignitaries to the White House – you’ll be able to spot them easily enough Mr President: They’ll be the only foreigners who came into this country legally and actually have plans to return the hell home!!!

      While the figures in this story are inflated I have absolutely no problem believing that the number is STILL an outrageous amount of money to spend for bullshit like this. Next time we need for the President to go to a shithole like India let THEM pay for it. Or ask for sponsors to sponsor the trip – I’m sure that mega-douche George Soros has a spare billion he can throw at this.

      Wow Michelle – you’re the First Lady – not Oprah! Stop spending OUR money like it’s yours alone!

      This is one upside to living in Canada I guess: Who the hell knows who’s in charge of that northern outdoor toilet….or cares….?

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Hey Justify -
      You are correct sir. What can I tell you – I’m just a sphincter who sees the word ‘you’re’ misspelled so often that I indeed jumped the gun on that one. So kudos to you – in rereading your previous post your commentary on the word your is spot on.

      Other than that – you’re still a douche who can suck my ballsac. Have a blessed day.

      • Keith Olberman's Scheming Grin

        I am Keith Olberman. Gaze at my constantly present sarcastic smirk. It radiates cleverness, whit, slyness as much as it does sheer brilliance and unwarranted self-importance. You damn well better believe I am very confident. Before I even open my mouth the victim first believes that he will hear Steven Colbert by judging from my ever constant sarcastic grin. But oh no, I suddenly veer off and hit you with my verbose rant of guilt of how you:

        a. Don’t support a mosque built near the Freedom towers
        b. Are a supporter of the unnecessary Iraq war simply because you oppose a certain liberal view.
        c. Are a redneck supporter of George Bush simply because you oppose a certain liberal view.
        d. Is guilty of any evil act against non-whites simply because you oppose a certain liberal view, despite the fact that you yourself may be non-white as well.
        e. That as a Republican or right winger, you are an evil White upper-class Ivy League warmongering hypocrite who gases Jews for masturbatory sport.

        They tear at your soul. They make your eyes water up. They make you feel guilty that were ever born! Not because I read them from a teleprompter, but because I do them with a new found angry furrowing brow; as well as my sarcastic smirk.

        Beware men like The Only Hetero. Beware for I have you in my eye. Cease your acts of having an opposing view. Rest now at night and dread in your dreams of the sight of my uber-sarcastic persona. I’m watching….

  2. The Dude

    Can we keep politics off here? This is the one place I don’t have to hear people whine about Republicans.

  3. Good. I can’t stand that smug little prick……


  4. ethermonk

    Olbermann is a biased jackass, and it shows.

    That being said, Olbermann should NOT have been fired for this. He should be fired for many other things – but not this. Olbermann should be able to contribute to whom he chooses.

    BTW SF writer, nice job covering this and missing Juan Williams. You’re a jackass too.

    • dumbass

      I don’t like him, I think he’s blatantly biased, and borderline retarded, but, wtf? Why can’t he donate however much anybody else would be allowed to donate to any political cause he chooses, as long as he discloses that? We’re supposed to believe that somebody who makes a career as a political analyst isn’t interested enough in politics they’d want to contribute to the candidates they like? i’d love to have a legit excuse to bash this idiot, i just don’t see this as being anything more than ticky tack b.s.

      • yawn

        i was thinking this.. glad you said it.

      • theidel

        KO signed a contract that clearly spelled out that he must notify managment prior to donating. Joe Scarborough did it and he didn’t get into trouble because he followed the rules. KO as an elitist radical lefty feels he alone is able to decide what rules apply to him and those that don’t.
        KO had all the choices available to him. He could have chosen not to take the job and he could donate as much as he wanted. He made the other choice. Choices have consequences.
        This is no different than companies that make it a condition of employment that you cannot smoke at all. There have been people fired from these companies because their managment found out they smoke. How is that different.

  5. GravyLeg

    Actually I would love to have no comments about liberals OR conservatives…
    I miss the days when there was a moderate majority….

    Now it is 90% extreme Left/Right and the remaining 10% of us trapped in the middle… (yes I made those numbers up so go fuck yourself)

    Fuck the mainstream media!!!

    • Donovan

      It’s not the mainstream media. Is the extreme media (talk radio/fox news) and the internet that has helped polarize everyone.

      • GravyLeg

        Uh… And which ones of them are NOT extreme media these days?

      • I'm Obama and I approve

        If the “mainstream media” were neutral, and reported the actual news INSTEAD of becoming the mouthpiece for liberalism, Fox News probably would not exist, and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity would get ratings like Air America used to get before they went bankrupt.

  6. fester

    I’m certain Rupert and Roger will enjoy a good giggle about this during their post-coital cuddle.

  7. Ray Radlein

    And of course Joe Scarborough has openly donated to Republican candidates in the past few years, but that’s evidently okay because shut up is why.

  8. This was photoshopped, everyone whos seen his show knows he’s orange

  9. Harry Doyle

    Fox News did not contribute, its parent company did…… One more word for you, Soros.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint


      • luke

        Soros makes his money by betting against the American dollar. This is why he puts so much of his money into the liberal/progressive cause. Liberalism/socialism crushes the value of the American dollar, therefore making Soros’ investments in betting against it profitable. LIberal policies are the direct blame for the economic mess we are in, and it was done purposefully to turn people against Capitalism and lead our nation down the road to what every Liberal wants–Socialism!

    • Donovan

      Wow, George Soros. Come on man. You can’t get a more capitalist person that gives more of his money back to causes that benefit the general public. He’s no saint, but he doesn’t go about lobbying for HIS tax cuts, HIS tax credits and HIS exemptions for his interests. I’d take him over all the other Wall Street pricks that get us into these shitty times.

      He maybe socialist, but a socialist that works the capitalist system and see’s which parts need fixing.

      • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

        FUCK Geo Soros. It’s easy to be a socialist after you’ve made your 10th BILLION! F HIM F HIM F HIM!

      • Slappy Magoo

        Then why don’t more billionaires do it?

      • dumbass

        are you completely uninformed, or just severely retarded? soros ‘fixes things’? ask anybody in the UK how he ‘fixed’ the british pound – he almost fixed it so the entire country went bankrupt, you dolt. He adds nothing of value to any economy anywhere, he manipulates currencies that he trades in to make massive profits for himself, always at the horrific expense of working people and taxpayers. and like most of the wealthy elitists, he thinks he knows better than you how your money should be spent, and promotes political causes that aim to take your money away from you so the gubbamint can spend it on crap.

  10. luke

    Olbermann was suspended without pay, not fired. All of these news anchors are allowed to donate to whatever individual or political party they wish. The reason he was suspended is because MSNBC has a policy in place where all employees have to get approval from their superiors to donate. Olbermann didn’t seek the approval and therefore was suspended.

    On a personal note, Olbermann is a dick and should go to hell.

  11. Your mom

    SF guy cries over Olbermann, but no comment about Juan Williams. Stick with the entertainment rants and leave your liberal bias to your other blog:

    • Bow Down Assholes

      It’s a blog dipshit. Just like fox and msnbc feature pundits. It’s all opinion. If you want fair, look luck, it doesn’t fucking exist anymore.

  12. Slappy Magoo

    Being that I was one of those Hall Monitors who said “If Juan Williams’ NPR contract expressly states he’s not to spout his opinion on his or other networks, he’s gotta go,” I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say Keith should not have had any penalties for violating the terms of his contract either.

    Having said that, the fact that he’s suspended & Scarborough isn’t, is Maximum Douche.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Joe Scarborough served in Congress. He has legit creds. The only thing legit about Keith Olbermann is that he a 100% certifiable leftist douchebag and a guy who uses his leftist BS on leftist women to get laid.

      He’s this generation’s Alan Alda.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint



  13. Rachel

    Fish, you just outed yourself as the intellectual I hoped you were with your use of ‘specious’. Me likey.

  14. Tim White

    Conservatives are so silly, with their ‘liberals hate America’ crap. Grow up, or go back to your “Nailin’ Paylin” DVD (or maybe it’s time for The O’Reilly Factor). Fish is the MAN for putting up the occasional intellectual post when 99.9% of this sites loyal “readers” are just here for tits and ass.

    • rican

      So Timmy boy, what are you here for, that 0.1% intellectual post? Did you just come?

      • Tim White

        No, ass-hat. I come here for celebrity news, *but* I’m not the whining like the majority of you when politics creep in.

  15. Andy

    So it’s no problem that Sean Hannity is a featured speaker at Republican fund raisers?

  16. Tim

    Oh, so it wasn’t Fox News, it was only the parent company that owns and controls it, that donated $1 million to the RNC. Ok, that makes it so much better.

    • You Are All Retards

      Tim- Do you think GE (the parent company of NBC, thus the parent company of MSNBC, doesn’t donate money to political campaigns? Are you seriously that stupid? GE has been one of the major corporate contributors to the green movement, and the democratic party, for the last ten years, because they have a vested interest in green technology. Grow up. All corporations contribute. Olbermann violated his contract and he got suspended.

  17. SFsucks

    this blog sucks now, used to be funny. weird when a dude in his sweatpants gets popular for posting tits and then turns political because he thinks his opinion matters now.

  18. Bill O'Reilly

    Ok, it’s time to end the spin. The tea partiers will keep the establishment Republicans from achieving their only goal: trying to keep the voters in exactly the same condition as they are now for 2 more years (to win the presidential election), mostly by talking a lot and doing nothing. Those tea baggers will have none of that. They’ll make the establishment Republicans sick by proposing genuine spending cuts, like slashing the military and Social Security and Medicare. Then Palin will run for president in 2012, jibber jabbering her way to 100% control of the campaign coverage and 0% chance to get elected. Republicans can’t do anything unless they speak with one voice, and that ain’t gonna happen. The leaders of the Republican party, as of right now: Tea Party politicians, Palin, and Richard Steele. Good lord.

  19. JD

    As much as I hate Olbermann, the suspension is bullshit. Olbermann isn’t a journalist, he’s a commentator and shouldn’t be held to the same standard. It would be different if it were Brian Williams. At Fox I think it would be fine for O’Reilly or Hannity to donate, not so much for Brit Hume.

    • Hemingway

      Agreed. Same with the Juan Williams deal at NPR. He’s not a news anchor. Neither of them are.

    • No Wai!

      dude, people understand there is a difference between commentary and news? Then why do I hear people on the liberal side so outraged about Fox? hmmm? I think with this move MSNBC is saying that they think Olbermann is a legit unbiased news anchor. Think about it…. scary

  20. cmyk

    Remember when this site used to be all about the tits?

    Yeah, I miss that, too.

  21. Rough unite the "internets"

    Don’t knock Pat, he’s the best. As long as he doesn’t run…

  22. Someone Else

    I flipped between CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC election night. CNN and Fox each maintained a sense of neutrality till until it got past the 1AM eastern time hour. After that you could tell they were letting partisan feelings come out. MSNBC was a joke. I think they had the bar open and people drank freely. It was like they were intentionally exaggerating the main street media bias that Fox claims everyone else has.

    Props to CNN and their graphics and hot 100 but they had too many different commentators. Wolfe looked like he was struggling speaking at times that night but even Anderson was neutral politically.

    Fox has the best commentators but was lacking the information that CNN provided.

    NO more politics on the superficial.

  23. Lori

    You left out the part where both Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanon did the same thing on a bigger level. The rule at MSNBC is that employees need to get permission from MSNBC execs before they can donate to campaigns. Now. Did Joe and Pat ask first? The whole thing is so childish and ridiculous. Here’s the email address of the guy who suspended Olbermann. Make sure you let him know how you feel.

  24. Rebecca

    I read an article where the MSNBC president said he was fired because he didn’t clear the donations with the heads of MSNBC first. But really I think it’s a power move of the president of MSNBC because in that same article Olbermann was quoted as saying that the president of MSNBC thinks he’s his boss. I think it was all a power play. So, on that note…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I hate Olbermann! So, I have no sympathy for him.

  25. Oldnslo

    can we get back to tits and upskirts? kplzthks

  26. yawn

    another thing… kiki’s first nude scene hits the web.. and you post oberman..

  27. Dick Face

    Can you imagine if “butt-fuck Fox News” had ethical policies that their news actors, I mean news anchors and news personalities had to follow…their ratings and corporate advertisers would drop like dead flies ending up as low as the IQ of the typical Fox News viewer.

  28. PunkA

    I lean conservative, but I love Olbermann. Great wit for a freaking political commentator. Most of those d-bags lack any humor at all. (see Rush, Hannity, NPR) etc.

    I think it is dumb that media types can;t contribute to campaigns, since they are citizens like the rest of us. Just don’t interview them, let someone else do it on your show.

  29. lauryn

    LOOOOOVe you fish

  30. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    Means he has more time to bang his gf Katy.

  31. Andrew

    It’s funny how FIsh pretends to know a lot about politics by name dropping. If you claim to watch MSNBC, your credibility for being a fair-minded person is out the window.

    • Jason

      Ofcourse if you watch Fox and agree with you then you have complete cred right? Say I seem to remeber even the people leaning on the right supporting somthing…what was it…..oh yaaaaaaaaaaaa freedom of speech.

  32. GeneralEmergency

    Whaaaat? Olbermann benched without pay?

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer hunk of fetid, larva infested wildebeest haggis, I say.

    He’s so cute with all that rabid, bile tinged spittle flying from his mouth when he gets really rolling. Its just like watching “Network” for the umpteenth time.

    • Dick Face

      I think your describing Glen Beck?

      • GeneralEmergency

        Was -THAT- your best shot at a Libtardorific retort?


        And as an aside, I personally think that MSNBC’s rules on this stuff are needlessly restrictive, buuut…Ol’ Keithy’boy -did- sign the contract. Maybe the next time he signs a contract like this, he should hire someone to act out the fine print in a portable Puppet Theater. You know, to bolster his comprehension.

  33. Dante Calamari's Sphincter

    I want more penis shots

  34. kris


  35. Joe Blow

    Who gives a shit how much money Fox News’ owner has given.

    Olbermann violated NBC’s policy. A policy he agreed to when he signed on with them.

    But go ahead, be good stupid fucking liberals and scream FOX!!! FOX did this!!! FOX does that!!!!! until you’ve drowned out anything you don’t want to hear.


  36. Joe Blow

    Oh, and:



  37. Jason

    I have to admit that as cynical as I am I am still flabbergasted at the stupidity of the comments made. Leftist agenda, socialism are you fucking kidding me. This is all Obamas fault? He inherited a country in a recession after being run by one of the worst governments in American history for 8 years and you right wing nut jobs are pissed because he could not wave a magic wand and fix it in two years. Attacking the very funny writer of this site when he cracks a joke at your precious bankrupting party? Do you see any republican supporters going ape shit when he makes fun of their party, or people within it? Its called maturity children, and intelligence put down the banjo and get working on your high school equivalency diploma and perhaps in time you will actually see that the left side agenda is the only thing that has kept you country above water. Don’t believe me read a book, the large square thing with paper inside of it, virtually every rescission in American history starts when the right takes control, cuts taxes (for the rich) and starts a war. Plunges the economy loses the election and the Republicans take over fix the many problems of the last government, get no credit from right wing nut jobs which seem to make up a large percentage of the American public and get ousted so you can repeat the process again. Bravo children!

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint


      (OOpsie daisy…)

      • reality

        Since he inherited a horrible economy, lets think about that…

        The economy was going strong while the republicans controlled the senate. The democrats get power and the spending issues and the economy follows. The same budgets that Obama voted for. So he did inherit a bad economy, a bad economy that he voted for. The only problem was Bush not vetoing all the excessive spending.

        Republican as the bankrupting party? Please, the dems havent even thought of a dollar they aren’t willing to spend. It is true that many republicans were brought into that same thought, but the party over all isnt the spending crazy one.

        Yeah cuts for the rich, only because they are the only ones left paying federal taxes.

        Which recession have the dems fixed? The only ones that history seems to give credit for is extending recessions. Stretching the depression and Carter stretching recessions does not mean you can make a claim to fix them. Sorry, but making things worse, so people appreciate the way is was isnt fixing it. When Bush was in everyone was upset with 6% unemployment, now people would be thrilled if it got that low.

  38. Joe Blow

    Attacking the very funny writer of this site when he cracks a joke at your precious bankrupting party? Do you see any republican supporters going ape shit when he makes fun of their party, or people within it? Its called maturity children,


  39. Turd Ferguson

    Olbermann sucks. He is just a bitter curmudgeon who loves the sound of his own rants.

  40. Joe Blow

    Attacking the very funny writer of this site when he cracks a joke at your precious bankrupting party? Do you see any republican supporters going ape shit when he makes fun of their party, or people within it? Its called maturity children

    Very well. You appeared to be defending all things liberal, while at the same instance deriding all things conservative. But then you said “Do you see any republican supporters going ape shit when he makes fun of their party, or people within it?”

    So: Uh…..

  41. jkhjkh

    this is stupid, considering hes a commentator with blatantly obvious political views.

  42. Balls McCoy

    Fish is such a fucking asshole. This dummy links a blog post comment by to make a counter argument against FOX News? How fucking dumb.

  43. Ash Bones


  44. Lori

    Update: Negative reaction is swift in coming. Blog reveals that long-time Bush donor became chief of MSNBC in September.

    Surprise Surprise!!!

  45. hmm

    I hate Olbermann but I think all journalists should be free to contribute to political causes. Just make sure EVERYONE knows about it so we don’t get someone PRETENDING to be balanced.

    Let’s face it, we’re ALL biased and coming from a certain worldview.

    90% of the mainstream media leans left. They just pretend to be middle of the road.

    Every newscaster should be honest about their political views.

    Dan Rather is once on record saying the NYT EDITORIAL section is “middle of the road.” Katie Couric is left wing as well.

    During news reports concerning Congress notice when some news casters say “—-name—-the conservative senator from …..” but you’ll see a liberal described as, for example “Ted Kennedy from Massachusetts.” Notice the lack of attaching political affiliation to everyone but those who are right wing.

    A CBS newscaster also blew the lid on liberal bias in his book BIAS.

    • Angelica

      @hmm: 90% of the mainstream media leans left. They just pretend to be middle of the road.

      Every newscaster should be honest about their political views.

      Dan Rather is once on record saying the NYT EDITORIAL section is “middle of the road.” Katie Couric is left wing as well.

      During news reports concerning Congress notice when some news casters say “—-name—-the conservative senator from …..” but you’ll see a liberal described as, for example “Ted Kennedy from Massachusetts.” Notice the lack of attaching political affiliation to everyone but those who are right wing.

      A CBS newscaster also blew the lid on liberal bias in his book BIAS.”

      LOL..So 90% of the media is Liberal, who stated that? Fox? Or is that just a Repug sound byte?

      As for your statement on news reports stating names, and how they never attach political affiliation to everyone that is not right wing, what do you say about Fox who attaches a “D” after every name that is in the news regarding a scandal, whether they are Republicans or not? They do that all the time! Yet I never hear anyone on the right declare that to be biased…..

      And btw, regarding you quote on “BIAS”, if everyone who wrote a book is to be believed. I will write a book titled “Why the republicans of our country are all Nazi”, and publish it…will you believe that too?

  46. Samulason

    Keith was and never will have any type of credibility except with people like the superficial writer who love any type of leftist hype and name calling any others who are not lefty nutjobs. In a way, its good to see him gone. In another way, I wish he was still on the air making an idiot of himself week in and week out.

  47. tjmann

    Is the Superficial writer so stupid that he believes that the rest of the media are unbiased? Can we Please dispense with the idiotic notion that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN etc still have any journalistic integrity?
    Because they honestly don’t.

  48. wim

    let me guess: HE WAS A F*GGOT?

  49. valjean

    Suprised this elitist psycho lasted as long as he did. Ive watched him a few times only to see if he would explode, he better up his meds, dont think his ego can take this! If theres a definition of looser than thats him. Mr Tingle should be next, then the young man that followed olbermann, who goes by maddow? Now thats entertainment.

  50. Bubble Top

    MSNBC is awful, so is the liar named Olbermann.

    The funny thing is, the claim FOX does the same?

    The difference is having an ugly Partisan like Olbermann pretend to be a journalist – he was never just offering an opinion at MSNBC, like on the Midterm election night, but was reading the news. That is a no, no.

    Superficial has been so lost as a Democratic Partisan. But it is no surprise. Many are lost in fashion, stuck on a false narrative of what they feel is the good side. Once, the Clintons actually made it their policy to lie about the Genocide in Rwanda. This is one ugly Party, the Democrats are about as pathetic as it gets. They even tried to protect the horrid ‘segregation’ laws in the USA.

    The Democratic Partisan policies of overt GOV spending and taxation – is a product of a corrupt political machine which makes life miserable for all, as it raises the cost of living and crushes economic opportunity. The poor are hurt the most, economic classes are cemented, unemployment skyrockets, freedom is lost, etc.

    I have lived in various socialist systems overseas. it is a much weaker system than the USA’s embrace of Free Markets. Obama has brought a return to CARTER’s Malaise – just as Hillary and Bill tried prior to the Republicans taking the House in 94. The Democrats haven’t learned a thing, and have made another huge mess.

    Even the foreign policy is a joke, as the threats to the USA and the FREE WEST are growing with the foolish enabling of the Democratic Partisans again. Russia, Iran, Syria, N. Korea, the Taliban, Venezuela, etc., are all laughing at the Hillary – Obama embarrassment known as ‘smart power’.

    Funny, as Democratic Partisans were actually foolish enough to believe ‘terrorism’ would simply go away, once a Democrat was elected President.

    Talk about being ‘superficial’.

    • mr noitall

      Successful terrorist attacks on the US,by Political Party in power:


      Truth hurts,don’t it,shit-for-brains.

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