Keira Knightley poses almost topless (I hate you, suspenders)

December 7th, 2007 // 174 Comments

Keira Knightley posed “topless” for the latest issue of Interview magazine. She’s definitely soft on the eyes, though a bit too thin for my taste. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not into tying a rock to my lover so she doesn’t take flight in a slight breeze.

Photos: Interview

  1. soph

    she is like a skeleton

  2. Pylon

    Its not like she really has anything to cover =/

  3. Alban

    EAT please !!

  4. Gerald_Tarrant

    Sex, thy name is Keira. I don’t hate the suspenders, they didn’t even slow me down from rubbing one off.

  5. Rebecca

    Surprisingly, when her chest is barely hanging on the protruding ribs her legs look incredibly normal (esp. the thighs) …

  6. Fred

    Rosie has some extra she can donate to the cause.

  7. moka

    she looks like a trasvesti

  8. Gerald_Tarrant

    I forgot to add the obligatory “if you don’t think she looks good it is because you are fat and jealous.”

  9. Warren Piece

    2 words…

    Can. Kles.

  10. p911gt10c

    That first pic is questionable. The second is hot though.

    Oh, and #2, you’re a loser.

  11. cowcat

    She looks even older than Tara Reid in these pictures.

  12. This might be hot if she had some boobs. Is she competing with Nicole Kidman to see who can be the whitest??

  13. Warren Piece

    2 words…

    Can. Kles.

  14. PunkA

    She looks great. I would hit that hard. Bet she is a total minx.

  15. Fenster

    Why is it even the skinniest girls have normal, sexy, legs? I would hit it in picture #2, I’d hit picture #1 with a bag

  16. lala

    shes amazing, i think she looks gorgeous !

  17. axeugene

    I’m sorry, that’s a girl?!

  18. JC

    Just what the HELL is wrong with her left eye?
    I mean, it’s not like she has any boobs to distract me from that hideous thing.

  19. teddy

    she’s not that skinny.. will you fatties please recognize!

  20. RENEE...

    Manly face, manly chest. Is she on the cover of Tranny times?

  21. Rick

    She’s was attractive before, now she just looks anorexic. Thank you suspenders.

  22. sick

    I belive that the usual photoshop technique of making fatasses look skinny is being reversed…and adding thickness to her legs. Funny how photoshop can’t even help this lost cause.

  23. feg

    EW!!! put it on, put it on!

    gorgeous face, keep that body to yourself doll.

  24. Erica

    Too hot for words. She looks like Charlotte Rampling here( Keira, I don’t care if you’re looking increasingly like a bobble-head, you’re still gorgeous.

  25. Ugh

    She’s sickly thin! Give me Jennifer Love Hewitt any day.

  26. BunnyButt

    #8, you should’ve spelled a few things wrong and used incorrect grammar. Sorry, you’re too smart, we can’t take your statement seriously.

  27. Auntie Kryst

    I gotta agree with the tranny comments. Lady looks like a dude. I always thought she was very pretty despite being a filthy limey, but damn what’s with these pics? I’ll defer to T T for clarification.

  28. grossed out

    wtf happened to her face???

    i’ve never been more turned off by a naked woman.\

  29. Auntie Kryst

    @26 Bunny’s right, also throw in a couple “haters” too!

  30. Lexatron

    I am disturbed by her photoshopped right hand. Her left one fiddling with her trousers is big and manly and the right one covering her ‘breast’ is dinky and ladylike. At least make them match!!

  31. Dude

    Looking pretty rough in these shots. Not to mention that topless or not..her upper body does nothing but encourage yawns. Im in the market for say, a topless Aguilera pre fetus.

  32. ScuttlingCrab

    “The English actress says that she is sickened by celebrities who expose themselves to photographers, and claims their actions make them ‘s**ttier than everybody else.’

    Actress Keira Knightley has taken a pot-shot at celebs like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan for flashing their private assets more often than not.

    The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actress insists that she has too much class to follow in their footsteps.”

    This is sort of like that joke where a woman is nude except for a monocle — because she’s classy. Except here it’s suspenders. HY-PO-CRITE.

    I’ve never seen any pictures of Lindsay that are this sleazy. As for flashing her crotch, that was all Photoshop — she never did.

  33. Gerald_Tarrant

    Shit, sorry.

    U h8terz r jus jelous cuz ur all fat.

  34. amma

    Keira does make this look classy, don’t ask me how. No comparison to Lohan, etc. I don’t get why people say she is too thin here–I don’t see any ribs, etc. And the best part? Her boobs are obviously real. Wait! I just figured out how Keira makes naughty look classy–cause her naughty bits are out on purpose and her eyes are going in the same direction. As opposed to Lohan & company who are usually flashing as they fall out of a car on their way to a club to score some coke. Yeah, I’ll take Keira ANY day. This girl rocks.

  35. BunnyButt

    * clap, clap, clap * There you go, Gerald!! Good job!!

  36. shaggy

    michael jackson? *shudder*

  37. Dar

    That’s a man, Baby!

    Somebody give her a Twinkie–STAT!

  38. chriso

    Jesus, she looks like a reanimated corpse.

  39. Spiraticus

    Did she have a pea for dinner?

  40. Spiraticus

    Did she have a pea for dinner?

  41. Spiraticus

    Did she have a pea for dinner?

  42. BishOP


  43. ScuttlingCrab

    #34, she doesn’t rock at all. Lohan rocks, she has fire and energy and she’s funny, AND she has never flashed her crotch which is just an urban legend. Keira Knightley is nothing but a mannequin full of useless attitude. Other girls like all that fashion-plate bullshit but this girl would bore anyone to death after two days.

    These pictures are only classy if you think Nazi cabaret is classy. Perhaps you want Keira’s high heel in your back as she stubs out a cigarette in your eye?

  44. Zee Brat

    She looks like she’s from brazil. Nice ass and legs, and absolutely no chest.

  45. ella

    The makeup makes her look like Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous

  46. veggi

    Are those suspenders or mosquito bite balm?

  47. s0fa

    a little too old and creepy looking too

  48. Googolygoo

    She looks like an ugly tranny– that make-up can make Amanda LaPore equally as attractive.
    The girl has pectorals instead of titties!
    Yuk. Give me some meat on the bones, please!

  49. Googolygoo

    She looks like an ugly tranny– that make-up can make Amanda LaPore equally as attractive.
    The girl has pectorals instead of titties!
    Yuk. Give me some meat on the bones, please!

  50. erica

    actually she has big ass legs for how big her torso is, i would expect little spindly legs, but it looks like she wears like a size 6-8 pant

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