Keira Knightley Nip Slip at Pride and Prejudice Premiere

November 14th, 2005 // 3 Comments

  1. Zanathon

    Roger Ebert said, “Kiera’s nip-slip at the premier was, bar none, the best part of Pride and Prejudice.”

  2. assholic

    keira knightley was only hot in bend it like becks. she only pouted her way through all of her other movies ugly-ly. there’s just way to much hype bout this skinny thick-browed brit b!tch and she has absolutely nothing to actually make it big in hollywood but somehow she did coz people just buy all the hype being shoved down their faces these days. sigh, point made though.

  3. Just getting warmed up. Beet said he wanted to kill someone, which means for me, but I told him I was not a problem. Raised in a broken home and I have already won a Pulitzer Prize for journalism.

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