Keira Knightley is serious about getting naked

Apparently, if you want Keira Knightley to take off her clothes and smear herself with apple jelly you have to give her a good reason. (I know, show-biz people–touchy, right?) The Duchess actress took time out from looking hot to reveal her philosophy about nude scenes to Glamour:

GLAMOUR: What about nudity? Are you comfortable doing it in a film?

KK: Pretty comfortable. I certainly wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t…. I detest unnecessary nudity and what it says about women in society.

GLAMOUR: What do you think it says?

KK: I think you see a lot of films where, Oh, yes, the woman gets her tits out again and runs around naked for no reason. And you kind of go, Ugh, do we have to?

Keira probably doesn’t have to worry about pulling her tits out for no reason, since she’s built like a 12-year-old boy and doesn’t have any tits. But she’s right that she shouldn’t strip down unless it’s essential to the plot. Hopefully she’ll warm up to the project currently in development in my head, Keira Knightley Runs Out of Clean Clothes So She Has to Do Her Laundry Naked and the Washing Machine Overflows So She Gets All Wet and Covered in Soap Suds. She should like it, since it’s a period piece, set in a time when she runs out of clean clothes, so she has to do her laundry naked and the washing machine overflows so she gets all wet and covered in soap suds.

Photo: WENN