Ke$ha’s ass. I think.

February 25th, 2010 // 155 Comments

I honestly haven’t paid much attention to Ke$ha because up until now I thought she was just Lady GaGa after a shower. But here she is in London last night flashing what might be her ass. Don’t quote me on that because it could just as easily be two uncooked biscuits falling out of her dress. Still waiting on a call back from NASA.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. The CreaseMaster

    I think it’s a conjoined twin shaped like an ass.

  2. gen

    Oh come on guys. We need another joke involving the lyrics to TiK ToK. Come on! They’re so funny every time…

  3. anah

    Wow that’s ugly.

    her ass looks fake. Like butt pads. It doesn’t even look connected to her legs. If it is, lmao wow some ugly ass.

    Her face is hideous. Gaga has a nicer ass by far xD

    I hate this bitch. ke$ha.. ghetto wannabe blonde whore.

  4. Rous

    She was a bit heavier a few months ago…must have got herself a personal trainer…

    …or got into the “hollywood” diet

  5. katie

    Don’t even compare this talentless bitch to Gaga. Gaga has more talent in her pinky than this trailer trash.

  6. Blech

    Who the f*ck is Ke$ha?

    I hate when people screw with the letters in their name.


    See how retarded that is?

  7. boxy

    Guy Russi, just because you bang chicks who are a 3 doesn’t mean the rest of us have to. Bitch is ugly; she’s not even a 7 so “no” I won’t bang her. Maybe if she had a body to bang thus making her at least a 7 I might but she doesn’t so I won’t. I have standards unlike your sorry ass.

  8. hi my dear i really wanna be yr friend
    thanx my pretty lady

  9. She's a skank

    22. Mr. Nice Guy – February 25, 2010 3:36 PM

    Any guy who says he wouldn’t Fuck Ke$ha is Gay, or knows he has no chance and is living in his MOTHERS house.
    Nope; unlike you, we’re not in a hurry to get some STD from her that makes your dick fall off. Although, based on your post, it sounds like your dick fell off at birth.

    This chick is ANOTHER talentless loser like lady bullsh*t who thinks the way to sell albums is not to actually have talent, but to attention whore like crazy, so as to sell idiotic morons like “Mr. Nice Guy” into thinking you can sing. She’s a talentless skank & can’t die fast enough as far as I’m concerned…

  10. I know where you can see Ke$ha nude video


    I bet that smell like fresh blueberry pie


    I bet that smell like fresh blueberry pie

  13. siempre erección


  14. Jade

    @48……that was my thoughts exactly. See kids this is your ass on booze…….just sayin

  15. Miss Mo D

    not trying to take up for her, but um duh dipshits…. she’s thin, that’s what a thin girls ass looks like..

  16. bbw283

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  17. Lolocaust

    In after gay dudes and fat chicks who can’t appreciate a hot trashy girl.

    I’d hit that so fucking hard that the first person to pull me out would become the king of England.

  18. KIKI

    I don’t see the correlation between saggy butt cheeks and alcohol.

  19. -I got a Rough complex & you got a problem-

    “Kesha” couldn’t possibly be raised by an all black family could it?

  20. Rough:six feet under snow

    I thought gaga had materials…

  21. captain america

    give her a call to make sure…….

  22. candygirl

    definitely a man!!!

  23. fartCloud

    I thought she was black.
    Like her sistas; LaTisha, Barakisha, Yobamaisha, Squisha….ahh, you know!

  24. dude

    id crush that silly…

  25. God of Thunder

    She looks really cheesy and looks like she omits a foul odor. Who the hell is she BTW?

    Rotted pig!

  26. Miss Britt

    She needs to do squats and cardio to tone up that flabby arse!

  27. Skel

    Get thee to the gym, STAT!

  28. We love Ke$ha’s crazy attitude!

  29. chopper

    just another white pig trying to nigger it up

  30. abby

    yeah she is a big jackass

  31. yeaaaaa

    LMAO. It looks HELLA NASTY. (O.o)

  32. Pablito

    Kind of looks like she has the Elephant Man hiding in there.

  33. vix

    It shows that it really doesn’t take talent to make a beat and talk to it.
    I would rather put a paper bag over her head and NOT bang her.

  34. Taking heroin chic to new lows. Now I’m missing Lindsay.

    @ 73 – and Nyquil and Dayquil.

  35. HEY! skinny girls have AWESOME asses! im skinny and my ass looks NOTHING like this, she needs to work out and stop living off jack and coke. and yah MODELS have great asses so just to make it clear…coke whores=ugly ass, skinny healthy girls= fucking hott

  36. lady gaga after a shower lol i love it! they can both keep their poker face’s i’ll pass – i’ll take miley cyrus

  37. raivo

    UGLY NOSE!!!

  38. duke

    Damn, what an uber-skank. Tic-toc, this scares my cock. It has receded like a frightened turtle. For those of you who say “I’d hit that,” you’re sick. I’d bet Betty White has a tighter one.

    She’s also the voice on flo-rida’s dreadful version of “you spin me round.”
    Yet another whore bereft of talent that is making a mint off of ignorant tweens with no taste in music or fashion.

    I wish someone would at least spit in her face.

  39. Kitty Furry

    @65 umm no thats what a starving, cocaine-using, alcoholic ass looks like…see lindsey lohan or lady caca for further reference on the Noassitol Syndrome..other than that the poor girl has a distinct case of Butterface Complex aka porn face aka “nope i’m not drunk enough to hit it and tomorrow i’ll be too sober to admit it” face

  40. Mr. Nice Guy

    59. She’s a skank, I think your Mother is calling you for Dinner. You made it Personal, so will I.
    Go ahead and live in fear, leave the Banging Hot Women to the Experts. As someone who has Fucked a lot of Women, I was always careful and I never got a STD. My Dick is still attached, though some of the better Women almost took it off in a good way.
    I never look down on Women that are Sluts and Whores. I think they make the best Girlfriends/Wives. They just love sex as much as I do, nothing wrong with that in my book.
    Most of the time it is Women attacking women for being a slut. These same Women would kill to date George Clooney or Derek Jeter. Yet I am the one accused of Hating Women. I love Women except the Judgmental ones.
    As far as Ke$ha not having talent, Bull Shit. She as much talent as most Music Stars do. But she and the other Big Stars understand it’s marketing as much as talent.
    Have you seen pictures of Lady Gaga or Katy Perry before they “Sexed” it up? No one cared, there are 1,000′s of talented voices. We want to see a show. Susan Boyle will never sell out the Staples Center. Old plain Lady Gaga or Katy Perry would never sell it out. Hot Sexy of Lady Gaga or Katy Perry do.
    No go upstairs, you Mom is waiting.
    Like I said, any guy who says he wouldn’t Fuck Ke$ha is Gay, or knows he has no chance and is living in his MOTHERS house.

  41. gen

    @90 sounds cool. I don’t doubt he gets laid a lot.

  42. Why do we want to discu$$ Ke$ha’$ nut$ack when really we $hould be talking about how david mor$e ha$ really hit an all time low and i$ now thi$ $lut bag one hit wonder’$ body guard. And he doe$n’t look happy about it either. $he better make him put a dollar $ign in hi$ name!

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  44. duke

    #90 blow it out your ass dude…there are ppl (like me) who can’t just get it up whenever the wind blows. I gotta be at least somewhat attracted or mr happy just won’t cooperate..
    No way this crack whore could move the needle. You may as well go to the nursing home and bang some ass there – they’ll look as good naked as this whore does!

  45. Mr. Nice Guy

    Duke, you might consult your Doctor about you ED. Just looking out for you.

  46. bitingontinfoil

    Looks like wet 3 day old pancake. Poor thing.

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  48. kaitel

    she looks like an ugly homeless whore, and that’s all.

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