Ke$ha’s ass. I think.

February 25th, 2010 // 155 Comments

I honestly haven’t paid much attention to Ke$ha because up until now I thought she was just Lady GaGa after a shower. But here she is in London last night flashing what might be her ass. Don’t quote me on that because it could just as easily be two uncooked biscuits falling out of her dress. Still waiting on a call back from NASA.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. Nuts!

    That looks like “her” nutsack! WTH MAN?!?!

  2. katie

    ew wtf is that

  3. SoWhat

    Nasty bitch!

  4. I’d hit it. Not gonna lie.

  5. N

    That doesn’t even look like an ass. WTF is wrong with her??

  6. Mizz Thang

    Wow!! It might be these pics that cause me never to return to this site!

  7. Copywrite

    Not a good first showing for Kesha’s ass.

  8. lolrape

    lol @ uncooked biscuits

  9. Mister Bored

    Oh god… that’s just foul.

  10. -I got a Rough complex & you got a problem-

    Dont I have enough slush to deal with on nyc streets? Isnt this broad under 25?….

  11. Meat

    Looks like she’s wearing a jock strap. Holding his cock balls tight against her groin….

    Nice, now that we know GaGa is not a tranny….we’ve got another one to watch

  12. HighwayStar

    Hey, don’t talk abou GaGa like that… She rocks! :)

  13. mark

    That is what a crack whore’s ass looks like…too skinny

  14. Alex De Large

    Where is here circa 2003 gothic skank drippy eye makeup?

  15. HLM

    That is the wierdest shaped ass I’ve ever seen.

    She actually looks like she might have bathed in the 2 weeks in this pictures.

  16. RebelMinion

    I have no idea who this is or why she is attempting to smuggle a butternut squash under her skirt…. ick.

  17. Photoshop

    You people are fools

  18. vill

    That girl needs to take a bath.

  19. lordoftheshortpeople

    What a car crash – she looks like she needs to wash.

  20. Guy Rossi

    Shes Hot in the 5 pic. didn’t see the others. Once again morons who hide behind the internet are trying to claim they bang 10s. I’m sure you guys wouldn’t bang her. ;-)

  21. Mr. Nice Guy

    Any guy who says he wouldn’t Fuck Ke$ha is Gay, or knows he has no chance and is living in his MOTHERS house.

  22. Kayla Maki

    I think that she’s beautiful. You guys are all just jealous! (:

  23. Randal

    Ke$ha is the fresh new face of the pop industry, slamming down her lyrical beats that continue to smash top chart statistics. A unique sound mixed in with an underground hip-hop style creates songs everyone can move their hips to.

    Hope to see more of you here @ The FISH!


  24. Dank24

    This chick is gross Fish. I’d rather nail some Gaga

  25. Dank24

    Randal i realize this is like telling a fish it has gills, but you’re so fucking queer.

  26. ugh

    fish, who cares???? srsly weak post

  27. mike

    tik tok is a fucking rip off of “the party” by jusice

  28. mike

    by justice*

  29. mike

    by justice*

  30. gen

    Would people please stop comparing her to Lady GaGa?

    Kesha actually seems like a human being, while GaGa is constantly putting on an act (even if she considers it art).

    But yea, her ass does look weird. You have to admit though, that she has amazing legs.

  31. Jammy

    Her ass looks like it belongs on an 85 year old woman, YUCK!

  32. Uncooked biscuits… HAHAHAH

    I was thinking it couldn’t be THAT bad, but then I looked at the pics and ‘uncooked biscuits’ was a perfect description.

    Her booty looks just like her music sounds, flat and pasty. ZING!

  33. -I have a Rough complex & you got a problem-

    I dont get it. How do you have nice shapely calves, a skinny bod and than have an a$$ that look like its been chewed and abandon by a polar bear. I guess certain lightings are not her friend…

  34. What the fuck is a Ke$ha?

    And why is the bald guy in the picture so mad? OK, sure, he’s bald & fat, I’ll give you that….

  35. spicy

    LOL #33&34 i mean thats not even an ass, i mean that shit has to be painful to sit on. its like loose skin not cushion.

    maybe her and kim k had some kind of a deal.

    and also, that girls on drugs

  36. boobie

    LOL NUTSACK!!!!! with no nuts :/

  37. Marko

    I have not idea who this KeSha bitch is. Does she think that she is so important the we must go out of our way and stretch our fingers to type a dollar sign in her name?

  38. n

    @38 hahahahhaha!

  39. KG

    According to interviews, she “wakes up every morning feeling like P-Diddy.” I assume this means rich and talentless. But maybe I’m misreading things.

  40. Kai

    I don’t speak english but i understand gaga’s life, and “ke$ha” is just the cheappest copy of gaga.
    I don’t hate Ke$ha but, Ke$ha is Lady Gaga 2.0 ( Cheppeast Version )
    sorry Ke$ha fans.
    good look people (:

  41. nolia.slim

    I’d tap that ass,

  42. Poozy

    This chick has some gamey looking legs. Only her face is hot and the rest of her looks like it might be legally hunted for population control but is too tough to eat.

  43. ZING! & stretching fingers. Ha Ha , you guys are great.

  44. SATAN







  45. gtht

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  46. EB

    Unless your ass look’s like Mick Jagger’s.

  47. Vinnie the Chin

    I wonder if that’s what happens to your ass when you brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack.

  48. KL

    She’s prettier than Gaga, especially in the face. Lady Gaga’s face looks like a fugly old woman’s.

  49. Fati87

    The saddest part of this is that this is probably a better-than-average ass.

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