Ke$ha in a Swimsuit: Whee?

March 23rd, 2010 // 150 Comments

Here’s Ke$ha at Bondi Beach yesterday even though I didn’t recognize her without five pounds of trying to look like Lady GaGa on her face. Also, I figured someone who talks a lot of shit about other female artists would wear something besides a middle-aged woman’s one piece or, I dunno, look hot. Then again, maybe Ke$ha’s gimmick is to make guys think she’ll do them without a condom on because there’s nothing on TV. In which case, keep doing this.


  1. M

    Ew…she looks about 40 there. And her body is terrible!


    Tight!!! Yummy!!!

  3. josh

    Who is she ? Is this the editor’s sister ?

  4. mfbinc

    looks like the typical above average lady down the street….

  5. richard


  6. Poopeater

    I’d eat her pooh

  7. Poopeater

    I’d eat her pooh

  8. Poopeater

    I’d eat her pooh

  9. jaseline

    i miss heidi montag news, she looks so cute with her oversize boobs and plastic face.. hope she does something, soon…

  10. Rebecca

    She has the face of Brook Hogan and my 62 year old mom’s ass…. I think she has the potential to be the next big thing! lol that was mean, and I really do feel a little bad….

  11. joe


  12. joe


  13. dxexc

    she has a body like mariah carey…

  14. KIKI

    $he look$ like $hit, $incerely.

  15. Randal

    A new fresh face in the industry is looking great and having fun int he sun with the waves crashing in around her. Ke$ha continues to top the pop charts with her original vibe and beats, knocking off the competition from dethroning her.

    Love that smile girl!


  16. Lima

    I’m disapointed.
    With make she’s almost hot. Without she’s a average.
    To be a superstar they dont need to be skinny but they need to be fit, and she’s not.

    Its that silicone boobs???

  17. turd da third

    She is looking a bit nasty in the crotch area……are those open sores or veneral warts all around the inside of her legs near the hoochie? A definite yuk, or if you are desperate, fuck her and then wash with some steel wool and battery acid…

  18. Sheik Yerbouti

    What is a Ke$ha and why should we care?

  19. Spicedham

    wow look at that hot mom ass!

  20. KIKI

    RANDAL: You do realize that Keashit here is your girl Britney’s mortal enemy don’t you? You can’t like them both without taking sides Randy. GOT YOU!

  21. Tek

    Not impressed at all. She looks like she’s pushing 40… both in the face and her body. Eh, I rate her a 4/10. She’s a 5 with make up on. And Randal? Kill yourself!

  22. Sheepish

    I think she looks hot and that swimsuit is stunning!

  23. Blah

    Jesus christ, does this Randal guy ever have a shitty day? Unless of course he’s being really sarcastic about everything he says, which i hope he is because THIS CHICK SUCKS! She’s ugly as hell.

  24. Johnny Stab-O

    Hands down, the grossest ass I’ve ever seen. Fish had it right, it looks like two uncooked biscuits.

  25. KIKI

    Randal is a big fat assed phony for liking both Keshit and Shitney both.
    Anyone who knows anything knows that is against all things celebrity gossip.

    Love KIKI

  26. Ain't nothing wrong with a little Rough pride

    Brit Brit may lip sync, at least she doesn’t look like shes been sitting on cold concrete for a couple of weeks? how appalling is that rear end. shheeesh!

  27. Bob JAckson

    She looks so different with the make-up on….Probably because it’s not her. Take 2 seconds and google a picture. It’s not even close.

  28. bar room hero

    who is this?

    She spells her name like an idiot…I hate that shit! Not even good looking.

  29. KS Shark

    My ass is big, wide and white like Ke$ha. I am from the midwest and considered very sexy.

  30. Sooper fish

    I’d do her.

  31. Que?

    I’m 43, and my ass looks WAY better than that. Oh, and Im a dude.

  32. KS Shark

    @32. Earl, git off the puter. You are tyin up our line!

  33. Ain't nothing wrong with a little Rough pride

    Why the eff my comments ending up with a question mark….

  34. pimp

    i’d massage the back of her throat with my cock…

  35. KIKI

    Don’t worry Rough, I laughed anyway baby.

  36. oh wise one

    those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!! Tsk tsk tsk.

  37. Tick Tock

    You people suck. This is the cleanest this gutter tramp has been in months. Give her a break.

    PS. Would it be ok for a singer to be butt ugly if they made the most beautiful music on earth. Would you still listen? or would you go on the fish and bitch about how ugly the singer is?

  38. KS Shark

    Yes, we did suffer quite the injustace today with having to pay for you lazy assed liberals health insurance but at least their is Arian beauty frollicking in the ocean for all to admire.

  39. Peanutty

    @ Tick Tock. Did you ever hear the song Video Killed the Radio Star? Same premise and yes, that is why the music industry is tanking IMO.

  40. Elephant ass one hit wonders are so hot right now.

  41. SnideLy Snide Assed

    Ke$ha needs to break out some more hits so she can buy an A$$.

  42. absinthe

    She looks horrible. She has no waste at all and a really broad upper half. And her face looks real bad. Let’s not even start on her ass. But then again, these pictures really wouldn’t be so flattering to anyone. Still, she looks BAD.

  43. Pico Mornay

    I’ll tap that ass!!!

  44. Pico Mornay

    I’ll tap that ass!!!

  45. Bella Donna

    @ Pico, While you are down there tapping could you maybe try to fluff it out a little bit? Perhaps you could lead her in a few lunges.

  46. Wow ! Her twat is GIANT! It looks like a lot of foulness. No bueno.

  47. “Hardcore” pop stars attempting to remain relevant by talking shit about Britney are irritating. Even when she was was on top, it didn’t work for very long. These bitches need to get a clue. It didn’t work long for Avril Lavigne, and she wasn’t even built like a linebacker. Let AutoTune breathe for a second. Have someone write you some decent lyrics, and for fucks sake, water is your friend. I never thought I’d miss the pop shit from the past decade. This fuckery is truly getting out of hand.

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