Ke$ha throws in the towel on attractiveness

March 25th, 2010 // 108 Comments

Apparently Ke$ha has the Internet because here she is at Bondi Beach yesterday covering her 48-year-old body with a Pixies T-shirt while simultaneously mugging for the paparazzi. Which is practically an oxymoron until you realize Ke$ha just assumes someone will show up and AutoTune the blech. She’s probably staring at a seashell right now waiting for it to change into a puppy.


  1. Natalia

    Hmm.. It looks like maybe her body’s not all that bad, but she definitely picked the worst possible bathing suit. Eughhh.

  2. Booopit


  3. Mandi.ottawa

    I really don’ think its her body… It’s just a REALLY terrible bathing suit. She is not a super model tho.

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  6. The Chill

    She doesn’t look nearly as wretched in these pics as she did in the last batch.

  7. Wow man! Dam hot in that bikini ..! I have no word to praise her .. She is really beautiful I must say. But her legs are not pretty as well but the way she is giving pose is really awesome .

  8. WoopWoop

    She looks like my stepmom. And that’s not a good thing.

  9. Cousin Carl

    Them’s birthin’ hips.

  10. booboo

    She definately needs to tone up!

  11. Giant floppy vag. No thank YOU! Blech!

  12. Frankiepop

    m3 zero, actually I think her legs are the only good feature in her, no cellulite… but this is quite common in girls with a manly body like hers, no ass, no waist and wide back.

  13. Jade

    I’m sorry but I think she looks as though she has already had a few kids or used to be fat and recently lost weight. She is way to young to be so out of shape looking. Put down the booze girl and pick up a weight…………..just sayin

  14. Sledman

    I think #15 hit the nail on the head. I briefly dated a chick that had lost a lot of weight and when I saw her naked she looked a lot like this only with a prettier face.I’ve also noticed shes hiding her mid section which is common for women who have a stretch marked pooch from having kids or losing lots of weight.

  15. KIKI

    The swim suit is way too high cut on her thighs. A nice low hemline looks alot better on hippy sisters flat buttocks.

  16. Natalie

    Her body isn’t bad, it’s just that the cut of the bathing suit is terrible. The leg holes should be much lower down. It makes her body look really awkward and gangly.

  17. Dick Tree

    OK, who the hell is Kisha?!!!

  18. DKNY

    Her body is terrible, her music is auto-tuned cheesy pop garbage, her stage name is retarded (seriously, a $?). Why is this girl famous?

  19. DKNY

    Her body is terrible, her music is auto-tuned cheesy pop garbage, her stage name is retarded (seriously, a $?). Why is this girl famous?

  20. I really don’t think it is her body that make her look bad. I think, it is just her bathing suit.

  21. Tara

    Well, at least we know she has a brazilian.

  22. Mr. ice Guy

    Far Worse than any of Tiger’s Women.

  23. Aryn

    She does just really have an unfortunate body shape…I don’t think she’s so much out of shape, but that’s just how her body is. Big midsection/no waist definition, broad shoulders, skinny legs. I’m sure if she hit the gym she could deff improve a little non the less. But hey, she’s a ‘singer’ not a supermodel right? ;]

  24. IAmBlInd

    Brittany must be having a great laugh!!!!!!!

  25. dude

    it’s good to see Courtney Love is still making news.

  26. reality check

    not her body? are you people blind?

    she has the hips and waist and ass of a MAN, and a very average one at that

    its simple geometry here – open your eyes!

  27. Autumn

    There is no freaking way she is a Pixies fan. I refuse to believe it and I want that shirt.

  28. Laura


  29. TekMoney

    Superficial’s Daily Tranny Post #1

    Seriously… broad shoulders, no hips, no waist, no ass…. WTF… it’s a trap!

  30. mamamiasweepeaches

    But….shes covering up the wrong half! Everyone was making fun of the assvag/thighs combo not the store-bought titties.

    Yeah #27. It reminds me of that season Mary Kate Olson kept wearing that METALLICA t-shirt. You wanna say to them “Name three songs, bitch!”

  31. Beeotch

    She should take the $ from her name and go buy herself a bathing suit that doesn’t show her camel toe!

  32. kesha is cool

    i like kesha and i want to fuck her. everytime she trys to sing one of her songs i want to make her gag on my cock until she drinks my big load of sperm and she will love to swallow it coz she looks very nice.

  33. Danklin

    ^^^ retarded statement of the day

  34. Valerie

    Damn, I just found out I have a $50 parking ticket from February in San Francisco I have to pay…then I saw Kesha’s body and it made me feel much better–at least I actually look like a female, shit!

  35. Andie

    THAT’S A MAN, BABY! Or, at the very least, a REALLY ugly bathing suit.

  36. V

    If you’ve heard her songs, you know she’s not smart so I’m not surprised she wears something like this.

    We have a she-wigger on our hands.

    Brace yourself.

  37. Lolocaust

    Boo. Bring back the topless nazi bitch. At least she’s got some shit worth looking at (if you crop her face out of the photos). Nobody wants to see pictures of Broadback “If money had a dick, I’d have more kids than Angelina” McShittymusic.

  38. nubian

    see pic #4… she looks like daniel craig.

  39. testington

    Let’s be honest, the only difference between this chick and Blake Lively is that Black has better clothes and small tasteful implants, otherwise they have the same body, same fucked up nose and same hair

  40. AnnaDraconida

    One of the worst non-overweight bodies I’ve ever seen. She isn’t fat per se, but her constitution is amazingly ugly. She is not hot & she is not talented in any way. WHY THE FUCK IS SHE FAMOUS???

  41. Namless

    She’s had to have lied about her age. This chick is in her early 30′s not 20′s.

  42. Jenny Craig

    Kirstie Alley looks cute in this swimsuit. Why does the headline say Ke%ha?

  43. gen

    Oooh, boy. She should really stay away from beaches and other places that leave her face and body so exposed. I thought she looked decent when she had a lot of glitter, and hair, and fur coats, and whatever, but boy has my opinion changed…

    And the fact that she keeps wearing one pieces just makes me wonder how awful her stomach must be.

  44. MichMasterFlex

    haha why would she wear THAT.. that is the most unflattering thing imaginable. shes a pretty girl. why oh whyyy

  45. Blah

    I would


  46. ke¢ha

    she DID lose weight. there are a lot of younger pictures of her circulated and she was definitely much heavier

    i’m not going to rag on her because i literally have the same body but damn she is not helping the situation wearing that ugly ass bathing suit.

  47. turd da third

    Its just ugly,, really ugly,,, looks like a well used crotch…Her belly needs some white goo all over it in order to take everyones eyes off of looking at how untoned this old hag is…its not even a MILF,, pretty sad, and sadly NOT pretty..

  48. andi72

    what kind of day and age do we live in when a woman with no vocal talent, and absolutely nothing going on in the looks department winds up with a record deal and songs on the radio! gimme one or the other alright! this is outrages, someone give me a drink!

  49. BEA

    i was just going to post my theory, but #13 jade said it already. She honestly looks like a girl that used to be chubby then lost weight, especially that doughy looking rear end….which would also explain the 1 piece….oh well

  50. Krystian

    I thought she looked familiar, and other people see it to.

    Travolta, anyone?

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