Ke$ha’s gonna ride this Cheap-Ass Lady GaGa look out. See what happens.

March 24th, 2010 // 70 Comments

RECORD EXEC. #1: What’d you pull out of the hat?
RECORD EXEC. #2: “Mexican.” You?
RECORD EXEC. #1: “Wizard.”
RECORD EXEC. #2: I’ll make the call.


  1. Valerie

    She has a nice smile.

  2. Irene Barcelo

    Who is this person?

  3. Harold^Sick

    Who the fuck is this Ke$ha person (Aside from someone who has the most annoying name ever) and why should I care?

  4. Lou Lou

    Not sure how you think this looks like lady ga ga? I think its her own style punk mixed with trash!

  5. hahah

    hahaoahoaa oh kesha you’re always on the cutting edge of fashion

    or something

  6. Dr. Worm

    Ol’ manback has to wear a cloak to hide that mini linebacker body. Good thinking.

  7. dude

    good comments fish. But unless she’s paying you, can you ease up on the Ke$shit posts? No one cares.

  8. just wow

    Ke$hit: the woman you want to bang if you have a fetish for your great-grandmother’s droopy ass

  9. super

    horrifying thought: her a$$ is this disgusting in her prime, what will it look like when she’s $ixty?

  10. -Lmega5-

    twilight princess! ^o^

  11. Sport

    No idea who she is but with a symbol in her name and these stupidly fucked up outfits I do know she is trying WAYYY too hard.

  12. Randal


    as your star rises, inevitably there will be jealousy among those still earthbound who will seek to tear you down. But we dreamers know you for what you are: a talented, original individual worth of our love and admiration!

    There’s a great big runway of self acceptance, and I’m clearing you for a landing!


  13. Randal'$ A$$

    Dude above: get help.

  14. Richard McBeef

    We can all be talented singers if you send our voice through a supercomputer first. fucking $tupid.

  15. Explain to me again why this ugly a$$ chick is famous.

  16. nutnbutter

    this bitch has absolutely zero talent. i’d enjoy watching her get clubbed with her own severed limbs! gaga bogarting bitch!

  17. Tek

    An ugly, no talent one hit wonder desperately trying to stay relevant. I say by the time summer is done I predict some vajayjay shots. And by this time next year she’ll be on some reality show on VH1.

    Oh and Randal? Kill yourself!

  18. Posh

    How the F is that a “laddy gag gag” look? At least this bitch covered her crotch, and looks only slightly retarded compare to gahgah’s atrocious attire.

  19. bar room hero

    She looks awful, and spells her ‘name’ like a dumbass…

  20. Alej

    I hate this bitch.

  21. bar room hero

    …oh and why is she emulating gaga (another slag with a dumbshit name). Who is this btw????

  22. Estee Lauder

    Lady Gag-Gag and Ke%sha “Blob Blob Blob” are examples of the effect of makeup. If you slop enough of my shit on your face, people may not notice you are homely, have a saggy man-ass, back fat, and linebacker shoulders.

    Why do I suspect Ke&ha’s clit is bigger than most penii?

  23. willis

    I hate ‘facebook fishlips’

    That is in no way sexy…especially when the girl is built like a linebacker!

  24. bob

    gotta give props to randal. To keep up this persona up for so long takes effort.

    unless he really means all the shit he says (doubt it) , but then that just means he’s fucked in the head.

  25. titsonsnack

    Fuckin lame and retarded. I saw how she looked in high school – jeans and sweatshirt. BTW I thought this was madonna at first.

  26. Jay

    Randall is hilarious, whether he is joking or being real (which would be even more hilarious). When ever I read his comments I hear a gay voice complete with lisps and overdone inflections lol.

  27. Stefanie

    Randal, you’re the reason I read the comments. You’re HILARIOUS! Please don’t change.

  28. Sardonic

    I know where she landed in Sydney – right by a yard sale for a disbanded Aussie cult.

  29. Beeotch

    I have some left over Halloween costumes too….if i put them on, could I also be a celebrity whore? oh wait, just the whore!

  30. lookma_nohans

    Her pucker looks like a butthole.

  31. Holy shit SW. U are always comical. But. “Mexican wizard” that shit is lol funny.


    Mexican wizard. Lmao!!!!!!

  32. Holy shit SW. U are always comical. But. “Mexican wizard” that shit is lol funny.


    Mexican wizard. Lmao!!!!!!

  33. Holy shit SW. U are always comical. But. “Mexican wizard” that shit is lol funny.


    Mexican wizard. Lmao!!!!!!

  34. Tek

    LMFAO @ # 26.

  35. Dickshot

    I read Randal’s posts in a James Earl Jones voice, myself.

  36. eddy

    Lady Gaga at least looks passable without makeup… and I think her outfits are interesting even when they’re awful.

    This is like a five year old dressed her out of the dress up chest full of mommy’s heroin addict clothes and her World Music phase outfits.

  37. Louier

    About the only idiots who will dance to her music, are idiots who are so f*cked up -that they will dance to anything. She sucks, and btw.. has no ass (look at her bikini pics!). At least Lady Gaga is unique and has a style of her own (plus a bod!) This is a freaking copy cat!

  38. Peanutty

    Randal’s voice in my head sounds like my ass after burrito night. Fart-fart-faaaaaaaaaart. poot!

  39. Rhialto

    Is this Darth gone fag folks!?

  40. Darth

    This can’t be me because i’m much,much more handsome!

  41. Footclan

    She should enjoy her time in the limelight cause it won’t last very long.

  42. dude

    lmao 35

  43. ME

    She looks like Chad Dylan Cooper.

    The greatest actor of our generation.

  44. @38 haha that’s more like it.

    I think Randal is for real…just waiting for the email to come from E! inviting him to audition to be one of the flamers sitting in a director’s chair on one of their many clip shows.
    Oh and he’d be one of Ryan Semencrust’s bitches as well. Which I’m sure he’s fantasizing about even more than being on E!

  45. @11 you nailed it – she is most certainly trying too hard! This is a pathetic display. And I’m happy if you truly don’t know who she is. There is hope for us yet.

  46. ****SEXYSADIE****

    She’ll never be man enough to carry the Lady GaGa look dammit!

  47. ****SEXYSADIE****

    Oh hey!
    $o that’s what “Buffalo Bill” from $ilence of the Lambs is doing now, finally his dreams of being a singer are realized!!

  48. Pat

    Was she on her way to a Dungeons and Dragons convention?

  49. sunny

    scary looking dood. maybe if he shaved it would help

  50. sunny

    scary looking dood. maybe if he shaved it would help

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