Ke$ha: ‘Britney Spears shows are bullshit’

March 4th, 2010 // 123 Comments

Ke$ha apparently isn’t a big fan of Britney Spears lip-syncing her way through every concert, according to Showbiz Spy:

“I think that’s bulls***,” she said. “I don’t think that’s fair at all for people who are going to see the show. I think if you are going to be a singer, you should sing. If you are going to be a dancer, you should dance…..
“It’s treating people as if they are too stupid to realize you are not actually singing. Sometimes it is hard to sing and dance at the same time but I would rather be off and be real and genuine about it to my fans. I don’t want to treat my fans like they are stupid.
“That is my take on my fans and life in general. My whole record is super-honest. I am really honest. When I am singing I may sound s*** sometimes but at least you’ll know I’m singing.”

Yes, because there’s something unbelievably honest about a blonde pop singer wearing ridiculous outfits. No, really, if there was anymore originality here, Michelangelo would jump out of his grave and cockslap us all until we agreed to stop shattering the thresholds of art.

NOTE: Not an endorsement of Britney Spears.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. beastman

    first to rip off lady gaga’s style

  2. street meat

    Isn’t that lady gaga’s bodyguard in the back?

  3. Ke$ha is lame. She has a $ in her name. And uhh… does ANYONE use the auto tune more than her?! have you HEARD HER SONGS?

    “hey pot… its the kettle. You’re black.”

  4. Bone

    is the dude in the penguin suit part of her entourage as well?

  5. primouomo

    lol what’s up with that guy in the penguin suit?

  6. city of yompton

    It’s so real and honest the way she uses computers to help her sing on key.

  7. titsonsnack

    Yeah because “Lady Gaga” was the first performer to ever don wacky oufits. Gaga’s not original in the slightest and neither is this poor-man’s Gaga.

  8. Sithlord

    yea she thinks she’s lady gaga. her rhymes are garbage. “p.diddy and city” (done so many times).. “dj blow the speakers up” (wow, so cool wanting him turn it up so high. he blows the speaker he can’t play more music dumbass)

  9. Irene Barcelo

    Who is this person?

  10. Big'n

    I love me some Britney Spears, who’s looking very hot in these pics. Dressed in that cop outfit, I’d even let her sodomize me with that billy club.

  11. Sab

    I think those red pants and reality are going to have a butting of heads soon!

  12. Mary

    OH COME ON, she is barely able to “move” fluently in her music video, not talking about the lipsync…
    Sweetie, call us back when you first have your periods, ok?

  13. Richard McBeef

    @3 – I think she needs the auto-tune turned up to 11. Her so-called music sounds like atonal shit to me. It’s the same prepackaged garbage as spears just with a different flavor.

    I wish the speakers would blow up, then I wouldn’t have to hear that shit again.

  14. G

    Can’t believe she’s acting like she’s better than Britney Spears, her “music” is terrible – just like Brittney Spears. At least Britney looks good. Would these people just go away already?!

  15. Cheapskate Date

    Her music sucks as bad as her attitude. As much as Britney Spears can’t sing, I’d pick her any day over this oversexed syphilitic piece of poor white trash.

  16. Manda

    I am digging the guy in the penguin costume. He looks like he could probably sing and dance pretty well . . . He must be lost looking for Brittany Murphy.

  17. SO RIGHT

    I understand what Kesha is saying, however, she might want to humble herself a little bit and have some respect for the pop divas that came before her.

  18. I just have to say that she looks like she’s wearing an 80′s X-Men costume.

    And the guy in the penguin suit? Clearly her supervillian nemesis.

  19. Jack

    Happy for her success… but WOW, hit it now boys, because that girl is NOT gonna age well.

  20. i think she means live in concert

    Her comment suggest she is talking about her concerts, which all of you have gone to see right? I mean that’s how you know they’re autotuned right?

  21. Brooklyn's Rough'est

    That was a clear dig at Alli Watermellon, Britneys fan club president…

  22. Earl

    I had knowed ever since I seen her dance on the pole at the trailer park talent show she was gonna be big someday. I’m glad she ain’t let catching herpes from her stepdaddy keep her from being a star.

  23. Faux

    I don’t know who this chick is, but she might want to shove her foot in her mouth. What a moron.

  24. Ariana d

    Oh tell this bitch to shut up.


    keep whoring yourself up the Hip hop chain, you lady gaga rihanna wanna be.


  25. Alex De Large

    At least she dropped the 2003 gothic skank drippy eye makeup.

  26. david henry

    the pictures of her in the stripy catsuit are from the bathhouse in london… weird coz i remember her lip synching though that gig…

  27. havoc

    I have no idea who this person is….


  28. not. sexy. – Hell most of these pop farts can’t sing well either but at least Leighton M and Katy P represent for the eye candy..This chick makes K Clarkson look like steak dinner…albeit a juicy, untrimmed fatty slab of steak…*sighs*…LUNCHTIME!!

  29. The catsuit makes this bitch look kind of fat. I’ve heard her “music” and it’s frankly shit like the rest of these autotune clowns. Fuck ‘em all. In two years this chick will be dancing around a pole while guys put $$$$$ down by her cooter.

  30. candace

    Is that guy in the penguin suit Fred Durst? Because if it’s not, it really should be. He could probably use a job right now.

  31. Lip-Syncing duh I’m not stupid… wait does that mean the stripper from last night really didn’t like me… dammit.

  32. Stupid

    I can’t believe some of you are actually admitting that you like her music or have seen her in concert. I never knew tweens were allowed to use their parents computer.

  33. Because there’s something very down to earth and real about a pop artist whose name contains a dollar sign.

    So, that *is* the real name on your birth certificate, right?

  34. Mike Nike

    Britney’s music can’t be replicated live. Pure and Simple. That + Shes crazy yo.

  35. Stupid

    And to the people who think Britney is hot in these pics you might have to adjust your monitor settings because she actually looks like shit here. Very big thighs & calves, YUK.

  36. Blech

    Oh, Ke$ha. STFU.

  37. Jones

    Hey Superficial,

    That last post about the marriage ref show is bullshit. Disguising ads as blog posts is low and just brings down the quality and standard of this site (Yes I do realize most people come here for boobs… including myself), I don’t want to have to sift through bullshit posts with the real ones.

  38. Blech

    These f*cking ‘celebrities’, celebrity-wannabes, etc, speak sometimes, and all that comes out is diarrhea.


  39. iola

    Wow, is she serious? “Get your head out of your ass Ke$ha!”

  40. rob frost

    wow yet another illuminati controlled puppet – check out her all seeing eye!
    Is it Britney, is it Gaga, is it Ke$ha? I can’t tell anymore.

  41. Stupid

    Its all okay, she will be doing Playboy soon just like Tiffany & Debbie Gibson did after their careers went down the toilet.

  42. YEAH OKAY! This coming from a chick that sounds like fucking BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT when she sings!!!! TELL ME SHE DOESNT LOL.

  43. Richard McBeef

    @43 – holy balls, watermelon. you nailed it. you fuckin nailed it.

  44. ali

    Hey body is so ugly. And she can’t sing either. Lose-lose.

  45. Nameless

    Man this chick is fug.

  46. sunshine

    picture #7 – what is Brooke Hogan doing in with these shots of Brit and the artist formally known as Kesha?

  47. Nicole

    Who is she? What song does she sing? I thought that was a picture of Shakira? Oh who cares.. that only one that has talent is Lady Gaga. They are all a little freaky though.. and Brit is a joke. She never sang.. it’s all produced.. more of a T & A show.. not music.

  48. Tom Wiebke

    Just a friendly reminder, you are both talentless.

  49. Carlos

    Why is she dissing lip synching? With her tremendous overbite, Ke$ha could be the Queen of LS. Or to be the Queen of LS do you have to be more than a one-hit wonder?

  50. La Garse

    This site’s gone WAY downhill. If it’s not covering that horse-faced twat Gaga, we get garbage like kesha and lindsay lohan. The writing has deteriorated; this really sucks.

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