Ke$ha is Topless and Could Use a Wet-Nap

July 7th, 2010 // 189 Comments

Because the Internet is a constant stream of amazing, someone – I’m guessing DJ Stolen. Call it a hunch. – just posted a topless/quasi-nude shot of Kesha apparently covered in semen. I say that because of my keen skills of detection that allowed me to see the word “cum” with an arrow next to it. Now, I don’t really know if that’s semen, or if splooge is safe for work, so I erred on the side of caution and covered it. Sort of like this person did to Ke$ha but without all the shame, regret and confusion that came after. “She just climbed into my window and put a gun to my head until I had unprotected sex with her. I mean, I knew Lady GaGa was crazy, but day-amn.

NOTE: Click here for uncensored pic, and God knows why you would do that.


  1. Wow… Ke$ha is a Wh0r3 – who saw THAT coming?

  2. realman
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    move your hand, Ke$ha, i wanna see your boobs!

  3. realman
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    move your hands Ke$ha, i wanna see your boobs!

  4. Cumdumpster
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    I’d hit it, but I wouldn’t bother to take a picture of it.

  5. haaaaaaaaa
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    this is a step up from how she normally look like.

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  7. baby

    deena deen, how do you know that only black guys have huge dicks. you are just some freak who cares! my boyfriends dick happens to be huge and is great for BLOWJOBS! stick that up your asss!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. stupidyou
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    Really? You people….pretty much all of you…are ridiculous. If there were cameras in each of your rooms, they’d be catching just about the same kinda shit. Grow up.

  9. carrie


  10. oppis
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    fuck the bitch were can i find entire naked pics from ke$ha

  11. Booly
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    Wait wait wait…. She is an adult woman that has SEX?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF????


  12. the real erzabet
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    that happens all the time to me. Whats the big deal .lol

  13. the real erzabet
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    Happens all the time to me.

  14. zoey
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    i think shes hot and whats wrong with black dick there the best.

  15. i hate everyone
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    FIRST OFF, Deena Dean … your a retard, because i and countless others completely agree with half of this page, now im not racist but sweetheart, if you choose to ‘go black’ .. the saying got twisted in translation over the years but i’m pretty positive the correct saying of that rhyme is, “ONCE YOU GO BLACK, WE DON’T WANT YOUR AS BACK.” Yea … thats just my opinion, Im not a racist, the word N!g*eR has no color to it in my eyes, you could be green for all i care. But i know my words will get twisted, but seriously some of you ppl need to grow up talking about us white folks bein’ jealous over big black cocks? Were definitely not jealous of all you scummy arrogant fucks who give the rest of your race a bad name, deal drugs, cry slavery 24/7 and try and screw any white girl you could .. even if shes 450 lbs. and was once a man, i know some who’d tap it just to say they had a ‘white bitch’. i know some good black people, as well as hispanic too, very few, but some and i also know a lot of arrogant white tarts as well, so like i said before the word, in my eyes, has no color of skin. i hate everyone equally.

    But some of you idiots are just .. well idots … grow up and check in on the real world once in awhile instead of sitting around talking shit over a plastic electronic device …

  16. oneofgaga'slilmonsters

    her music is fun to listen to although im not saying its great music just fun to listen to but really i have nothing bad to say about her really im sure this pic wasnt meant to be shared on the net whichever asshole took thi pic should feel disgusted with himself and i hope has something bad or similar happen to them just so they know how ke$ha feels after looking at this pic maybe she was drunk wen she took this, or maybe she did drugs who knows? watever the reason its retards like this [paparazzi and whoever made this ghetto website] that make me fucking sick u pathetic lowlifes would do anything to get money so y trash on celebs and try to ruin thier lives by looking into all thier personal stuff please asshole get a real job really, could people these days get anymore pathetic and money hungry its sad to watch

  17. oneofgaga'slilmonsters

    go suck a fat cock DJ stolen u suck and so does ur website fuck off and go get a taste of reality not ur world full of dirty pictures, and stupid pooryl written articles please!!! and i dont give a shit wat other might wanna reply to any of this cuz u know wat its the truth the truth hurts so dont come bitching to me

  18. i fucked her last night
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    ugly slut

  19. Megan
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    First of all if it were in her job description to act like a druken whore then she would be doing a good job. Kesha is setting a bad example for people everywhere. And can i just add that is Kesha were to just mysteriously disappear it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. Just speaking the truth.

  20. Douchevidania
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  21. bri
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    this kinda makes me upset because i look up to kesha and how she is a real celebrity and i didnt think she was like this :/ i wish i never saw this. But i still love and support kesha through whatever happens can;t wait for her concerttt!!!!!!!!

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