Ke$ha is Topless and Could Use a Wet-Nap

July 7th, 2010 // 189 Comments

Because the Internet is a constant stream of amazing, someone – I’m guessing DJ Stolen. Call it a hunch. – just posted a topless/quasi-nude shot of Kesha apparently covered in semen. I say that because of my keen skills of detection that allowed me to see the word “cum” with an arrow next to it. Now, I don’t really know if that’s semen, or if splooge is safe for work, so I erred on the side of caution and covered it. Sort of like this person did to Ke$ha but without all the shame, regret and confusion that came after. “She just climbed into my window and put a gun to my head until I had unprotected sex with her. I mean, I knew Lady GaGa was crazy, but day-amn.

NOTE: Click here for uncensored pic, and God knows why you would do that.


  1. Toocool4aname
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    So she didn’t become “famous” because of her talent? Who knew?

  2. Lolocaust
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  3. Commented on this photo:

    Am I the only one seeing the strand of hot semen across her right eye?

  4. Commented on this photo:

    Am I the only one who sees the strand of hot semen across her right eye?

  5. meborg
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    She probably still hasn’t washed her funky ass

  6. Randal

    What a Masterpeice of beauty.just look at the way the manchowder glistens on here tummy like a really takes your breath away.

  7. Commented on this photo:

    Ew gross, lol! That is so freaking funny.

  8. Instead
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    This guy needs to drink more water.

  9. ominina
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    her parents must be proud……..the little girl is blossom ¬¬…….into a sick girl!

  10. Truk
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    I love that to continue being a “star”, these girls are becoming more and more like pornstars every day.

    I raise a glass and toast to the future!

  11. Bez

    Damn this bitch is scary 2 look at

  12. Robbins
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    She does have talent assholes. I do NOT see any of you guys and gals with videos on TV or albums in the stores. She is not a little girl either dumbasses. She can legally legally drink, strip, pose nude, and make pornos, if she wanted to. She is 23 years old people. She can make up her own mind about who she is and what she wants to do or who she wants to be with. Besides, she is fucking hot!! I wish that was my jizz on her. Your right, she does have nice tits!!!!

  13. saraa
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    she definitly got hit with the ugly stick as a child

  14. Michael

    I wanna do her so much

  15. Big Chief
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    Awww, skeet SKEET!

  16. cheryl
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    what a lazy romp. she didn’t even bother getting undressed. & I don’t know who her man is, but what exactly did she get out of this-besides HIGH, that is? & I hate her ugly nail polish.

  17. Perplexed

    I know I am in error. I can’t even blame intoxication. I am wholly without excuse but I would absolutely devour that girl. I see the comments about her being dirty, trashy, and so on. I know deep inside these people speak the truth. That said, I would attach myself to her like a rabid remora on a great white. The first responders would have to break my jaw to get me off of that box.

    I feel dirty now.

  18. Hugh Gentry
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    she isn’t worth a load of my batter

  19. white guy
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    hope that load had aids in it.. it probably did being from a mud man

  20. captain america

    to explaine this in american standards, folks!!

  21. Commented on this photo:

    She looks like Danny Bonaduce…
    anyway this girl is so dirty looking.

  22. KAGEN
    Commented on this photo:

    He must have looked like mcjagger…

  23. Bert

    For alot of American prudes this could be the first time they have seen cum before. Because of a slutty pop star. Ahahahaha.

  24. Miss

    OMG i’m gonna tell all my friends and everyone i know about it! Now we will never be single and lonely again. Oh Hallelujah!!!

  25. Phil


  26. Kaz

    She want black man sex her breast and pussy

  27. Slig

    Hahahahaha she did what black man hahaha.

  28. misterfister
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    If that was me it would be all over her face.

  29. NatTurner
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    Wow, what famous white woman doesnt have nude pictures and a sex tape? Betty White?

  30. The Matador

    I’ve found Kesha interesting since she first appeared on the scene because she is so very average in every respect. She looks like any number of girls who sucked my dick whilst I was a collegian in the mid-Eighties. For this quality, I love her dearly and my love for her is only intensified by the sight of her freshly fucked and cum-drenched. Bravisimo!

  31. Daphne
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    Wow this is super degrading and terrible. Shame on your for posting it and I hope DJ Stolen gets what is coming to him. What an asshole.

  32. Cardinal Ximenez
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    What… no anal cream pie? Sheesh. Amateur.

  33. Drew
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    Fuck she’s gross.

  34. Lolocaust

    In before “Ke$ha to release new album!”

  35. Wanker

    WTF. Why bother with pretending you got an unedited version of the pics, yet even the supposed NSFW ones end up being censored too. I feel cheated.

  36. Clarence curry
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  37. barroom hero

    Ke$ha Kumdumpster needs to spell its name correctly.

    English, do you speak it motherfucker?


  38. barroom hero
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    ! Ke$ha Kumdump$ter !

  39. Jester
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    So… nobody is noticing the fact you can see her nips?

  40. Trimmy
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    You can see the cum on her right eye too.

  41. Faggotbob Johnson
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    Geniouses, that is a praying mantis tan design. Turn it sideways and look at it–it’s clear as day. Are you fucking all retarded or what?

  42. baby gets punch to the face

    next it will be Justin Bieber with a load on his chest

  43. Backoff

    She’s a sexually active girl/woman. Since they were, at that moment, consenting adults, I don’t see what everyone’s judging her for.
    However, the guy that took the photo is scum for sharing it, no matter what reasons he might have.

    • dee

      Mmmm I agree, I guarantee that almost any girl has pics like this but the only difference is, the person taking the pic has to be trustworthy. Although, this is fucking HILARIOUS and definitely expected hahahahahaha

  44. Beebaby
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    Ways to be famous: Ur doin it WRONG!

  45. Mike Iksard
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    DJ Stolen? gonna be DJ Served after the lawsuit he just invited. What a Fucktard. DJ Stolen DJ Stolen DJ Stolen…derp..underline the word Cum so people know what just happened. Good job, someone was bound to glaze that pasty ass, talentless, fat faced poptard. May as well have been you. WIKKI-WIKKI-WONK

  46. Stephanie
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    Her family was one of the stops on “The Simple Life” who knew that could make the most average looking white trash famous?

  47. Owww :D
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    The producer’s name is Jerkins? How lovely.

    Jergens should sponsor Jerkins Jerkin’ on Ke$ha.

  48. how the balls
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    do you get starts to go away ? :(

  49. haha
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    He missed lol

  50. Ke$haluvc0ck
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    I wouldn’t mind pumping her minge to be honest. Would have liked to see that minge in the photo

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