Ke$ha is Topless and Could Use a Wet-Nap

Because the Internet is a constant stream of amazing, someone – I’m guessing DJ Stolen. Call it a hunch. – just posted a topless/quasi-nude shot of Kesha apparently covered in semen. I say that because of my keen skills of detection that allowed me to see the word “cum” with an arrow next to it. Now, I don’t really know if that’s semen, or if splooge is safe for work, so I erred on the side of caution and covered it. Sort of like this person did to Ke$ha but without all the shame, regret and confusion that came after. “She just climbed into my window and put a gun to my head until I had unprotected sex with her. I mean, I knew Lady GaGa was crazy, but day-amn.

NOTE: Click here for uncensored pic, and God knows why you would do that.

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