1. lucci

    cumshot! yeah!

  2. Chez

    Not the biggest shot lol.

  3. Jack

    Wow. A girl with jizz on her belly? Neat.

  4. kristin

    kesha is gross. i would call her the poor man’s lady gaga, but i don’t want to insult gaga.

    she’s like britney spears except she never had a hot classy stage before she started looking busted.

  5. James

    She couldn’t wait to take off her clothes?

  6. Frank Rizzo

    God, the only thing more boring than her music is her sex life.

  7. DJ Stolen

    I love how this dude posted his stage name all over the pic in a blatant and successful attempt at some free publicity. I’m not so sure that I would be bragging about nailing Ke$ha though. I probably would have photo shopped a larger batch of throat yogurt as well.

  8. Slut

    He missed her tits

  9. checkit

    look at her lips and eye and forehead

  10. edge6241

    Honestly looks like someone just blew a wad on a picture of her. Looks like a weird shot.

  11. ipad case

    i liked this!

  12. B-rad

    For those of you who didn’t notice, I think their is a dribble/line of cum across the left eye. I wonder if it burns like CUM in your EYE?? NICE!!

  13. Michael

    She has a nice rack

  14. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  15. Anonymous

    Here is that same picture but i adjusted the lighting in photoshop so you can see the cum on her easily without straining your eyes ;)

  16. Me

    Holy fuck she looks exactly like Hulk Hogan’s son, but with a wig.

  17. ar

    ugly. i bet bangbus would’nt allow her in.

  18. MeLcHoR

    The “I just got laid face”… Priceless!

  19. Lord Sucks

    Fuck this UFFIE rip off bitch!

  20. Frank

    Its a fine line between music artist and trailer park trash

  21. joe blow

    Aw damn…. she’s a fucking coal burner. Too fucking bad.

  22. Frank

    at least she’s working towards her career path in porn when the music business realizes her music is trash

  23. techman

    Another no talent skank. 15 years ago she would’ve been working on the streets instead of on a stage. Amazing what you can achieve when you’re willing to spread your legs these days.

  24. Marcus

    Looks more like skin discoloration.

  25. asasasas

    another white girls needing a black cock to satisfy her , after the white mans small penis couldn’t do the job , lol

  26. Lolocaust


  27. Am I the only one seeing the strand of hot semen across her right eye?

  28. Am I the only one who sees the strand of hot semen across her right eye?

  29. meborg

    She probably still hasn’t washed her funky ass

  30. Ew gross, lol! That is so freaking funny.

  31. Instead

    This guy needs to drink more water.

  32. ominina

    her parents must be proud……..the little girl is blossom ¬¬…….into a sick girl!

  33. Truk

    I love that to continue being a “star”, these girls are becoming more and more like pornstars every day.

    I raise a glass and toast to the future!

  34. Robbins

    She does have talent assholes. I do NOT see any of you guys and gals with videos on TV or albums in the stores. She is not a little girl either dumbasses. She can legally legally drink, strip, pose nude, and make pornos, if she wanted to. She is 23 years old people. She can make up her own mind about who she is and what she wants to do or who she wants to be with. Besides, she is fucking hot!! I wish that was my jizz on her. Your right, she does have nice tits!!!!

  35. saraa

    she definitly got hit with the ugly stick as a child

  36. Big Chief

    Awww, skeet SKEET!

  37. cheryl

    what a lazy romp. she didn’t even bother getting undressed. & I don’t know who her man is, but what exactly did she get out of this-besides HIGH, that is? & I hate her ugly nail polish.

  38. white guy

    hope that load had aids in it.. it probably did being from a mud man

  39. She looks like Danny Bonaduce…
    anyway this girl is so dirty looking.

  40. KAGEN

    He must have looked like mcjagger…

  41. misterfister

    If that was me it would be all over her face.

  42. NatTurner

    Wow, what famous white woman doesnt have nude pictures and a sex tape? Betty White?

  43. Daphne

    Wow this is super degrading and terrible. Shame on your for posting it and I hope DJ Stolen gets what is coming to him. What an asshole.

  44. Cardinal Ximenez

    What… no anal cream pie? Sheesh. Amateur.

  45. Drew

    Fuck she’s gross.

  46. Clarence curry


  47. Jester

    So… nobody is noticing the fact you can see her nips?

  48. Trimmy

    You can see the cum on her right eye too.

  49. Mike Iksard

    DJ Stolen? gonna be DJ Served after the lawsuit he just invited. What a Fucktard. DJ Stolen DJ Stolen DJ Stolen…derp..underline the word Cum so people know what just happened. Good job, someone was bound to glaze that pasty ass, talentless, fat faced poptard. May as well have been you. WIKKI-WIKKI-WONK

  50. Owww :D

    The producer’s name is Jerkins? How lovely.

    Jergens should sponsor Jerkins Jerkin’ on Ke$ha.

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