Keanu Reeves runs over the paparazzi

March 20th, 2007 // 208 Comments

  1. biatcho

    I started thinking “Why the living fuck are there 200 posts about this guy?”

    And then I saw that the usual unfunny suspects were in town and fucking things all up. Going back to sleep…

  2. biatcho


  3. VeronicaRedux

    Did I just stumble across the community college course syllabus for Keanu Reeves 101?

  4. Lowlands

    Although the Porsche Carrera is older as mine ’98 Camry,it looks better maintained.I think this old age woman which supposed to be the former Camry-owner probably thought a car needs as much maintainance as her rollator.

  5. chundadownunda

    You should care a little about the paparazzi cause without them the well that supplies the Superficial could run dry…

  6. BastardotheGreat

    Despite looking like a freakin urban prospector he probably still gets his knob polished every day.

  7. Mr Mendez

    Porche: Piss excellence. So does Reeves. No damage better have been done to that C4, or else someone has a serious debt to pay– both money related, and physically.

  8. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

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