Keanu Reeves runs over the paparazzi

March 20th, 2007 // 208 Comments

  1. Jiimbo


    Do you have any of that Sasquatch porn? Any of you? I hear you HOT!!!

  2. schack

    i left the door wide open hoping something awesome might stroll through!

  3. FRIST!!!

    I downloaded some off Limewire once, schack. It was a woman doing a horse. I said WHOA!!!!!! hehe, get it?

  4. schack


    was she in a harness or something?

  5. wedgeone

    Jesus H. Christ on his throne!!!

    I stay at arm’s length for a week or so from the blog, and when I return I still see DamYell running around with her labia scraping across the pavement, having all of the nerve to correct the spelling in post #70, yet she says “you’re humor” in #64! What the flying hell are you thinking you idiotic twatwaffle? You have to be more stupid than Paris Hilton, and I thought that to be impossible.
    And of course, Wally the Fake Richport Gumboot Pink Penis Ass Ferret is still trolling like he’s getting paid for it. Because he can’t live life on his own, but must steal the identities of 80 people on this site.
    May you be struck dead in a collision with Keanu Reeves’ Porsche, after he mistakes you for a member of the “papaz”.

    Will this SITE ever get better? Will somebody please close the goddamm hole in TYPEKEY!!

  6. NotANiceGirl

    @ 97: SJTLQ: Is Sara Jean the Lilac Queen. She got the smack down of the century on these boards b4 the server crashed. JRZ could tell you how bad it was. She’s shut down every website and even her parents plead for her to be left alone already.

  7. schack

    why don’t you wedgeone in that goddamned hole, yourself? or don’t you have the girth to fill it?

  8. wedgeone

    If using a penis to plug a security hole in software had any chance of working, I’d be the first in line to try it.
    Instead I have to continue suffering in DamYell’s lack of humor & Wally’s terrible impersonations.

  9. danielle

    @106 refer to @108.

    Thee end.

  10. schack

    too bad you couldn’t add a gong sound effect to that attempt at the last laugh

  11. Go Have Fun

    HA! 107– You should see the crappy fashion advice SJTLQ spews out on her website..the fashionable housewife. I don’t got the link to it, but it’s highly hilarious.

  12. danielle

    To fake danielle,

    Why don’t you stop impersonating me, you dumb cunt?

    First of all, even a child in grade 3 knows the difference between tans and tan’s. Only an idiot would put an apostrophe in a word because it is plural. You aren’t an idiot now, are you “danielle”?

    Secondly, using words like “KeanEWW” is just plain stupid. You failed at trying to be clever, and simply came off as a dolt.

    In fact, you are failing at life. So back away from the keyboard, grab a snack, then shoot yourself in the face.

    Dumb ass.

  13. danielle


  14. danielle


    Nice try troll….ahem, maxi pad.

  15. schack

    danielle, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. typos are typos. a slip of the finger! syntax and grammar, now those are usually a clear-cut case of error.

  16. jrzmommy

    isn’t a sin tax something you pay to the church?

  17. guymorgan

    Oh dear God, I spelt tries wrong, you sure made a fool out of me Danielle…

  18. danielle

    Like I said, t-r-o-l-l.

    Ya know, you get them from time to time when you’re famous.

    Here’s hoping you get one in the future.

  19. whitegold

    #101 – hahaha, that’s so damn true!!!

  20. guymorgan

    Actually I think you make valued points about the superficial users so I think I will retract what I said.

  21. schack

    #117. lmao. and the anti-smoking campaign.

  22. veggi

    oh jiimbo………………….where are you?

  23. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    #119 danYELL, you assume I’m the only one who thinks you’re not funny. I don’t need to troll you, you set yourself up on your own. Famous? Babe, in yer dreams.

  24. Jiimbo

    I am right here, where are you?

  25. schack

    how can you be here when i’m here?

  26. danielle


    Bitch please. It’s you. And if it isn’t, who gives a shit?


    Don’t call me babe, I prefer danYELL.

  27. Jiimbo

    Schack, look behind you!!!

  28. meee

    you know he’s over when he’s driving a porsche that’s over 10 years old. fag!

    plus he’s the worst actor EVER.

  29. veggi

    hey look, I’m over here.

  30. danielle


    I should just go and get the popcorn ready. Looks like veggi and JimHo are about to have a Fuckfest. Nah….

    I’ll just watch National Geographic instead.

  31. neo_maxie_zoom_dweebie

    #131 Gonna compare naturals?

  32. veggi

    that might get us in the mood :)

  33. schack

    my crotch smells like semen

  34. Jiimbo


    That is a good idea. go check out what your relatives are doing. I think you will find your missing plates

  35. veggi

    ah! Good one neo max!

  36. schack

    i want some popcorn

  37. danielle




    I’d rather be related to you dear. No wait…


  38. Jiimbo

    Works for me:)

  39. schack

    anyone wanna see CGI porn?

  40. FRIST!!!

    What the FUCK?!? Why do people get on here just to hey cunt bitch people? Hmmmmm….I was joking before about starting to drink early, but since I regularly visit the liquor store on my lunch break, I happen to have a bottle outside in my Lexus (aka crappy ass minivan)…I’ll put some in my big gulp sprite. See? YOU GUYS ARE DRIVING ME TO DRINK!!! Just kiddin, I don’t need an excuse…

  41. LilRach

    Maybe if the stupid paparazzi got out of the way then they wouldn’t fucken get hit! Idiots.

    I don’t think there is any truth to this but apparently he is involved with Jennifer Anniston at the moment. Over here we have a mag call “Womans Day” and the story is on the front cover! Anyone else know of this?????? Probably bullshit.

  42. veggi

    I want some vodka too!!! Share Frist!

  43. Jiimbo

    Are you still out there Veggi?

  44. danielle

    He went on his lunch break.

  45. veggi

    of course I’m here. Trying to record a commercial, and you’ve helped me with my sexy voice…

  46. FRIST!!!

    Fine…DRINKS ARE ON ME!!!!! I bought 3 limes, club soda and now that my sprite is gone, we can use the ice, so who’s got a muddler? Mine’s at home.

  47. schack

    here, watch:

    in the meantime, i’m gonna figure out why i smell like semen. maybe buy some cigs and vodka if it takes too long.

  48. veggi

    I don’t want to click on the link, I don’t want to click on the link. No!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Jiimbo

    I am glad to be of service:) Any other service I can preform?

  50. Jiimbo

    Did you click on the link? They block that link here at work

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