Keanu Reeves might be homeless

October 25th, 2006 // 58 Comments







  1. mofe

    I’d still do him. Homeless, dirty, a bit haggard…sounds kinky.

  2. God: Thanks for Keanu, too.

    Superficial dudes, you’re totally rocking the good looking men from my generation who have now become wedgie-makers-of-their-own-delight and KEANU.

    I still remember when a few years back there were all these pap photos of him chilling out with a homeless guy. He’s so weird that way…but I love him still.

    I remember I once read some article where the author who obviously didn’t “GET” Keanu’s acting started it with: “Keanu. In Hawaiian, ‘Keanu’ means yelling your lines in monotone fashion and with no facial expressions.” heh!

    So, I can’t remember what the point of my comment is.

    I like Keanu, homeless or no.

    I wonder what’s in his book?


  3. TheOriginal

    Man,you guys are all retarded. Its called a set you nimrods. why do I even bother to cotnue to read this shit. You guys are all fucked!

  4. melsfreefallin

    What the hell is wrong with you, people?! First off he didn’t get River into drugs! If you’ve ever read anything about River you would know that. Second, just because he doesn’t feel the need to walk around in $1000 suits and a manicure doesn’t make him a bum or a male prostitute! Actually I think people should have more respect for him because he doesn’t waste money on bullshit material stuff when there are starving children out there! I’m sure you all are the kind of people who like snobs like Paris Hilton or think that every man has to be metrosexual. Keanu is a real man! I’m glad to see that there are men like him left instead of the bitches alot of men have turned into today. He is a wonderful actor and human being!

  5. Hmm, coffee cup has me thrown for a loop…

    Otherwise, its the same ole’ Keanu, and I would also have his babies…

    No harm, no foul.


  6. ha ha…i’d love to see him take a dump on the sidewalk….oh wait…no i don’t

  7. ohhh ohhh… is the “one” a zero?

    btw: goto

  8. i know something about keanu reeves
    that most of his fans don’t know about
    in 2000-2007
    a few things hurtfull things happen to keanu
    a few years after his motor bike accident
    keanu find out his girlfirend was pregant but it was a girl still born at 8 months
    for a few mponths after that keanu trying to move on with his life
    the media thought keanu went from nice fun actor too all most been homeless
    keanu gave up his music
    to canda
    so the media persons
    would just leave him in peace so keanu can move on maybe do more music/movies
    only to find out that his girl was accidently killed in a car acdent
    2006? living in canda i think
    i have not hear any real news only a few romours that keanu is making 4 new movies that come out in 2010-2011?
    first i have respect for keanu so im not going to go in to his private life
    sencond media persons have nothing better to so made up a story that keanu is a bum/homeless person while still did not have keanu’s version of the story
    i still think the media person sould just leave keanu alone and report on something more intesting
    im not sure but i think this photos where taken by media persons somewhere in canda
    while keanu was enjoy his private time
    having a coffee somewhere
    i also see the media persons don’t have any respect for someone’s privacey
    keanu would have a choice and not perent he is homeless if the media persons backed off
    i kind went of topic but i had to say this things

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