Keanu Reeves might be homeless

October 25th, 2006 // 58 Comments







  1. Astriastar

    First! Haha! I guess it’s getting tougher for him to find work in Hollywood these days.

  2. kankan


  3. Keanu is WAY too casual, man! If he was at a protest rally, cops would beat him about the head and shoulders long before they realized who he was!

    Hell, by the looks of him, cops might do it anyway…

  4. Norad

    I heard he was very close to landing the lead role in Pinocchio but his performance wasn’t wooden enough. Sad.

  5. Binky

    He’s taking ‘My Name is Earl’ chic a bit far I think. But after you get kicked out of Starbucks a few times – you learn to dress a bit better…so I’ve heard…

  6. fucking classy

    Holy crap.
    And I thought this dude was sexy back in the 90

  7. jrzmommy

    Strange fucking dude.

  8. ponk

    maybe he wasn’t the chosen one after all.

  9. jrzmommy

    Give him a shave and a thorough scrubbing and I bet he’s a heck of a lot of fun in the sack!

  10. Tracie

    And I’ve heard from legitimate sources that he smells as good as he looks…bleh…

  11. thatsmyname

    victoria is a weirdo. yes. it’s true.

  12. NipsyHustle

    he’s giving you full time “neo” fashions. you know how they do it outside the matrix. don’t act brand new.

  13. GirlyGirl

    Obviously he’s depressed. Didn’t he lose his pregnant fiance in a car crash a couple of years ago? Poor guy.
    He seriously reminds me of the homeless prophet in “Life or Something Like It” with Angelina Jolie. Pull yourself together Keanu! You still have a chance!

  14. gossipmonger

    Wow, I kept TRYING to think of some reason he may be looking this way (movie role? doubtful)and be able to defend my hunky Keanu… and I am at a loss. I used to think he was hot… now I am just stumped…

  15. kylieer

    At least Keanu doesn’t feel the need to rub our poverty in our faces by insisting on carrying a tea cup poodle as an accessory and the latest $20000000 bag by Hermes. I think he is one of the last sane people left in Hollywood. At least he looks like you and I, and not some plastic bimbo who can’t even tell chicken from tuna.

  16. I wonder if he cares about our opinions?

    E –

  17. BigJim

    He’s just pretending to be homeless so he can turn gay tricks.

    He loves the cock almost as much as Jake does, but not nearly so much as Tom does.

  18. JoannieBalonie

    Hate to break it to you all, but he’s obviously on set. Keanu – you had me at Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure…….(sigh)

  19. Tracie

    Long-rumored to have been the one who started River Phoenix’s drug habit when they worked together on “My Own Private Idaho”,
    Keanu had dumped the Jennifer Syme, then found out she was pregnant. The baby girl, Ava, was stillborn. The couple split for good afyerwards. Two years later, Jennifer died in a car accident being thrown out the windshield without wearing a seatbelt. Also, Keanu’s sister, Kim, has been battling leukemia for several years. A black cloud for Keanu indeed.

  20. slantingthroughdarkness

    He looks like a college professor.

  21. RichPort

    If you shower him, he’d lose about 10% of his weight. I have to confess, I walked by him on the street the other day and accidentally dropped a few quarters in his coffee cup. He was not happy, and kept mumbling about being “The One”. I need to stop equating fingerless gloves and overall dirtiness with vagabonds…

    #20 – I was thing EXACTLY the same thing…

  22. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    First of all, why does that damned TypeKey let me check a box that says “Sign me in for two weeks” and then never signs me in for two weeks, not even two days? Stupid.

    Second, Keanu Reeves needs a bath. He needs to come over to my place and I will bathe him. Then I would love him long time, because he’s the sweetest, sexiest motherfucker in Hollywood. Then I would have his babies….sigh.

  23. Proteon

    Looks like he was inside drinking coffee somewhere and some publicicst type said “come outside and take a photo with this dipshit” and he said “um totally but can I bring the java?” And of course he could. He looks like he’s going off to smoke a bowl. He looks great.

  24. PrettyBaby

    Whenever I see this dude I think of that hideous movie Speed. “Whoa” or whatever he likes to say.

    I am disappointed at the lack of hot guys on here. Gay Jake Gyllenhal and Fucking Keanu Reaves. Where’s Mark Wahlberg, Al Pacino or even Brad the Ego Pitt? Even Nick Lachey would be alright. Whatever, I am going back to the love of my 3 Bosses. Bye-Bye.

  25. PrettyBaby

    #22 Yes Asshat you are 100% correct, I got my hopes up that I’d be signed on and then…nothin’

  26. What is with guys growing these scraggly beards… They. Are. Not. Attractive.

  27. #22, #25 – TypeKey is Racist! (and Easy to hack!)

  28. Where’s the picture of him cleaning windshields?

  29. Alex

    What’s really funny is that he is still worth about $100 million, and I still very fucking jealous of that. Anyone other than the Olsen twins say different, well, they are liars.

  30. PapaHotNuts

    The Matrix has been renamed Atari 2600.

  31. Italian Stallion

    Well, I feel bad for Michael J. Fox, but we can tell that Keanu does not have Parkinsons disease……He actually got to drink the coffee, not wear it………

  32. The Gilbs

    I love this man. He has gone through the ringer in his life and might have actually achieved some sort of depth, which is difficult in this day and age. He is one beautiful man.

  33. I think that cup is for his monkey.

  34. That about sums that up.

  35. Chamois

    Maybe I’m crazy but I think he looks hot. Then again I like them dirty and unshaven. MMmmm.

  36. laikiska

    homeless-looking, grunge-like… nevermind. i’d still do him big time!!

  37. cole007

    he’s in NY. My cousin saw him last week in the Time Warner lobby – they made eye contact. She felt he was “electric” – meaning, she thinks he might have pooped his pants when he saw her. But hey – they might start dating anyway.

  38. radically4peace

    He should really rethink tucking his pants into the front of his shoes.

  39. whackjob

    What?? Why on earth would he want to fuck his pants in front of his shoes? If only to traumatize or embarass them, or show them whos boss; that would make sense then.

  40. ElatedPornStar


    Homeless cock.

  41. I always thought it funny when people buy expensive clothing that looks old and worn. It just defies logic to me.

    I bet you that is one of those outfits that cost over a grand but has that worn look, hell, it could be the first time he has ever worn it.


  42. frenchtoaststix

    Oh, Keanu was sooo hot in Speed! I know that was a long time ago, but I would bed him in a hot skippy flash even now! I wouldn’t mind having to bathe him first. Sorry, my hormones are raging.

  43. shaun

    his grooming is really out of control. honestly, anymore than a 5 o clock shadow and he looks like shit. the outfit is a little unforgiving too, especially for someone with the dosh he’s got.

  44. Natalina


  45. Natalina

    45th! Yes, Whohooo, I’m a legend…….

  46. Poor guys, seems like he’s the new most hated celeb in Hollywood.


  47. Yab

    The guy comes out to the street to have a smoke so he doesn’t bother people inside, and puts down his coffee probably to take a few pictures with fans, and you are making hateful comments over his ragged up clothe?! What’s wrong with you people?!! *looks at site’s name* Oh, I see.

  48. the-man-himself

    Look how he is wearing his shoes, like a dumb NBA-Player. ‘Ey Yo gimmi some Koffi, can you dig it?
    And the sideburns, is this Elvis retro chic? He forgot this glases build with out of perforated metal plate.

    Or this in-memory-of-Bob Marley’esque cap.

    This stupid scarf, onyl suckers or toddlers wear it like he does.

    This all fits very well (Uh I must puke…)

    He is such a dumb ass, totally overrated.

  49. rissa

    I don’t understand, he looks normal to me. Do you think he looks like a bum because he doesn’t shop at Kitson’s for Men? Because he doesn’t dress up for the camera ??
    I bet he is very annoyed by the camera’s following him everyday, and in turn he rebels.
    In that way I respect him more than say, pretty boy Jude Law, or any other star-struck attention seeking celeb.

  50. rissa

    I don’t understand, he looks normal to me. Do you think he looks like a bum because he doesn’t shop at Kitson’s for Men? Because he doesn’t dress up for the camera ??
    I bet he is very annoyed by the camera’s following him everyday, and in turn he rebels.
    In that way I respect him more than say, pretty boy Jude Law, or any other star-struck attention seeking celeb.
    I would go on a date with him in a second.

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