Keanu Reeves hangs out with random topless chick, is truly The One

June 17th, 2008 // 107 Comments

Keanu Reeves was spotted hanging out on the French Riviera with an unknown topless woman yesterday which forced top scientists to conclude that “Yes, that crazy ass Matrix shit is for real.”

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that will make you wonder why Point Break isn’t considered biblical canon. Patch me through to the Pope.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Bill C.

    This is why American women are so jealous of Asian Chicks -they’re so damn tight and perky.

    Compare this babe to that Heigl Zeti bitch. Hardly even the same species.

  2. Missystar

    Boy, he really let himself go, didn’t he?

  3. KC

    Is he related to her? They kinda look alike, and in all these pictures he never once looks at her, like he’s avoiding her boobs all together..and I don’t know any man that isn’t gay that doesn’t at least take a couple of glances at a topless chick. It seems really weird.

  4. neptune

    He’s so adorable!

  5. Jake

    what’s with the weird scar he has on his mid section. looks like a low open heart surgery scar.

  6. RichPort

    You know what I need?

    I gotta’ have more cock.

    I need more cock.

    Um, wait. I meant to say cowbell. Never mind.


    It has nothing to do with whether she is Asian or not, she is TOO close to him with her perky breasts whether he is LOOKING at them or not. The only very mildly happy-ish thought is that as cold as the water seems to have been, it might have had the, um, opposite effect on him, than…on her. LOL

  8. Anti Racist

    Hey, “duh,” you nasty racist fuck. Why would you be so casual about using racist terms? If I saw your ugly face on the street, I wouldn’t put any change in your cup, you rancid piece of shitl

  9. Anti Racist

    Hey, “duh,” you nasty racist fuck. It’s funny that an obvious limpdick asslick would be so casual about using a racial epithet about a woman. If I saw your ugly face on the street, I wouldn’t put any change in your cup, you rancid piece of shit.

  10. blondamnation

    That chick is the reason God created Le Mystere bras (for $76 you can turn those frowns upside down..)
    I think the reason he keeps loooking down is there are 2 arrows pointing that direction..ha
    OK, Randal can I talk dirty to you and watch you blush? Do you wear suspenders and secrectly want to get spanked?
    I just want to know if you’re really that way, because darn it, you’re just a delightful fellow, you know? You’re the bees knees, Randall.

    ANd BTW I am NOT jealous of asian women, why do men think women are jealous of asian women?
    Just because Becky and I don’t invite hxjhdfjyei (yes I pounded randomly on my keyboard) to the lunch table to gossip about othergirls doesn’t mean we’re jealous. We’re too busy looking at those rap guy’s girlfriend’s butts..

  11. Aurealous

    For Duh.

    Hey assclown. What century were you born in? Big people don’t use the term “gook”, you sad silly little troll. Grow the hell up!

  12. Hayden Brooks

    I think Keanu Reeves is foxy.

  13. Frank Sinatra

    His teets are deflated.

  14. bb

    it’s his sister….

  15. The only thing that would make these pictures complete is a farmer’s tan on alabaster Keanu… because he’s a CAT cap away from looking like a fucking hick.

  16. Mississippi

    He looks like a young boy in the one where he’s picking his fingernail LOL!
    I wonder why he’s antsy around da boobays??
    And his nipples look oddly placed, no?
    Still, he’s quite a handsome fellow >:-D

  17. liberace 2.0


    excuse me. gays love tits. vag, not so much. learn it


    Anti-racist, is that the meanest thing you can think to say, “I won’t put change in your cup?” You…YOU CAD!!!

    You are right, the last thing to say about her is something like that. I just don’t like that she is naked and running around on the Riviera with K. Its called a towel, you get out of the water, and you put it around you, when you spot the little man going snap snap snap…unless you are purposely trying to generate press at Ks expense, at which point, that is another issue. I suppose it has worked for countless other starlets, while I have not seen too many shots of this nature allowed by beautiful women like Angelina. Everyone knows this is done in Europe, however it is something to take into consideration when you are with a high profile guy, that he may or may not want to be photographed this way. He doesn’t really look like he blocked this particular pet-trick for the press…

  19. Nipples McGee

    Headlights on full beam.

  20. ………………………………….THIS IS A LESBIAN?

  21. cd

    NICE SCAR!!!!

  22. tim

    jeez.. you guys shouldn’t make fun of keanu .. if you check his background he’s had a pretty hard life.. his wife had a miscarriage and then a week after she was killed in a car accident. while the whole time his sister is battling lukemia which i don’t know is still alive right now.. pretty sad

  23. #72 – Hey tim, did you get a violin with that vagina or were they sold separately?

  24. norton

    She’s hot. Great bod, perfect perky tits and awesome nipples. Yumm!

  25. agree


    Cute couple. It seems thay are happy. But I saw his personal ID on wealthy menpersonalssite “”"”"W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m”"”"” last week. What is he looking for on that site? Looking for sugarbabe?

  26. tim

    hey #73 did you dick as a birthday present when your mother gave birth to an asshole

  27. @ #3: Thank you for your comment; it was easily the best of the lot. Don’t pay any attention to your critics here; they’re just typical PC thought-police. ; )

  28. Aln

    Those are so perky fun bags. NICE

  29. reevesfan

    @ 55 and 57

    its a scar from a motorcycle accident ages ago. bet you think its sexy now, dont you?

  30. Kraka2

    That’s China Chow. Surprised none of the gossips sites got that right.

  31. George McCracken

    @3 and 77: As a white person I can say this: You’re a waste of space. Do the world a favor and kill yourself.

  32. Cherry

    #72 I agree with you. He must have had a really shitty time since his baby and girlfriend died. I really hope he finds happiness again.

  33. Britny

    Keanu is pushing 43 yrs old! He’s still hot and one of a kind though! And you can’t deny that his smile is genuine. Check his more latest hot and sexy videos on

  34. tone up

    keanu has gotton flabby, he needs to build some muscle and be a real man

  35. michy

    he is hot!

  36. Dixyland

    Fucking sheep.

    China Chow is hot as.

  37. @ #81: Oh now George, don’t worry, be happy! You sound apoplectic; apoplexy isn’t good for you. Relax! Enjoy the video! Sit back and have some popcorn! : )

  38. Jam

    W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m?what his id?questionnaire number there,do anybody know?


    W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  40. Blah

    @3, You’re a dumbass!

  41. BEBE

    She is the daughter of the owner’s of Mr. Chow restaurant.

  42. BEBE

    To #72 – Jen Syme was not his wife (she was pregnant with his baby and lost it, but they were never married.)


  44. c

    what in the world is that thing on her back in the first picture?

  45. c

    what in the world is that thing on her back in the first picture?

  46. bridgit


  47. Delia

    Perrrhaps that’s just her other elbow, but I had a lot of fun thinking she had a nipple on her back.

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