Keanu Looking Dapper

November 11th, 2005 // 7 Comments

It appears that things haven’t been going too well for Keanu Reeves. The last couple Matrix movies were godawful, and then Constantine didn’t really do anything. And now…well now he looks like this. Either he’s shooting a new, helmet-themed movie or he has a twin brother with Down Syndrome. In either case, I’m curious to know what it is he’s drinking. I don’t think it’s happy juice.


  1. assholic

    i dunno why but he still looks a bit uncharacteristically good looking even though under such horrid resemblance. another unexplainable johnny depp case.

  2. punkass

    lol, you are so wrong, it is in fact happy juice. juice to be exact.

  3. Keanureevesaholic

    He’s only normal! Geez! So what if he’s not a George Clooney? I’m glad he isn’t, he wears and looks what he wants and so he should.

  4. Although it is certainly not the first thing I think when I see a leather clad Keanu Reeves on his bike, apparently "Keanu" means the cool breeze over the mountains from Hawaii. Yes, now you know.

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