Katy Perry’s cleavage at Paris Fashion Week

October 6th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Katy Perry attended the Yves Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2010 fashion show in Paris last night, and clearly set her tits to “Nobody look at whatever the hell I have on.” Which worked. She could have the exact location of Osama Bin Laden tattooed on her face and I’d still be able to pass a polygraph if somebody asked where he was.

CIA: You didn’t notice it tattooed on Katy Perry’s face?
ME: Why would anyone in there right mind ever look there?
CIA: …. You’re free to go.

Based on a true story.


  1. Milo


    Good God, the things I would do this womans tits. Om nom nom nom nom.

  2. Milo


    Good God, the things I would do this womans tits. Om nom nom nom nom.

  3. Milo


    Good God, the things I would do this womans tits. Om nom nom nom nom.

  4. B Hope

    Thanks for the mammaries!

  5. Mike

    This woman needs a protein shake…from my pants!

  6. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I’m revving up the engine for some serious motorboating.

  7. liz lemon

    i want to go to there…

  8. Peter North

    The only thing that would make her tits look better would be 14-16 streams of my jizz splattered all over them….with a couple of stray shots dripping off her chin….

  9. biteme

    i am not impressed.

    …who am i kidding, i already jerked off 5 times to katy’s milk bags…

    …and once to russell simmons

    …well, maybe five times to russell and once to katy

    …okay. All times to russel and zero to katy. Happy now?

  10. WTH

    hey biteme what does Russell Simmons have to do with Katy. She is currently dating Russell Brand

  11. Courtyardpigeon

    She is stunning, and if you are a male and don’t think so then it means one of two things, either you’re gay, or you’re gay.

  12. Pathfinder

    WTF is up with that girl in the 2nd picture on Katy’s right side. It took me well over an hour to veer away from her funbags to notice there were even any other people in the photo, but when I did, yikes

  13. So Right

    She is honestly a very rare beauty. Far more beautiful than any of the girls in her age bracket.

  14. the jester's tears

    wow. So until reading this I never did look at her face (always distracted). She is really beautiful. Now who the fuck is she?

  15. So Right

    The true young beauties out there, in my opinion: Megan Fox, Katy Perry, Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart. All beautiful brunettes! Blonde is OUT.

  16. cowboy bob

    This totally reminds me: This month is Breast Awareness Month!!!

    **ahem: cancer**

    **What? Oh. crap.**

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!

  17. Big Tits Will Get You To The South Of France.

    She would be much hotter if she put a bag over her head.

  18. Laksik

    the last photo could be a promo advert, shes stunning and i would sincerely nom that

  19. She’s so hot. I hope she doesn’t get any skinnier though.

  20. See Alice

    No doubt about …. her breasts are her best asset . She knows it and uses them to promote her career .

  21. annoying cunt. that being said, those are some nice flesh bags.

  22. ...

    this chick is only moderately good looking and her music sucks. she is a christian freak turned media whore slut sell-out over night. i’m sick of these fucking shock-pop losers. and least heidi and spencer say funny shit. this chick has nothing. i wish her and lady gaga would join a suicide pact together so they can be useful and punish all the demons in hell with non-stop concerts.

  23. Guest

    She looks wayyyyy better than any of those models. (she’s gotten skinny, though … I love her curves! So sexy!)

  24. Aim for the mole

  25. L

    In THEIR right minds. their = ownership, there = a place
    Apparently your grammar skills were dazzled by her boobs also.

  26. L

    In THEIR right minds. their = ownership, there = a place
    Apparently your grammar skills were also dazzled by her boobs.

  27. 7L

    I wanna bust all over her face in her always open mouth & get some in those eyes of hers. Then wipe my dick off on her tits

  28. Carthic

    Thank you, 7L. Good to know that THERE are some people who know the difference.
    But she is ugly and looks like somebody’s schoolmarm.

  29. very bull dikish

    very bull dikish

  30. very bull dikish

    very bull dikish

  31. very bull dikish

    very bull dikish

  32. very bull dikish

    very bull dikish

  33. very bull dikish

    very bull dikish

  34. very bull dikish

    very bull dikish

  35. very bull dikish

    very bull dikish

  36. very bull dikish

    very bull dikish

  37. walt

    Katy is the Dollar Tree version of Zooey Deschanel.

  38. mimi

    Katy’s eyes are too close together and she never looks directly at the camera.

  39. shane

    Those utters are nowhere big enough to make up for her utter lack of talent.

  40. yowillie


  41. humm.


  42. foreign guy

    She’s very pretty, I am not a fan of American girls, but this one is good.

  43. super cat

    she seems a fake and def wears too much makeup.. could be scary in the morn

  44. Turd the third

    For someone at a fashion show she seems to have no fashion sense at all. Whatever it is she is wearing must have been the ugliest thing at the show. The boots just want to make me puke and the pants with lezbo legs were a really bad choice. Maybe it was that time of the month…..

  45. yeah the outfits not the greatest, but shame on you for looking at the outfit

  46. alice

    She is cross-eyed!

  47. Bernardo

    This girl has the best tits in showbiz

  48. Darth

    This post makes me almost believe that Katy Perry is Osama Bin Laden after some surgery done.

  49. Galtacticus

    No wonder he’s hard to find.He didn’t change much his hairdo?!

  50. Elmer Fudd

    If you listen closely you can hear her fading into inevitable obscurity….

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