Katy Perry with Russell Brand’s name on her ass

November 6th, 2009 // 139 Comments

Katy Perry wore no less than 5,000 different outfits at the MTV EMAs last night, so here she is in a little lingerie number with Russell Brand’s name on her ass which is probably the hottest thing a girl could do for her boyfriend. Or was until the part Katy where made a face that can only be described as Abe Vigoda having an orgasm. If Russell Brand can still get an erection after that, he’s goddamn Kryptonian and should really be using his powers for the good of humanity. (Read: Reversing the Earth’s rotation and stopping me from posting that last pic.)

Photos: WireImage

  1. friendlystoner


    hahaha, thats cos those people are either bitchy queens of fat/ugly/jealous girls like you. even if she wasnt my taste, she defo doesnt look like a tranny. just accept russel brand wouldnt look at you twice without pointing and laughing.


    are you drunk or just illiterate?

  2. hate brand

    what in hell does she see in Russell Brand? He looks like a big girl with a hormone problem. He ruined the awards show he hosted with his crappy – low brow English accent. he’s not funny at all.

  3. Cern

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  4. froufrou

    she is sexy. beautiful breasts

  5. Ari

    She looked nude in that beige top thumbnail LOL. How come Taylor Swift isn’t slutty like Rihanna and Katy .. I wonder.

  6. Tom

    @ 99

    Be respectful and have some decency? We’re still talking about the girl with names on her ass who sings about kissing a girl (1991 called and it’s SHOCKED), right?

  7. gretchen

    #50 and #71

    russell likes to call himself rusty rockets, so it is probably (but not definitely) a reference to him.

  8. Yeah, she looks hot and cute. I like smile very much.

  9. She looked nude in that beige top thumbnail LOL. How come Taylor Swift isn’t slutty like Rihanna and Katy .. I wonder.

  10. Dave

    This one is still up there?

    Is this what hell will be like?

  11. GoAwayAlready

    geez is this slut the only thing goin on in the world anymore.? give us some class and real sexy ladies ! this little girl is trying way to hard.honestly i would rather look at her ol mans naked behind! over this post ..theres gotta b somethin else out there .theres just gotta b !! please tell me there is !!

  12. norton

    Ok Katy. We’re aware that you’re aware of your tits.

    You’re cute, but it’s getting old already.

    Additionally, I’m not entirely sure who you blew to get a recording contract, but could you go BACK to him and ask him to spring for some singing lessons?

  13. Katie

    Uhh West Ham? Why is she wearing that?

  14. Ari

    Why did my post name in #109 get converted into “ugg sale boots”. Wtf Katy, I blame you.

  15. julia

    she’s hot in a completely average kind of way, I guess. only made repulsive to anyone who isn’t willing to fuck anything they can get their dicks in by her annoying neediness for attention, frighteningly vacant bug eyes, and terrible, sloppy fashion sense.

  16. Stephanie

    Put her rack on someone with more talent. Go away Katy.

  17. go away

    you seem really desperate

  18. tc

    Just think, in ten years time she will have room for


    on her arse.

  19. gretchen


    russell brand > katy perry

  20. A romantic haiku, by Russell Brand.


    Boobies So Gorgeous
    Her Music Nothing But Shit
    I Titty Fucked Her

    @ 105,109 Ari Ugg Boots- “How come Taylor Swift isn’t slutty like Rihanna and Katy .. I wonder.”

    Taylor Swift doesn’t have to be 8P

  21. Annie

    she’s really ugly in the last pic.

    what an obnoxious douche.

  22. I like her but she has bad taste of a boy friend.

  23. wowwo

    I dont give a fuck, shes gorgeous. Beautiful set of eyes if I ever seen them…

  24. micky

    hooray for boobies !!!

  25. Oh, Katy Perry, sooo hot. Wanna touch the heiny… Ohhhh,

  26. What

    @53 Classy?? When did it become ”classy” to parade around half-naked, posing in sexual type positions and so on? Really?!? Really, that’s classy?? No wonder America is jacked up… wow…

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  31. Shut up, I like those trousers.

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  33. I think they make a great couple. Both have odd beat senses of humor, seem to know and be confident in who they are etc.

  34. NO H8!

    What in the fucks name is wrong with all you hatin ass douch bags!? You think lady looks like less of a tranny that Katy???
    She is gorgeous! All you girls are bitter with yourselves, and the men are bitter cuz they can fuck her, or anyone whos even close to looking that good.
    She’s the shit! Get the fuck over it losers!

  35. HMMM
    Commented on this photo:

    What the hell….

  36. erick gomez
    Commented on this photo:


  37. ps3fanatic
    Commented on this photo:

    those boobs are glow in the dark,so I could do her in the night!

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