Katy Perry with Russell Brand’s name on her ass

November 6th, 2009 // 139 Comments

Katy Perry wore no less than 5,000 different outfits at the MTV EMAs last night, so here she is in a little lingerie number with Russell Brand’s name on her ass which is probably the hottest thing a girl could do for her boyfriend. Or was until the part Katy where made a face that can only be described as Abe Vigoda having an orgasm. If Russell Brand can still get an erection after that, he’s goddamn Kryptonian and should really be using his powers for the good of humanity. (Read: Reversing the Earth’s rotation and stopping me from posting that last pic.)

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  1. mike dewees


  2. yammerskooner

    That’s pretty cool the way her clothes seem to be tearing themselves off of her.

  3. third§


  4. Rough, break his silence

    She’s a whore with nice tits. I hope RR pop up the 3some question…

  5. I must really be horny cause her annoying ass is actually looking pretty good to me today.

  6. LIES!

    It’s sad to think that someone lied to this girl and told her that she was sexy…

  7. Taz

    i”d cram my beef all up in her box

  8. CJDC

    Where the hell are her hips?

  9. Kristin

    bag over her head

  10. What’s with the towers sticking out of her hips? Radio Free Vagina?

  11. your mom

    She tries waaaay too hard. Maybe because she’s unattractive, has a terrible fashion sense, and is a shitty performer. Just a guess.

  12. I think she’s offering rusty trombones.

  13. zoo

    a jesus tattoo??? wtf

  14. kris

    I think she looks pretty damn STUPID! By the look on her face she just crapped her tights!

  15. kris

    #12 is right on! But I wonder how many people actually know what a rusty trombone is.

  16. Dustin

    West Ham? That’s just offensive.

  17. yes

    #11 — DEAD ON, THANK YOU!!!

    please everyone, get the fuck over this bitch, she’s so goddamn LAME.

  18. Mitch

    I wonder how many people actually know who Abe Vigoda is…

  19. Creepy Sheep

    #16 I concur, was wondering when someone would notice that…

  20. friendlystoner

    all the negative comments on here are comedy.

    she fu*king stunning and i would plow her all day long. anyone who disagrees is either a jealous fat/ugly(orboth) girl or bitter guy who spends his life on youporn.c*m knowing they couldnt get a girl 1,000,000th as hot as her.

    reply to my comments if you want, it`ll just prove that the negative respondants are the types mentioned above

  21. nADA

    Yes she is stunning, but really, isn’t this outfit better suited for your intimate partner’s eyes only.

    Why do we have to see it?

    Can you tell, I’m not a guy ;)

    In that case, what a fool for giving it away for free. Make guys pay to see you in this AT LEAST.


  22. tc

    “No less than” should read “No fewer than”.

    I expect better quality grammar from a quality current affairs site such as this one.

  23. TV Fan

    20, basically you’re saying, “I’m right and if you disagree with me you’ll make my point.” That circular logic. You’re obviously a dumbass.

    I agree that she’s hotter than most “normal” people but you could easily walk down the street and see much hotter girls in 2 minutes. What is wrong with her face? Maybe its her forehead or her bug-eyes or possibly her disproportionately small mouth but I’d say she’s got a manish face.

    Smokin’ bod but her face is fug. And when the womany hormones start to kick in, she’s going to have a pretty hairy fucking upper lip.

    Shes like Zooey Dechanel’s much uglier twin sister.

  24. Rosie

    She’s attractive why is everyone saying how ugly she is? Talent may be questionable but really?!!

  25. Gaga wannabe

    I’m Katy Perry! Oh, look at me and my ZANY flesh-colored geometric outfits. I am so creative! I CAN HAS GAGA LOOK? And check out the WACKY face I’m making in pic #11. Ho man, I am just out of this world.

  26. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    She looks like a fun person. Bet she rocks the sack.

  27. Delgo

    liked her better when she didn’t try to draw attention to them.

  28. Mazizo

    Leave poor Abe Vigoda out of this!

  29. Boozey


  30. Gooner

    West Ham? Barf. Not even that rack can make a West Ham outfit look good…

  31. Yup

    I usually like Katy Perry and speaking as a girl she is hot, plus she’s probably one of the few people who could make these gaga-esk outfits work, but yes I agree she is trying to hard here. It seems like she’s copying versus letting her old pinup style work for her

  32. Jaypo

    I’m not normally into trannies, but i’d suck the shit out of Kate Perry’s cock.

  33. bop

    where are her hips?

  34. bop

    where are her hips?

  35. i like she’s dance in that photo

  36. Jaypo

    I’m not normally into trannies, but i’d suck the shit out of Kate Perry’s cock.

  37. kitty_kat

    She would be hot if she weren’t such an attention whore.

  38. Turd the third

    just skankoleum..

  39. pimp

    i’d like to try and get my tonsils in her asshole…

  40. luchie21

    i didnt realise russell had a t in it?? wtf it doesnt say russell? weird

  41. Blah

    Ugh. He’s way out of her league!!!!

  42. My Dick is Stil Hard

    I saw 4 women much hotter than this woman today. The best was a 27yr old (prox) 5’7″ Brunette 130 ish with natural 34D cups. She is a pharmaceutical rep. She was wearing a Bustier Bra. When she bend over her sample case to reach for literature, I got about a solid 7 second look right down her top. Her breasts very nearly came all the way out. So much so, she needed to adjust her MAGNIFICENT breasts once she stood up. Made my month. When she left, all the (male) doctors in the office came over to me one at a time and wanted to know what I saw.

    btw- her nipple (size) was in between a quarter and fifty cent piece with pencil eraser size harp nipples.

    Point being, besides her tits, this woman pictured (above) just isn’t that hot.

  43. alyssa

    put on 10 more pounds of makeup stupid bitch

  44. ohplease

    @42 isn’t common knowledge that pharmaceutical reps are there to sell shit to you and are mostly hot women or maybe there’s a hunky guy in there somewhere I don’t know – but its mostly a look hot so you can buy more type of job! Guess it worked – good job demi cups!

  45. Jay

    This chick tries way too hard, can’t sing worth a damn…but I’m almost positive she can play the skin flute like no other.

  46. Jay

    This chick tries way too hard, can’t sing worth a damn…but I’m almost positive she can play the skin flute like no other.

  47. friendlystoner


    brilliant. i just put the bait out and someone had to bite. couldnt help yourself to reply could you. i dont really care what peeps opinions are of her, i think she`s hot and i just wanted to antagonize those who didnt. i wasnt being a dumbass, i knew exactly what i was doing. your so high and mighty you couldnt see that past your own preconceptions. most likely cos you are one the people i mentioned. hahaha too easy.

  48. alfador

    yeah that’s not russel brand’s name…there’s obviously a T, and there’s no T in Russell…that being said, i’d wreck that chick

  49. Dee

    Great body, very average face. Yes she’s much better looking then me, but since she is all over the tabloids/net I am allowed to have an opinion.

  50. confused

    it doesn’t say Russel it says rusty :-/

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